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The little things in the entrances to cities

I was talking to some folks this morning about the annoying rock in the SFG entrance tunnel that would always hold up your character. It was right at a turn and you would have to swing a wider than expected … Continue reading

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I posted an EQOA Minecraft video a while ago. Here’s a newer one of Fayspires…

This guy is doing some incredible work!

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What bandit camps look like with no NPC’s

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This is what running EQOA offline looks like

This photo was sent to me a few days ago showing a user playing EQOA offline. The name of the toon has been blacked out. It appears there is a combination of programs running. According to the person that sent … Continue reading

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EQOA is currently being played offline.

If you have been keeping up with the various YouTube channels that post EQOA related videos (like the one below) it is clear that several people have figured out how to run around Tunaria using a PS2 emulator. Personally, I … Continue reading

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Apparently I have to ask for permission to post EQOA content. Whoops.

I was home today for the first time in a while and decided to look up the legal terms regarding the recreation of EQOA in a private server environment by a 3rd party. Nothing was a surprise in what was … Continue reading

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