The Level 17 Quests

Warrior's 17 chest piece.

Before the game was adjusted to help players level (not big adjustments but things like luck, powerleveling, pet glitches, etc) the level 17 quests were the turning point in every character. You gained roughly 1.5 levels, got most of the coaches, and most importantly — got an entire set of class specific armor.

Bard's 17 armor.

The armor was colored, boosted needed stats, and was the first taste of filling your classes role. Some people wore this armor well into the 30’s.

Eventually players began using their higher level mains to collect the items and trade them to their alts. Further, as characters began leveling faster and crafted armor had much higher durability, the 17 quests were phased out. Why run to Halas when you really didn’t need to?

Rogue's 17 chest piece.

In the rush to move to the endgame and the boredom that people began to find in running around the map, over and over, phased out the level 17 armor quests.

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1 Response to The Level 17 Quests

  1. Northax says:

    Yeah; I definitely saw a bit of hindrance to [original] EQOA (pre-Frontiers) after the implementation of crafted gear. Seriously. When something is in such high quantities that can be easily bought with tunar, it takes away from the special feeling behind the armor you get from actually putting time into getting EACH piece, from EACH specific quest, which took decent amount of patience; and only being level 17, not too far into the game, still being a newb, the 17 quests really did feel like the first epic entrance into the world of Everquest Online Adventures – > and buying crafted gear isn’t ‘adventurous’, so it had little to do with EQO>A<, imo.

    There are some things the developers definitely helped to further improve the game, like the battle music, which I absolutely adored! PoS raiding, making humans stand up straight (lol! I loved this one, since a majority of my chars were Human before Frontiers came out, and prior to this fix, we were made fun of for quite a while! :P), the robe graphics (except they screwed the elves on this), etc.

    However, they did add things into EQOA that ruined the 'EPIC' and FUN feel of the original game, and crafted gear was one of those sad, sad additions. Sorry to all you crafters, but if you think about it, it'll come to you… if you're open-minded. I don't mind crafting some things (like arrows for a bow, for example), but for those crafts to TAKE THE PLACE of things which already needed skill, patience and time to get in the first place, then it ruined that part of the game for me, and I'm sure many others.

    IMO, crafted gear should have been a nice medium between store bought gear with NO extra stats on it, and quest gear. So you could buy upgraded crafted gear if you didn't have the good quest (or raid) gear.

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