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Logged into SOE and found my recent transactions.

  It’s literally the only thing I have purchased from SOE and it goes from 03 to 2011.

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Can anyone tell me what Tonygwynn is wearing/wielding?

I vaguely remember the armor but not the weapon. Anyone have any ideas?

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Grammar Nazi (it’s and its)

Yeah, I’ll be that guy. Admittedly, when I was playing the game, I didn’t pay too much attention to the quest text as I was more concerned with the reward and completion than the lore. But now that the game … Continue reading

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Would you feel comfortable if SOE made the financials of EQOA public?

I’m curious about these MMO’s that take a lot of resources to remain active yet have loyal fan followings. This goes for F2P as well. Now, SOE is part of Sony, which is a publicly traded corporation so there might … Continue reading

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Sample music from Landmark

Not the same track I referenced in the previous post, but it does have the classic EQ feel.

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