Who was your character?

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Years active: March 2003- July 2005, 2011


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  1. Moory says:

    Character name(s)/class/server: Yesp / Druid /Hodstock

    Years active: March 2003- March 2004

    Time zone: CST

    • Stoney says:

      I remember Yesp rockin’ a green, fur robe and the druid epic. I want to say I saw you in pixie form a lot too.

    • Jerrell says:

      Ive had quite a few characters. My server was CLW since day 1, some names i had were

      Warbladez (troll war)
      Owner (hum bard)
      Raptile( d elf War)
      Legendary(barb war)
      Spineback (barb war)
      Example (hum mag)
      Berserka (barb rge)
      Shavage (troll sha)

      i really want to come back but idk if people still play =(

      • na53 says:

        DUDE. Idk if you’ll remember me but I was Ogronix, a lowly lvl 31 Ogre Warrior. I knew you by the name Owner lol! I don’t remember what we did, but you were one of the few names I remember from this beautiful game. Stupid thing, but everytime I see houses for sale with the sign saying “for sale by owner”, I’m reminded by you! lmao

    • Sherry says:

      Tanuvia, 60 Halfling Druid

      • Birdman says:

        Sup Tan,it’s Birdman from DC

      • Kenneth O'Kelly says:

        Sup Tan and Bird. Solution/Necrosol sk/nec from DC too. Miss that guild. Some1 told me you moved to WoW but I forgot what server. I’m not on much but feel free to add me on battle.net – Taldin#1603

    • Moyssis /PPO/ Cleric, (many more also) Maryana, Mryan/ DH/ Stack and tinker resist Cleric, Anothercl/CLW/ FF, Hoping to help save EQOA

    • Curly/Governator says:


      60 Pyro Governator
      60 Minstrel (I don’t remember name)
      40 Brd Lionsflurry
      40 War Followme
      36 Rge Pocketit
      and some more noobs.

      • Curly/Governator says:

        I have been actually writing a book based on EQOA using the same world etc. Even using one of the good and evil quests as a chapter in the book (one chapter good, one evil). I’m about 4-5 chapters in, but I have the whole book outlined.

      • Stonee says:

        https://keeganquicksteed.wordpress.com/ I put this together back in 2011. Have never reviewed it and was writing it without any sort of arcs in mind.

    • Beatemup says:

      Beatemup Gnome Necro, Zalamael Dark elf Mage, Zaliden Gnome Enchanter, Pickpockett Gnome Rogue, Bonesnap Troll Shadowknight. All Hodstock 2003-2005
      Guilds: First guild I was in was Revelations family oriented guild ran by Daldameres, his wife Luvme and her brother Swolest. After awhile we wanted to see endgame stuff, what little they were at the time. We joined AoK. People I remember – Toxicity/Mage (probably more letters in that name cant remember how he spelled it) Seikoh/warrior Djpaulofva/Shaman <- A dick at times… Jazzyme/Druid, Sundowne/rge, Arrowfyn/ranger, Timmytata/enchanter, Occelot/druid, Jackkatl and her husband forgot his name..(<- I had one of your experiences with her. I was 14 or 15!) Microwave/Ranger, Talantheus/Pally, Smokedup/mage (<-Good friend back then would let me borrow a all/all robe from time to time) Edwin/pally.. And more! To much to remember!

    • Thiji Higuri says:

      My characters were: Thiji, a Dark Elf Necromancer turned Lich; Nejihyuuga, Human Monk and Were-Hunter turned Ninja (expert kiter during the Plane of War arcs); Renkotsu; Dark Elf Warrior and Gatorwere turned Hero; Mukotsu, Eastern Human Alchemist turned Transmuter; Ginkotsu, Western Human Paladin (enjoyed the Arcadin exp farming on him); Shiro, Elf Enchantress turned Spellbinder (Dem Rampaging Rhinos!); Uunjerr, Troll Shaman turned Elder; and Kabutoyakushi, Eastern Human Cleric (no Master Class), all on Castle Lightwolf.

      Years active: February 2004 – July 2011

      Time Zone: EDT

      I wish I were there to see EQOA in its final hours… I loved the hell out of this game.

    • jason says:

      dots war , wizzdots wiz , minydotz sha, dizdotz pal, someoneunot cl, firedots nec, darkdotz mag, dotsmixer alc , imblood alc, healuright cl, mrnukker wiz, shadowdotz sk, all on clw server

    • Andrew says:

      Character Name: Zilder
      Level: 60
      Class: Warrior
      Sever: Dont remember, too long ago.

    • Oyobi says:

      Fistofkrosa immortal druid, Oyobi Lionwere Pyromancer on Ferran’s Hope Server. Vialbreaker Transmuter CLW

    • Zophar says:

      Server: CLW

      Zophar 60hunter (main) 1500 (2004)
      Hymnal 60wildling
      Axlmapleleaf 60animator

      From Day 1 off and on until the end. Heavy until 08-09.

      Rest in Peace EQOA.

    • Stinko says:

      Stinko/60 HumRan GWH/Marr’s Fist
      February 2003-Sometime late 2010

    • yamus says:

      Yamus barbarian berserker rogue. Ppo and clw. Started when Fronts started and played till the last day. Ohhhhh hellll yeahhhhh!!!!

    • John Waters says:

      Frostman Barb Shaman Hodstock

    • samsmoke69 says:

      hahaha Yesp my buddy I was Cinork =p

    • Mark says:

      Not my character but my dads. am curios if he is remembered,

      Celmor/Warrior/Dark Elf

      Years Active: Can’t remember

      Time Zone: EST

  2. Tidal says:

    Tidal/Bard/Marr’s Fist launch-2006
    Cutcreator/Bard/Marr’s Fist-CLW 2007-2010

  3. Dredar says:

    I had a char on MF named Dredar – Bard

    Other IRL friends played on CLW, Delrith…. i dont remember

  4. BoomstickSaint says:

    Characters: PPO: Kenobie 55 war, Wreckanize 60 nec (Lich)
    CLW: Wreckula 60 Alc

    Active Dec 2004 – 07, sporadic activity 08-09

  5. Airica says:

    Character: Airica – 60 Elven Minstrel/Gypsy (Gatorwere)(PPO)
    Active: April 2003 (PPO launch) to September 2007

    Yeah, I made the one zone map that might still be floating around. Was going to complete it before SOE banned me. Thanks Zatozia! D:

    BTW, nice blog. Nice to see that people still play. Too bad they never updated it with an in-game map.

  6. Arathorne says:

    Wow Tidal I remember you bro from MF, I bet you remember my ranger Arathorne too hehe and I had a SK Darkarathorn on MF and bard my the name of Wartimes. I have a few 60s on CLW at the moment as well. I don’t know if I can come back now though we will see.

    • Sarodare says:

      I remember Darkarathorn we leveled together on my sk Darksarodare ๐Ÿ˜ฎ whats up man?

      • Arathorne says:

        hahha hell yeah I remember you dude wow, good times man. I want to get the game and system and get back into it it’s too damn fun not to get back and the nostalgia brings back memories from prefronts and all the grinding and times and adventuring, raids, etc

        I gotta get a ps2 for cheap and the game for cheap from Amazon like I was looking for it on, they got nice prices, I got my old account on CLW with my Assassin, Ranger and Enchanter, so I’ll be back as soon as I can sell my DC Universe Online, not really liking it and get a system and game. If anyone wants it let me know I’ll sell it for cheap digital downlaod as well. 40$ as soon as I sell im picking up a cheap ps2 and eqoa. Here I come back hah

    • Sarodare says:

      I know what you mean man.. been having those urges for awhile now. Luckily I don’t have a way to activate my account lol. I’ve been playing WoW for about a year or 2 now. I still have a 60 ench and something on an account… I might find a way to activate it

  7. Lostangyl says:

    Lostangyl / Cleric / Hodstock
    active from Aug 2003 (I got a little later start) on and off through 2007 or 2008 when we finally quit for good, after they made both all/all robes NTL with NO ADVANCE WARNING and my husband Lostpilgrim (SK Hod) had loaned his (That he had waited many years to acquire) to a good friend. Irretrievable. We did come back for a short-lived stint on CLW after that, and have considered taking another shot at it.

    • Stoney says:

      Hey Lost, I remember you and Pilgrim standing around FP! If you guys do return, let me know and we can help you get up to speed. It’s always good to get people from Hodstock back!

    • Lilinea says:

      Wow, this website brings back such fond memories. LA, Pil, and a score of other people, we had a lot of great times. I finally called this game quits when I moved to college, but gradually moved to WoW. I actually stole LP’s name for one of my toons. I hope this message finds you both well (and anyone else who sees this). It would be entertaining to come back, but i don’t know my password anymore.

      • Iri says:

        Ah, the first official bear to keep his butt in my toons face constantly, lol… Glad to see you’re doing well =)

      • Quagum says:

        holy crap i know its been forever since you guys have posted on this but i was just snooping around online and seen that you and the lost ones posted on here and it brought back alot of memories!!!!

      • Echo says:

        Hey LP/LA/Lil how have you guys been?!? Send me an invite on ps3 Echo57

      • samsmoke69 says:

        I was Cinork I remember you Lili

      • John Hill says:

        I was Tibalt, Lostpilgrim and Lostangyl’s token melee. (Human Ranger/Hunter). I recognize a ton of names from here. All of the DCRU and TGNV people were very special to me. We had a ton of laughs and adventures. Lilinea and I had a 30 minute duel in blackwater Shaman versus my Hunter. I think I finally got frustrated and gave up after nearly killing Lil a dozen times only to have victory snatched from my hands by the shaman form heals.

        My fondest memory of DCRU was spawning quest Siloskor on top of the regular random spawn. I think that actually broke the spawn for a while. Decimater tanked them for us, but accidentally chain pulled them. We were all freaking out when the second Siloskor added. I think we managed to escape that blunder without a death thanks to Lostangyl’s Faithful tick and stacks and Lostpilgrim taking aggro and the critical to give Dec a chance to recover.

        I remember Pollux kicking Dwin out of the guild at nearly every TGNV raid for talking some nonsense. Pollux always insisted that we all bow to the west and say a prayer to Daeon before every raid.
        Cryptopsy MT’ed Bertox with like 775 cms while JP and othet tanks kept coming so close but kept dying with like 1250 cms. Talantheus the elf Paladin got the chance to MT several high end mobs but always managed to fail somehow. Usually because I would somehow manage to pull aggro even though we gave him a couple minutes to taunt the mob before we attacked. Ang, Pilot and I nicknamed him Talentless for it. He was a nice enough guy but got more chances than he deserved and we felt that was taking away some of Pils opportunities to tank as a Shadowknight.
        The endless War, Pally, and SK debates were always interesting. I always thought Warriors were overpowered with that Defense Pod MCA Immortal guard which gave a ton of stackable AC. I always thought that such a powerful ability should have been available for all tanks in the Soldier MC. Soldier cost a ton of CMS and the abilities were crap. Tanks were made to absorb damage, so it would only make sense that the Archetype MC would contain the best damage mitigation ability. Bravo probably should have had true shot or some similar fast recast, heavy dex mod attack. Diviner should have had the faithful tick and Sage should have had a nuke like mana burn. Healers heal, melee do physical damage and casters nuke, s the expensive archetype MCS should have had the best abilities for the Archetype main function. I always though this was the biggest flaw with the game and the MC system. This system was pretty good otherwise. There were endless possibilities for character builds and almost all of them were useful to a certain degree. I can’t believe how much I remember about this game.

        My Hunter had about 930 cms and maxed out at 645 dex 425 wis 550 sta. I was bow path from the beginning even when it was broken for so long. The class balancing fixed this ability and changed the entire way the class was played. After the update, I had no need for any weapons other than the bow. The epic ability gave a huge wisdom and PoT buff and redused the power pool to make arrow shots chainable along with trueshot and the other arrow abilities. I could literally shoot non stop without ever worrying about power. I might not have had the huge damage numbers like a monk or rogue, but the damage never stopped. Ang, Pil and I ground out a ton of levels and cms and we worked so well together that I would pull aggro and take the last couple of hits as the mob ran off and Pil would go pull the next one as I finished off the first one. Good times.

        I can’t tell you how many times I soloed Grundle on my SK. When the server population started to drop, this was part of my daily ritual. We single grouped the fire archon and primeval elemental a lot too. Pretty decent drops for the difficulty.

        I think Sarek the Betrayer is the only high end mob that I never killed. Strange since I spent so much time in the area.

      • Stonee says:

        Sup Lost, I definitely remember you. Welcome to the blog and I hope you can round up some of your former EQOA friends!

      • John Hill says:

        Thanks. I have been bit by the nostalgia bug lately and went out and bought The Elder Scrolls online for PS4 yesterday. I’m still downloading the latest update. Are there any EQOA players playing there?

      • Stonee says:

        No idea. The biggest group of former players can be found on the Facebook EQOA groups. Around 200 or so consistently posting members and they’re on various games from vanilla WoW to Black Desert Online

      • Kenneth O'Kelly says:

        A bunch moved to WoW. I used to have a list of a bunch of peoples names and servers, but its been lost for ages. A few of us still play League of Legends and whatnot together.

        Currently playing Dark Souls 3, BF4, LoL and some others. All PC, who plays consoles these days anyways when a PC is so much better =P.

    • Kirk says:

      Yo!!!! Its Unique!!! Bar War Berserker 1st on the server!!!
      I miss you guys and still remember Pil and us raiding PoS! Much love!!!

  8. Sarodare says:

    Sarodare 60 Hydromancer/Aeromancer Marrs Fist
    Mozzerella 60 Faithful Marrs Fist
    Eradoras 60 Forester Marrs Fist
    Years active: December 29th, 2004 – June 21, 2009

    Time zone: CST

  9. Jason says:

    Randalflag 60 wizard sorc CLW main/first character ever created.
    Randalnec 60 nec lich CLW
    Randalmag 60 mage CLW
    Terminate 60 Pal Guard DH
    Randalflag 60 Rge Ass DH
    Msterminate 60 CL (wifes toon)
    Terminate 60 Pal Guard Hagly

    I watched a friend play beta got interested, started playing second week after the original EQOA came out. Played until about 2005, took a six month break, picked it back up and played until 06. Quit playing because, even though the community migrated to CLW, the population was small, with the majority of players dual or quadboxing, AFKing, grouping at the camps that took absolutely no skill to grind, the game lost ALL of its major draws to me. I remember chatting in groups at camps that we had to fight through mobs to get to a safe place and set up a grind camp in the middle of a bunch of reds, but when i left, grinding became grouping with a group of afk petters in complete and utter silence at a camp of reds spawning in a circle in the middle of a field of greens. (trees/gobs/giants).

    I came back for a month in 07 to see if anything had been updated, and found they had taken out the last major update and replaced it with a bunch of green bats (plane of war/zoarans plane). I sometimes check out the EQOA message boards to see whats going on, hoping for a red name to announce the production of a new EQOA 2 for ps3, but always end up finding things like how they updated the game to nerf level grinding with the addition of hagly boon to live servers.

    I have tried many MMOs, (currently have active toons in EQ2 and WoW) but EQOA was the best in its prime. It made you have to use your community to actually level instead of all the HnG boredom that is now plaguing ALL MMOS).

    I wont be coming back, but if they ever make another EQOA and actually support it, i might think about it, (doubtful, SOE has shown a lack of support for ALL their MMOS except the original EQ).

    Oh, and i was in the guild in that one picture, from your blogpost “how good is your memory” (and my wizard was in the picture between infamousmage and razlirak) im pretty sure we were on our way to help one of the guildies kill the 60 epic quest mob located in the swamp, a giant skelly? if memory serves me right?).

    • Stoney says:

      Nice! Welcome to the blog… No worries on coming back. Would love to have you if you ever feel like it. Also, pretty awesome you’re in one of the photos. You know of anywhere else I could get some of your guild’s media?

  10. Ayrica says:

    I have reactivated my unbanned dual-box account to play on CLW for a bit. Since I reserved my name on all servers on my old account, my character’s name is Ayrica. Would be nice to see some others get back in, but if things don’t turn out I will probably head back to my SMP Minecraft server. (If you play Minecraft, check out Herocraft on the Minecraft forums. One of the most popular beta survival servers!)

    • Stoney says:

      I haven’t seen you on past the first day. Your bard is like 21ish right? We have 7 or so regulars at this point and I know of at least 2 more that are returning this week. I’m sure we’ll pick up more and this will snow ball into a regular crowd.

      • Ayrica says:

        I just hit 24 before the server went down, maintenance I think. Got all of my 17 quests done and finish my path quest. Going to do my 23 and 25 quests later, but until then I’m going to be grinding at BBW orcs for faction.

  11. John P says:

    Hey im interested in coming back soon I have a few alts Im also Johnp clw 60 guardian.
    I am considering coming back sometime around july when im through with my semester in college.
    Id like to dual box, ive also saw your post on the forums how long do you guys plan on sticking around this would be great for players who all would like to come back and experience the nostalgia that remains in eqoa. Do i hear a guild coming?lol

    • Stoney says:

      Hey man, whenever you want to come back… feel free. Send us a message. We have a guild going so leave a mail message if none of us are available!

      • John P says:

        oh this sounds awesome. Hoping you guys will still be around when i return. If you guys ever start raiding towards summer time you can count in 2 stackers(Nec) ive decided to dual box.

  12. Omniac says:

    Ok so I was Omniac/Halfling /Rogue/DH

    I was one of the founders of Death from Below, and Death from Above, both guilds hit the Max member cap!. I just came back last year, left for WOW for about 3 years. I still think EQOA is the best MMO I have ever played! Right now I am omnicasts and omnitanks on CLW trying to grind to end game! Oh and we talk EQOA on my podcast occasionally, check it out!

  13. Kyle says:

    Character name(s)/class/server: Saurown/Saurostack – FH
    Saurown, Saurostack, Saurtofevil, Saurosight, Iuckycharms, Policy – CLW

    Years active: Febuary 2003-October 2010

    Time zone: EST

  14. Occoclet says:

    Occoclet – 60 Storm Caller Druid -Hodstcok

    • Stoney says:

      Nice! What’s up Occ? I always remember you standing in FP. So far we have had Pollux, Yesp, Lostangyl, and now yourself post a comment. You interest in returning?

      • Occoclet says:

        If I had enough time I would. I’m currently in the US Navy and between work and my other responsibilities I just don’t have enough time anymore. I’m at least looking into trying “Everquest Next” when it comes out. I’m hoping it hits home with consoles too.

    • samsmoke69 says:

      Haha I remember you too Occ I was Cinork.

  15. Caddil says:

    Caddil 60 Monk Hodstock

    Active from February 2003-August 2004, and off and on from 2005-2007.

    Time zone: CST.

    DCru 4lyfe.

    • Stoney says:

      Good to see some Dark Crusaders in here. Still stay in contact with your former guildies?

      • Caddil says:

        No, I don’t. I’m terrible at keeping in touch with people. But I do adore the old DC members, and we’ll always have our memories if nothing else. It’s amazing how names you thought you’d never see or hear again pop up, even on the interwebz. Hopefully more names will find their way to these comments, and reveal themselves.

  16. Arathorne says:

    Never really played on Hodstock. I was just one of the first on Marr’s Fist pre-fronts and then migrated to CLW as time went on through the years. But good to have more people on ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Matt says:

    Rezikai 60 Human assassin Hodstock
    Kristalice 60 Barb warrior Hodstock
    Rezikai 60 Human burglar Diren’s Hold

    Played in Legend’s guild New World Order a bit, then hopped to Dark Covenant a little bit (Sethriel’s guild) and then finally stopping in The Unnamed…
    i miss hodstock.com… kono ended it i guess.

  18. Zinfindel says:

    Wow! alot of familiar names out there! Hope everyones doing well! I sure do miss those old EQOA days. I’d plug it back in and catch up a little with you guys if I still had a ps2. I started basically around launch and played maybe 3 or so years. Was an Elder in Knight’s Templar on Marr’s Fist and ran one of the baddest Alch’s out there.

    Zinfindel – 60 – Paladin – Marr’s Fist
    Alchemyst – 60 -Alchemist – Marr’s Fist
    Mayhemgemule – 60 – Necro – Marr’s Fist
    Kjeldoran – 60 – Ranger – Marr’s Fist

    • Stoney says:

      I think the weirdest thing about this blog so far is seeing old names 4-5 years later. It’s good to know those people are still around, somewhere. PS2’s go for under 80 bucks used! Just don’t quad box… We saw a guy quad boxing ogres and realize that he’s paying $60 in subscriptions alone! Most of the returners weren’t CLW players — so if you’re nervous about coming back because you don’t have a foundation of 60’s on the server, no worries. We’ll help you out with that.

    • David Wilson says:

      I’ve got a pill for that!

      /wave @ Alchemyst

      Dethral โ€“ Exorcist (re-incarnated in WoW as an 85 Alliance Dwarf Priest on Hellscream)
      Soliloquey โ€“ Power Bard (retired)
      Darkdethral โ€“ Necro (retired)

  19. Brandon says:

    Sausagefest 60 Pyromancer CLW

    2003-2005 and then off/on from about 2007 until now.

    I have contemplated coming back and would probably only do it if I could get into a perma group and xp like the old days. I don’t care if it was with or without boon.

    Love the site btw!

    • Stoney says:

      That was our intention too… then I experienced boon and… dang. Perma group was really tough with people’s schedules and time zones. A lot of our readers are still in college (seeing as the game came out in 2003 when most were in high school or middle school.) Boon is a huge help to getting your feet underneath you money and experience wise.

      • Brandon says:

        Yeah, I guess you’re right about the scheduling. I actually just graduated college the end of December and still looking for a job so, I have a lot of free time. I guess if I came back I would probably make a guy, but I would also like to have a character that I only leveled with a perma group. We could just level them when we were all on at the same time. Would anyone be willing to do something like that?

      • Stoney says:

        What college? I graduated in May. I would definitely be up for that… I’d like to make shammy at some point.

      • Brandon says:

        Ball State University. It’s a school in Indiana.

      • Stoney says:

        Yeah! 13-1 season a few years ago?

      • Brandon says:

        Haha. Well we were 12-0, then lost our last 2 games, but we got ranked up to 11th. So, it was a really good year. Most people haven’t heard of the school haha. Where’d you grad. from?

      • Stoney says:

        Michigan. Huge college football fan though.

      • BoomstickSaint says:

        I would be down for a perma group with a toon. I’m always getting bored and wanting to roll another class.

      • Stoney says:

        Yo Wreck, I’ve been busy and should be on Sat morning. I hate to say it, but the biggest deterrent to this game is pushing the power button, haha! Not sure if you’ll be on Saturday, but let’s plan a grind group to get my tag and your abils? Or even your alc’s tag.

      • Brandon says:

        Alright, cool. I’ll let you guys know when I fire the game back up and all that. I am not sure what I would make yet, but I would only level that toon in a perma group. I will just make other toons to play until everyone is on together.

      • BoomstickSaint says:

        I’ll prolly be on Saturday but it will be in the evening. Can do nec or alc doesn’t matter gotta get them both done. Lol

  20. Brandon says:

    Congrats. I’m a huge college football fan as well. I was kinda pissed when I found out I don’t have ESPNU to watch some of the signing day today.

  21. Kordolin says:

    Characters: Kordolin 60 Defender (DH), many alts below 50
    Active: March 2003 โ€“ April 2004; January 2005 – June 2005

    I came across this blog a few weeks ago, and it has brought back a lot of great memories! Thanks for putting it together.

    I had been playing WoW for awhile, but I was getting bored with it around when WotLK came out. As my desire to play dwindled, so did my free time, and before I knew it, I both didn’t want to play and didn’t have time to even if I did want to.

    Over a year later, I started missing MMOs. I decided to make a return to EQOA last May because I was feeling nostalgic. DH was mostly dead so I rerolled on CLW. I dual-boxed an ALC and CL to the mid 30’s before I got bored, mainly from missing many of the great people I had played with back in the day. In the end, I lasted less than a month.

    Seeing some of you pick the game up again has made me want to give returning ANOTHER shot because there would be people in the same boat as me, excited to give the game another try and looking to experience some of the new things that have been added as well as re-experience all the old things we used to enjoy. Unfortunately, I sold one of my PS2s and don’t have access to the other. I’m very tempted to order a slim PS2 (and the game) so that I could play again. If I did return then I would want to dual box again, so I would need to order another PS2 anyways. That would at least let me single box for a while until I can get my other PS2 in a few months. I’m still making up my mind whether or not I should make the commitment to come back because if I’m going to do it a second time then I want to stick with it for awhile. The biggest barriers right now are that my weekly play time would be pretty limited and the cost, though I’m less concerned by the second. It might take me 3-4 months to get 2 characters raid ready. Knowing that a few months from now there would still be people who have recently returned to the game still questing, raiding, and trying to tackle a lot of the new content (that people who never stopped playing finished years ago) would make the commitment it takes to play again much easier to make. Have you put a guild together made up of blog readers and other recently returned players, and do you all plan to keep playing longer-term?

    Whoo, that was much more long-winded than I intended! Once again, thanks for collecting all of these great memories from one of my favorite games.

    • Stoney says:

      Hello and welcome! Thank you for the comment! We did put a guild together but a lot of our players are in college and are busy with school. We do have about 4 active players and 3-4 semi-active. Right now, I think we’re looking to join up with a more active group. I would highly recommend sticking with single boxing until you’re hooked again. It’s a completely different game than it used to be. I actually like the new version better… with the exception of not having the people I used to remember around. Let us know when you want to return and we’ll be happy to help you out.

      • Kordolin says:

        So I have decided to come back. I ordered a PS2 and it should be here in about a week. I’m going to keep my cleric and alc on the shelf for now until I’m ready to dual box again.

        I haven’t decided what class I’m going to roll, but at this point I’m leaning towards an elf enchanter. However, it would be great if we can get the personnel together to see some raid content eventually, so if class diversity could potentially limit our raiding options, I’d be willing to consider some other class you guys think might be needed more. Honestly I could enjoy playing almost any class so it wouldn’t matter to me, though I did experience a decent amount of raiding as a tank so it would be nice to play another archetype to 60.

  22. Ben says:

    Purplecl/Chrisgriffin, cleric/enchanter from CLW here.
    Played from 2004-07.
    I’ve tried to come back but it’s just not the same. Maybe if more people i used to know did it would be worth it. i dont know, it was fun at least.
    Plus, I have some old EQOA vids on youtube.com/snakeg88. Good times.
    Great blog!

    • Stoney says:

      Welcome to the blog! Even though we are all on CLW, it’s rare to see an original CLW’er around here. I’ll def check out your vids. What’d you use to record back then?

  23. Ben says:

    Thanks. Yeah, I used to glitch… everything. lol. I don’t know what it was like on other servers, but on CLW there were quite a few people “rocking” and me and my friends were known for it. I have to say, while raiding was good, there was nothing like killing Bertox with 2 people. Did people glitch on other servers? Have you?

  24. Michael James says:

    man now this brings back some good memories

    toons were Benrona 60 mage and Nofreepills 60 Alc, played from around 2003 to 2006 or so, was in All for One One for All, and then some guild Calaway started followed by a guild Blace and Holywarrior put together.
    I remember people like Jigen, Jazzyme, Selesia, Jipt, Cheesefry and his brother, Somkedup/Nattyice, Sskain, Beastly, Ryder, and that one dude who would never let High Chieftan in soulsek’ s eye be up for more than 2 mins think his name was Giglilo or something like that, i cant say much tho i spent countless hours up on deso 2 farming RoDs and BPoA’s

  25. Taylor Page says:

    So weird that I stumbled upon this website and some hold hodstock names are postin!

    This is Maximillan/Xplosion/idontevenremember – War-Defender/Alchemist-(Can’t remember which)

    Postin for my Dad too, most of you will probably remember Kaotic/Bonesy the 60 Dark Elf Warrior and Erudite Necromancer.

    Reppin Alliance of Kings, still play World of Warcraft with a lot of old AoK/EQoA people too, fadedlight, crimsonlight, their son, bearzy played for a while, a ton more I just can’t really remember who all lol

  26. King Dlain says:

    Dlain/multiple 60 god tanks/PPO

    my resume includes baddest mother fucker on the game, first pally to tank bertoxx on ppo, set multiple server records for my time period with my pal, ran monster raid guild for 3 years with about 4 good players and multiple noobs who i booted or replaced with random noobs weekly and still ran server, first to glitch CT, naggy(pre-pet rock fix and post rock fix) first to glitch RZ(back in late 09 for my nostalgia comeback tour)…god knows what else i glitched. I had 3 smr’s throughout my career, got about 12-15 accounts banned. Had a GM(kenpachii) actually give me a free fucking smr. I was known as a god/king of the server along with my partner in crime Grobic who was the first/only SK to tank bertoxx and many other mobs on ppo with low numbers as well. Anyone from ppo will remember this name even til this day. rawr!

    • Stoney says:

      Haha… Please tell me you recite that entire bit when you apply for jobs?

    • BoomstickSaint says:

      I’m not entirely sure “first to glitch (insert raid mob)” is the best thing to be known for, but for sure I do remember Dlain and Grobic from PPO. Never knew you personally, or heard anything specific about you, but saw you around a lot. What guild did you run?

      • King Dlain says:

        Our guild was The Prophecy… but yea bro, most people don’t know me and few of my friends were the first to glitch a lot of these mobs, kinda annoying they just call me a “rocker” and not “the best rocker” ya know? Isn’t like I glitched mobs cuz I couldn’t kill them with my guild, did it cuz i didn’t wanna roll for the loot with my guild. Then of course it became a sport..the rush you get from doing a mob and hoping you don’t get caught is like running from the cops! lawl

    • Mindibus says:

      I remember the names Dlain and Grobic. I was Galvadriel and Mindibus, 60 Lich and 60 Sorc. Just stumbled on this forum after feeling some nostalgia for eqoa

    • ppcorn says:

      Did you tank Erin?

      • Izeil says:

        Wasn’t one of the “popular attention seeking females” on our server named Erin? It’s been a LONG time but it sounds really familiar.

  27. Sidius MF says:

    On Marr’s Fist I played from early March 03 – Feb 06
    1st account ( Can nolonger Access ๐Ÿ˜ )

    Sidius – Human SK
    Pancreas – DELF Nec
    Gnome Alchemist Cannot Recall the name anylonger

    2nd account (currently active at least for a month)
    Wiickerman – Gnome Wizard
    Demeurge – Ogre WAR Gator (Thanks Qanadarie for Helping)
    Federfleisch – Human Bard

    I made a couple of new toons on CLW,dunno how much Ill be on though, heh
    Yeloweyes – Troll SK
    Bubbahottep – Delf Nec

    My Yahoo ID is Necronomnicon & mail is Necronomnicon @ gmail dot com if anyone knew me

    Also on EQ2Extended Im Alff wiz & Revenous SK

    On WOW I was on Blackhand Ashmodai or Ashmdai & Divorce (Lock & DK) & on Trollbane I believe Happlo or Hapllo DK, but I didn’t take well to wow everyone seemed to solo their way to 80 so I was mostly playing alone it seemed or falling asleep looting on dungeon runs from 80s lol, I might try it again but dunno anyone on WOW any more and I’m likely to get into Rift instead in a couple or few weeks

    Anyone Remember Jaydeo if they’re from Marr’s Fist? LOL @ that guy, geez, it’s nearly a fond memory now though he was quite a little griefer back then

    • Sildien says:

      Jaydeo! God I got trained by him several times at Clops! What a time, Elf Druid right? I think hes an NPC now lmao. Kelinar I believe

      • SidiusMF says:

        hagley NPC lol, that little town not too far from Qeynos and on the way to bear cave it think. My first character was a paladin from qeynos and he had a quest there around level 13 or 15 i think.

      • Sidius MF says:

        Jaydeo got my group at hexbones outside zentar’s keep while I was grouped with an old friend Motley, he sow’d me probably hoping I would run and let my group die lol. then he came back with about 7 or 8 hexbones at least. I have to say I lol’d even though we died if I remember right, I totally didn’t see that coming shame as it is to say, he waited till I pulled too LOL

    • Aquinos says:

      Haha yup, I remember Jaydeo! I also recall Scarecrow training like crazy at the huge Nasehir camp down the coast from MTG….man I got so pissed back then, but now looking back & really thinking about it gives me a good laugh =)

  28. Sildien says:

    Sildien-60 Elf Assassin, Vaydin-60 Delf Defiler Marrs Fist server
    March ’03-’06

    First off I must say, I love your blog. Brings back so many fond memories and great times with my first ever MMO. Ive recently came back, I blame all you guys who have made me realize how awesome this game really is. I played WoW, FFXI, DC Universe and others but nothing besides EQOA ever did it for me. Guess sitting back on my couch just “hits the spot”. Ive been back about a week now, Im looking for a guild to call home again on CLW. I will also be Dual boxing in the coming week. If anyone is recruiting or just wants to go whack on some monsters just throw me a message. My in game name is Ascend right now, 30 Druid. Looking forward to hearing from someone. See you in Norrath!

    • Stoney says:

      Hey man! Mail me on either Stonee, Stoneb, or Corrigan. I’ll be on all this week.

      • Sildien says:

        Hey man been on havent seen ya, whats your play times?

      • Stoney says:

        Wasn’t on yesterday and might not be on tonight. I have a crazy first part of the week with some travel stuff. Wreck is usually on or try a guy playing under Whirls.

      • BoomstickSaint says:

        I was on yesterday for a bit, til CLW went down then switched over to PPO. Everyone switched back when it crashed and we raided on Uzra and PoS twins. Finally got LoP on my nec on PPO lol.

        Anyway, I will probably be on today. Most likely on Wreckanize or Wreckuiem, possibly Magmahand. Send me a tell or mail if you want in guild or just to group.

      • Kordolin says:

        Did you all manage to get an invite to the guild?

        Sorry I haven’t been around the last week, my schedule has been pretty hectic. I should have more free time to play again in 4 or 5 days. I’ll also have my second ps2 then, so I’ll be dual boxing.

        Just a heads up so you don’t think I’ve quit on you all!

      • Stoney says:

        No worries man, I haven’t been on since Sunday. I’ll be back Monday night or Tuesday. Got really busy with work and St Patty’s day, then traveled for the weekend.

      • BoomstickSaint says:

        Yeah, I got him in guild the other day. I need some bady on in guild to invite my bard in lol when ar you guys gonna be back on?

      • Stoney says:

        Yo Wreck… I’ll be back on Monday night. Away from home right now.

    • Kordolin says:

      Woops forgot a sign off: that was Whirls (aka Kordolin)

  29. Chase says:

    Salvatron – 55 Barbarian Berserker – Hodstock (I don’t remember why but I went 100% mastery at 55)

    Also hey occoclet, not for sure if you remember me man, but we played LOTRO when it first came out. Saw you posted you’re in the Navy, great to here that man.

  30. Sildien says:

    I should be on in a few, couple questions about your guild( I definetly plan on joining) First off whats your name so I can try looking for some people if your not on. Plan on trying to raid casually? And what kind of classes are you looking for or need? Myself and my cousin will be playing, ill be dual boxing and he will be single our first set of toons will be Paladin,Mage and a Bard. Just looking to experience some old memories and make some new ones with the content I havent explored yet. Ill be looking for you Wreck

  31. Tyler says:

    Hey everyone, better late than never to post here. If anyone remembers me I was Kibawolf: 60 Barb Warrior, Drorphious: 60 Scholar Necromancer, Edwardelrick: 60 Alchemist, Tsumewolf: 55 Rouge (if i recall) and I would almost always run around with my best friend’s 60 Stormcaller Druid Tatakai who’s dad played the game from the start, Goto 60 Barb Shaman and Avenger 60 Barb Warrior who is Tatakai’s older brother.

    EQOA brought me a lot of happy memories from 2003 to 2007 from walking around exploring Tunaria’s secrets to raiding. I was good friends with Purpleclr / Chrisgriffon above and I talk to him in ventrilo from time to time with my current kin (guild) in Lord of the Rings Online. I’m possibly the top guardian on my server tied with a couple other acquaintances of mine as far as tanking goes. I accomplished my MMO dream in LOTRO what I couldn’t in EQOA. The best Kiba ever tanked was Norroxus. If I had the chance to come back for a bit just to face the big boys like CT or Bert I gladly would for nostalgia but I unfortunately sold my account. But who knows, I DO have an unused keycode so I may come back one day just for kicks. ๐Ÿ™‚ wouldn’t mind starting the journey again.

    A lot of things happened while I was absent. I’m about to start a new career path in college. I’m going for a Bachelor’s degree in any field so I can get a work permit so I can be an English teacher over in Japan. I was planning on Graphics Design but I sorta grew out of that, I’m even certified in CISCO networking. I was diagnosed with and starting to overcome Psoriatic arthritis. I spent a lot of time working out but I kept feeling worse and worse by the week to where I couldn’t even hardly move out of bed. Frick, that was the worst year of my life and it always will be. But now It’s well managed and I can move like I could before, now I just have to get back into the routine of going to the gym again -_-. And I have a stable job working with CROSSMARK with extremely flexible hours. I basically collect data on displays in stores for companies like Nestle, Coke, Pepsi, Kellogs, and so on. When it comes to gaming time I usually spend my time in LOTRO like I said above or playing fps games like Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2 and I’m also playing Minecraft. If any of you play on Steam feel free to add me as a friend “tyrothehedgehog” is my username. It should appear as “Tyro the Tenko.”

    Sorry for the life’s story lol. I wish I visited this site sooner to join in. I miss you all even If I never grouped or talked with any of you. EQOA was a pretty big chapter in my teen years because if it wasn’t for this game I would have never meet Alicia (Tatakai), Rob (Avenger) or Steve (Goto). I seriously can’t believe its been almost 10 years since I joined the game and became friends with them and a majority of everyone here. Again, sorry for the EXTREMELY late post and I’m glad to see some familiar names here.

    PS. Thanks for hosting some of my EQOA videos on your blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ Looking on it now, my Overlord Xrag video has over 10,000 views!? FRRIIIIIIIICKKKKK! oO

    • Sildien says:

      I actually saw you in a video today, PoS. Small world eh. Go ahead and come back you know you wanna, I just recently re rolled on CLW and that feeling of starting fresh and meeting new people and just going through the adventure and seeing everything again is what makes this game so fun. So yea go ahead and use the keycode =P

  32. BoomstickSaint says:

    Hey, do any of you have a 360? We could boot up 360s start a party chat and use it like ventrillo for playing eqoa. Could do it with a ps3 also probably. Does ps3 have party chat? Never used mine for that.

    • Stoney says:

      I have a ps2 still… I’m living in the stone age my friend. Can do Skype though. And it marked your roll call post as spam… weird.

      • BoomstickSaint says:

        Yeah, I tried posting it a few days ago and it wouldn’t let me. So I tried again yesterday and it did it again.

  33. David says:

    My Main (well i actually had 6 mains lol but primary)
    Kahzahm / Magician / Proudpine Outpost
    Wildcards / Magician / CLW
    Other toons omg cant list all but heres some, Virtigo,Doomseed,Spiritpaw,Bloodvane,Brigade
    Played from 04-06 took break till 08-09 break until about 3 months ago and im addicted again lol.

  34. Stimulant says:

    Characters: Mighyelf Dark Elf Sk, Quadra Human Bard, Stimulant Dark Elf Necro all on hodstock also have Stimulant Human necro on clw

  35. Joey says:

    Hey guys. awesome read going here.

    i played 03-05 then a few hardcore runs 05-08, swapping with EQ2:
    Radio/troubadour/Antonia Bayle
    Clockwork/swashbuckler/Antonia Bayle

  36. shaun says:

    Nice thing you have going on here , anything that keeps the EQOA community together is a good thing . Was none too happy when hodstock.com shutdown. Anyhow i’ll be making a comeback any day now. Nazermael/55 wiz/hod Arzun/51 war/hod nope , never reached 60 , didnt care

    • Stoney says:

      Well getting to 60 is a breeze now… I’ve seen some guys do it in less than 24 hours. If you really, really want a 60 an alc or wizzy will get you there fastest. Bards and petters are probably 2nd fastest.

  37. Northax says:

    First andmain server: Castle Lightwolf

    Started: About 2 weeks after EQOA came out

    First character was a Western Human Paladin named Noraxium (or now that I think of it, was it Northalius? Either or, I forgot now, lol!). I was such a noob, EQOA was my first MMORPG, so I did not know much. I thought I was a DD, not a “tank”. So I remember fighting at the gnoll camp that is down the road from DM and I did not taunt or anything, I just hit the gnolls like everyone else. lol! Luckily I do remember there being higher levels (30ish) with us, so they were taking the damage well, no one died much. lol! But dang, what a noob I was. lol! I had all ‘store bought’ armor on at level 28, too. I did not know about the 17 armor quests at the time. lol! Ah! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I remember at around level 12 I was running around with like 15 people near Qeynos and I followed them all the way to this big cave, so one said something like “Wait here…” and he brought out Gertrude! We all scattered like roaches when the lights went on! It was so fun (and funny!). We did not know she was only agro to those that specifically pulled her though, we were noobs. Fun times! My Qeynos Prison memories are the strongest out of all of them, even trumping the high level raiding zones like IoD and PoS, etc. Though I did enjoy farming for ruby in CT! Killing those lizard men. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, I did not level him (Paladin) much higher; he was left at around 28-30 before I deleted him later on. I made a rogue (Zorthon – level 47), Bard (Northax – hit level 60, power path), Wizard (Arithomisius – hit 60, Channeler), Zanitar (hit 60, power path Lich – this character I enjoyed the most in groups, he kept me REALLY busy in Lich form and feeding everyone power constantly! I loved it!), etc. I made a monk, but no level past 40 as far as I remember. Shaman hit around level 48 or 49. Wumple, my gnome Cleric hit around 40ish.

    I left EQOA around 2006, really because the devs just gave up on the game; no more expansions. I left for other reasons on top of that, but I won’t get into it here, unless you really want to know. lol

  38. Northax says:

    Oh, and the first big guild I was in on CLW server was: Rites of The Four Horsemen

    And now I remember, my W Human Ranger was named Northalius. I remember first going to IoD with my guild when my Ranger was 49. That was pretty cool! Though I didn’t stay long since I’d get more debt if I died. I dinged and went back ASAP! Fun raiding there back in the day!

    I also loved xping at hexes near Zentars Keep. Those were fun around 43-46. Spent hours and hours there. Loved the snowy setting and all. Luckily being human, I was able to always coach there! ;P

    Loved farming in Vox’s lair as well.

    Xping at Phantoms (in Frontiers) was fun, as well.

    So many memories! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Roxy says:


    Dark Elf Cleric

    Castle Lightwolf

    Level 50 unmolested MC/talents from pre Frontiers

    She still posesses two Ceremonial Vestments, global drop number seven and number sixteen from Blackburrow.

    I have not logged on that account since I stopped the bard Rhyme over five years ago.

    Interestingly enough years later, I ran into persons in EverQuest 2 who said they knew me.


  40. Urban Kaiser says:

    UrbanKaiser Lv 60 Diviner Shaman (switched to Mystic eventually, just wanted to be the first diviner shaman on the server) Ferran’s Hope server
    LumpyGriffon Lv 60 gnome sorcerer FH
    RekkufCro Lv 60 Enchanter (dual boxed account. unlimited mana for my wizard ๐Ÿ˜€ )FH

  41. Seth says:

    Haha great memories reading this!!

    Had quite a few Diffrent characters all On CLW

    Lennadarr- Lvl 60 Elf Hunter
    Kallurr- Lvl 60 Elf Animator then Spellbinder later (Was My First)
    Kalurr- Lvl 60 Orge Juggernaught (Necro)
    Gaethan- Lvl 60 Shadowknight

    Couple others lower lvl as well.

    I just came back about 2 months ago enjoyed a little bit of rekindling the good times, but had to quite before I became to addicted again lol.. Played it to much before!!! But oh how I loved Kiting with my Elf Hunter those were the good times. Hope they make one for the Ps3 deff somthing I would invest in.

    Cant really remeber my playing dates but it was quite a bit probably from late 2003 ish to maybe 2006 or later not sure.

  42. Kenneth says:

    Blace 60 Defender (hod)

    Pre frontiers played for about 6 years and got bored of the no updates, now just waiting to see if “eq next” hit the ps3 =/ .

  43. Kenneth says:

    Yep Barbarian Wariorr i really had fun mting whit that toon lol, also my other toons was….

    Rosario cl
    Borracho alc
    Shaulin Mnk
    Ferviente Pal
    Convicted Nec
    Judce sha
    those was the more i use and btw sorry for the spelling (spanish) after all this years and still suck on wrinting english hehe.

  44. Pug says:

    Pugilist (Monk)

    Crypt, Blood, and Saryrn’s Echelon (guilds)

    i miss this game. i ran with beezal and neodnb on ferrans hope mostly; although, i did play on hagley(test) and clw before i left. i have played many online games since and none came close…

    this is for the madmen i knew in the good ole days…ORCFOKKERS!!!!!

  45. Venris says:

    Venris 60 Lich CLW
    Vinres 60 Ninja CLW
    Vinris 53 Rogue CLW
    Rameth 60 Mystic CLW

  46. Venris says:

    Venris 60 Lich CLW
    Vinres 60 Ninja CLW
    Vinris 53 Rogue CLW
    Rameth 60 Mystic

  47. Falkrinn says:

    Hey anyone coming back now that everyone gets free time added to their accts.
    I’m active on clw and belong to a guild that raids all mobs on the server. Any new returning players just hit me up if u need help.

    Falkrinn 60 defender Falkfarmz 60 enchanter Falkcoth 60 pyro
    Falkboom 60 sorcerer Falkrinstack 60 diviner Falkdebuffz 60 mystic

  48. Crims says:

    60 Defender
    Old Times

  49. Pollux says:

    60 Firestarter

  50. Rike says:

    Rikemaru/55 Ranger/(PPO) 03-04

  51. Malavan says:

    Dark Elf

    Dark Elf
    Were Hunter (Shadow Knight)


    Were my 2 “main” mains. In the end I was quadboxing… the good old days are sorely missed. Glad Google brought me here, several names I remember. Truly hoping that Sony brings me some EQ on the PS3 – still can’t find that fix EQOA once was… Hi to all the TGNV’ers out there…

  52. Sharpe says:

    Keogh Hum WH/Wiz Hod
    Nele Hum Rge/Bravo Hod
    Nikol Nec Defiler Hod
    Dartain Eru Nec Scol.
    Arlyxir Hum Wiz Sorc.

    I’m back for the 45 days thing, I’m also debating about starting up again. I had quit in april 09 when most my friends quit, I then played FFXI full time till Sept last year, I haven’t played any MMO since then. I was looking at starting EVE up, but the 45 days came up and I thought I would give EQoA one last run, kinda missed it I guess. I wish is was like 05-06 again,with the devs gone and no support it doesn’t look like it, hopefully EQnext comes on ps3/ps4.

  53. alien says:

    Errid-45 warrior
    Squag-60nec I forget the MC…was a tink at one point.
    Amari-60nec same story
    Notamonk-60 ninja
    Dula-60 barrier path pally, multiple mc’s most epic ploober on the planet.
    Other include- whomp shlomp notawiz and so on

    All on hodstock.

    I used to have like a million accounts between me and my brother lol we were bad kids who stole shit and ran that game like the mothafuckin mob. I remember you nothingtodo I’m pretty sure you and dula used to ploob groups during the Ferber days!! I also started seekers of doom and ran it for a while

  54. Spliif says:

    I started in decemeber of 03 I think it was. Mentioned this on the roll call but I figure might as post it here too :).

    All my toons were PPO:
    Queequod: 60 Dwarf Guardian/ Touch of Death guild (Long time ago :D)
    Drey: 60 Ogre Defender/ Cryptic Souls guild
    Wormydirt: 55 Barbarian Warrior/Keepers of Proudpine (this was actually my first toon and the guild is crazy crazy old :))

    Had a few more toons here and there mostly on the PPO server.

    • Shane says:

      Hey there. I think I remember seeing Queequod running around sometimes. I definitely remember seeing Touch of Death people from time to time (at least it rings a bell, as it’s been so long). I was a founder of the Lollipop Guild. Pre-frontiers. Remember us?

  55. Jim says:

    60 Sorcerer

    Had several other less important (yet superoober) toons, and a wizard on CLW named Ingenius.

    So gnarly seeing all these familiar faces posting!

  56. Syuviel says:

    Syuviel-60 Scholar Necro-Hodstock, Syudabaptist-60 Cleric-Hodstock
    plus many other alt toons. I started at launch, quit for a year then came back until 2005. When did the 45 free days start?

  57. Chris Vona says:

    Alessandra Elf Spellbinder hodstock

  58. Kevin says:

    Glottis 60 Defender bro
    Sirens 60 Faithful bro
    Miyne 60 Sage me
    Realmwalker 60 Transmuter me
    Damagicstick 60 Sorcerer bro
    BegforMercy 60 Rogue me
    Jimmybones 60 Pyromancer me

    All on hodstock, me and my brother shared an account for a long time then got our old one going again, lots of alts on jimmybones account.

    On CLW I’m
    Damagicstick 60 Sorcere
    Laiho 60 Pyromancer
    Sirens 60 Faithful
    Justgotowned 60 Sage

    Bro is
    Realmwalker 60 Metabolist
    Alexii 60 Pyromancer
    Realitycheck 60 Spellbinder
    Healsonweels 60 Wilding

  59. Chris says:

    Polaris 41 Ranger on PPO from May 03′ to about mid 04′ then I had gone over to FFXI

    I made a comeback in Summer of 08′ where my best friend and I thought it would be a fun revival of our past time to jump back into EQOA. So I made a new character Obsidious 55 Slayer on CLW, and I’m looking to hop back in it again.

  60. Woo says:

    Get a mail from SOE saying 45 days free, so figured i’d go visit my sexy little gnomies. One box is never enough so into the closet I go to dig out 3 more ps2’s. Evercrack is all I need to say.

    Woowoo 60 Gno Clr – PPO
    Nickers 60 Clr PPO / 50 Clr CLW
    Handfull of others….

  61. Jenny Khatib says:

    Been a long time since i have seen some of these names ๐Ÿ™‚ my main was jenjam 60 firemancer. ive been playing eq2 for a long while, but thinking of trying the game again it was a really good time back in the day playing this game.

  62. Beth Allison says:

    I was reminising reading this page. I was Starchaser on Hodstock server. I had a 60 diviner drd, 60 Defender, and 60 necro. It was great to read about everyone. I play eq2 with my sister now but miss so many people from the game. I had so many good times. I played from the time it came out until about 2005. Never know maybe I will be back sometime.

    Starchaser ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Rincea says:

    cunokyle/wiz – I do not remember for sure where I was level wise when I stopped playing.
    I played beta phase 1 ( I still may have the 3 different discs somewhere) – March ’04

    Played a couple of different toons. I do not remember which server I was on for sure at the time…I have not touched the game since March of 2004….until this week! My wife and I decided to start playing EQOA!

    We are both on CLW…and I was sad when I was outside of Halas…and there were not a ton of people LFGing. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    My wife is not the fondest of the game (even though she was up all night playing it last night!) but she is starting to get the hang of it. She was brainwashed by WoW so she was not used to having to “work” at the game.

    Now, the wife and I are both level 10 on our Mains (She is an Elf Paladin and I am an Elf Cleric) and we are really starting to get into it. I forgot how much fun the game was! Glad to be back!

    • Rincea says:

      Oh…and we are currently playing the non-Frontiers version of the game…hard to find a decently priced Frontiers!

  64. Chase says:

    Does anyone here play league of legends?

    add me Wolfsorax

  65. Vokal says:

    60 Minstrel

  66. Skorge says:

    60 Savage Shaman

    Highlights Include:
    First Level 50 on Hodstock
    First to Complete Epic Quest on Hodstock
    Only Character with Both Epic Abilities
    One-Time Owner of that all/all robe (there were only 2 on the server – I sold mine to a guilde for only $400 paypal…I could have gotten way more on eBay)
    First to take down several bosses, Avatar of Fear especially (pet spam lol)

    • Arlore says:

      ” Only Character with Both Epic Abilities ” Nah, just first one, I think the first 10 – 20 50s on Hodstock had them too, before it got addressed. I had both on Mcwolf (warrior), but it just made me wish I had leveled my bard first ๐Ÿ˜ฆ . Back then at the beginning a bard could go both Freeport and Qeynos and do both quest lines to get both abilities.

    • samsmoke69 says:

      First one because he reported it fast and they let him keep them haha =p I was Cinork miss you and Con best dressed trolls on hod!

  67. Waza says:

    Elf Spellbinder / Immortal

  68. Dareis says:

    Wow so many people on here, I have been thinking of coming back for some time now but since Hodstock is apparently dead now would be such a mess remaking my toons on CLW.

    Dareis-Dark Elf Shadowknight (DK when it wasnt cool hehe)
    Famandil-Human Necromancer

  69. Randy says:

    Character Miroku/Monk/CLW
    Years active: February 2003- September 2004
    Time zone: PST

    Lots of memories in this blog.

  70. Evan says:

    Sheemp / halfling / druid
    Sheempagain / halfling /`rouge
    Ultrina /Erd / Wiz
    all on CLW.
    Was friends with Vegeta Newman Cogline Itar Montarkeen Khankar, Kujo, Korn, Necro, Hoppy. I ran Legacy guild for a while, was also in Necromancers, Lords of Contempt, Dominion, Neversleep

  71. Mdiar says:

    Mdiar/ Dark Elf/ Necromancer (Lich) 60
    Bloodyvil/ Human/ Warrior (Wanna say… Defender or Mercenary for this guy) 56?
    Bloodyviltwo/ Troll/ Warrior (Savage) 60
    All for One, One for All (guild)

    My central highlight was having both level 60 epic reward items. I want to say I had both spells too, but I don’t recall that part. I think I had the Power path spell and Agony of the Dead.

  72. Maltaethir says:

    I was Maltaethir and Bamsama. I don’t remember when I quit, but was around since beta.

  73. Brandon Kline says:

    Wow lol I rem some of u guys nice job on this site well anyway I hada two chars Kainen and Mebash 60 sk and hero does anybody know how to retrieve old accs I’ll totally get bak in that game lol oh yea I was on Mf to

    • BoomstickSaint says:

      You should call customer service. If you don’t remember your old account info they will ask you questions like the email address you used to create the account, a credit card number you used, and failing all of that they will ask you toon names and which server they are on. I had to do that with one of my accounts. When I did it they were pretty cool about it and I got it all set upagain in about 10 minutes.

    • Sidius says:

      I remember Mebash ogre right? and I think Kainen was a DELF? didn’t know you were the same person though i think. My SK was Sidius and Nec was Pancreas, and my paladin which i deleted initially and very first toon was Vladtepes (ironic name for a pally heh). Wiz was Wiickerman and my Ogre Gator Warrior was Demeurge or Demiurge, the last toon I worked on i think was gatoring him before i decided to quit , and Wiickerman I was leveling also around the time I remember sleeping at Sirens on Wiick with a rubberband holding my analog up to keep him from drownin heh

    • Aimee says:

      Haha I remember Mebash! It’s wildatily ! Wow such fun memories of EQ !

  74. Santaria – 60 Shammy, Naleh – 60 Wizzy, Sorana – 60 Cleric, Tresa – 60 Nec
    plus a plethora of others, all Hodstock
    Played from about May 2003 until sometime in late 2006 or so
    Wow, just wow…I can’t get over all of these old names from the past! So many hodstockers on here it’s crazy! I played WoW for a few years w/ some old Hodders….Rosered, Smeegle, Corax, Hatework, Spitfyre, Naruto and a few others. My fiance and I have been reminisching about EQOA a lot lately (we both played before we met, me on hod and him on CLW). We’re in the process of getting our hands on some copies of Frontiers and hoping to play again in the near future. Nothing has quite matched what EQOA was. I’d prefer to not play on CLW, but if all the other servers are really that dead, guess that’s where we’ll end up lol. Gonna be starting brand new toons, neither of us have any clue what our info was from 8 years ago. So awesome to still see a lot of familiar names floating around!

    • Zildjen says:

      Zildjen 60 Faithful, Houdeni 57ish Aeromancer… and others that i cant remember, all on Hodstock. Up until I started reading this I couldn’t even remember the name of the server I played on for years! I remember you Santaria, Serephin and I were the leaders of “The Peacekeepers”. Wow thats been so long ago! Its cool to see all these familiar names pop up again, but also sad to know that the game has been laid to rest ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Zildjen says:

      Oh sorry, I had to edit the last post, because I forgot Serephin and I later merged “The Peacekeepers” with “The Daybreakers” which was probably the (guild) that was around alot longer ๐Ÿ™‚

    • samsmoke69 says:

      I was Cinork in the unnamed miss you and hate santa!!

  75. Souldinkou says:

    Souldinkou- 60 Cleric Diviner. Leader of Valiance and Pioneer of eqoa and the Castle Lightwolf server.. Pop.
    2003- Til Necros stack got crazy and pet groups were invented! โค

  76. radiox says:

    Oh lawdy, how i loved this game.

    My cousins got me into this game and it was probably the best thing i could take from my childhood lol.. I must of started eqoaf when i was 10 or 11 so like 2004 till ’06 or ’07? It was great!

    well my characters were:
    Radiox – 60 pyromancer DH
    55 monk 51 wiz and a bunch of 40s because i loved phantoms so much ๐Ÿ˜€
    Wish i could remember the names but they were all on Diren!

  77. benito says:

    xbennyx and xjennyx

  78. Roenick says:

    Roenick Human Ranger Hodstock
    Co-Guild Leader of Hunters of the Fallen

    • Stonee says:

      Dang, super old school player. Welcome Roenick!

    • Dennis says:

      Whats up Roenick , Mcwolf here

      You ever find that next best MMO ?

      Myself been in wow since, played both eqoa and wow the same time for a year, but eventually moved on to just wow. Gave it another stint with sonys free 45 days the past year and made another Arlore on lightwolf. Miss the game, but hate putting time in something that the developers have already given up on.

      Anyway, if anyone finds a good fantasy based MMO on console out there, let me know.

  79. Distortion says:

    Distortion / Defender / Hodstock. I don’t even remember the dates.

  80. Michael says:

    Scarthem / Bard / Hodstock — Zyenscar / Mage / Hodstock — Mehtracs / Necro / Hodstock
    And a plethora of other toons, from start and on for about 4 years I believe. I think I stopped logging in when I got into 360 and PS3 games.

  81. Adam says:

    Yain / Shaman / Hodstock

    Many other toons as well. Played from Beta til EQ2 came out.

  82. Crocadoc says:

    Crocadoc 60 Defender HODSTOCK
    Crocer 60 Pyro (mostly) HODSTOCK
    Guild: Team Machine (Where my heart was at)

  83. Tim says:

    Girod 60 Guardian Hodstock
    Zomg 60 Minstrel Hodstock
    Orrien 60 Scholar (nec) Hodstock
    Habel 60 Pyro Hodstock
    Vostris 60 Faithful Hodstock
    Guilds: TGNV, TU, Ascendancy, I Joined This Guild So U Cant Ask Me To Join Urs

  84. Steve says:

    Brucecheese lvl 12 Monk, CLW


    Just started and bought a new ps2 & a new disk just so i could play this game & a few other games i missed out on back when i had a ps2 in early 2001before i got into PC online games.

  85. Andrea says:

    Tori/ Shaman/ Proudpine
    Played this character from the day Proudpine opened until I quit when Final Fantasy came out in 2004. Had more fun in EQOA… Played WoW and EQ2 as well, but was never as involved as I was in EQOA.
    I was the Guild Master of Three Kingdoms, as well as founder and co-leader of the Proudpine Guild Association; one of the best experiences of my life! I made lifelong friends. FYI, 3K was active in both FF and WoW in addition to EQOA. A GREAT group of people!!!!
    Truly the “good old days”.

    • Shane says:

      Hey there. I remember Three Kingdoms. I was a founder of the Lollipop Guild. Snowfall the dark elf rogue and Snowball the troll SK. I know I got the rogue to 60 and went assassin but came to despise it. The troll i got to mid 50s. I’ve tried other mmos, but they just don’t cut the mustard.

      • Shane says:

        Ever since I got the urge tonight to check out this almost decade old game, I’ve been googling like crazy as the memories flood back. I came across the name Belerephon. He was a bard in 3 K! I remember seeing him alot.

      • Andrea says:

        Oh hey, I remember you! ๐Ÿ™‚
        Whatever the faults EQOA had we sure did have fun playing it!

    • Kyle, Slaith, Slaithin says:


    • ezekstone says:

      Tori, I was in your guild for awhile until I went rogue on my account. I had an elf paladin named Ball. I haven’t played in ages, but the game ending has made me nostalgic

  86. nick says:

    Castle Lightwolf
    Ogrenec- King of Oggok- The Necromancer Ambassador
    Imixalot- Human Meta Vital – Barbarian Beserker Deadlycast – Erudite Sorceress

  87. Nick says:

    Sorry for the above reply thought i was posting ….. Man , where to start ……Played this game since day one , pretty regularly for the first 3-4 years .Often i would take breaks of 6 months , however I have played at least 3-4 months of every year since the release of E.Q.O.A .. In so many ways this was, and in many ways, still the best m.m.o.r.p.g. ever to be released in the last decade in my opinion of course .Lack of advertisement killed this game , period!!! Sony’s decision to spend minimal funds in this area ultimately costs them hundreds of thousand of dollars . (Dare i say millions.)And i think we can all be honest and say even with their lack of spreading the word in the beginning , they still had ample time to promote this game in its later years or do anything at all to entice new players to try it out . This game didn’t need to be sold to all of us original players , it simply needed a little push start for all newcomers. We as players didn’t want or need much in this game , aside from the regular maintenance, feedback and technical support we deserved and payed for . Sony failed , well gave up in this area , with flying colors .When they released the original Z.P. , I thought to myself , maybe this game does have a fighting chance. However, in short, with the collapse of Z.P. , and the departure of multiple developers, this game became like a ghost town. I LOVE THIS GAME ……honestly i do…..I just wish somebody would’ve done something
    to save this game when the opportunity was there .Sorry for the rant , my next post will be a lot more positive .

    Ogrenec- Best Hybrid Nec in Game Imixalot- Human Meta Vital – Barbarian Beserker Medixx – Gnome Faithful Deadlycast – Erudite Sorceress Dexint- Human Channeler among many many other 60’s

  88. Shane says:

    Hey folks. As I stated in a reply above. Proudpine outpost. Pre-Frontiers to about late 2004 I think. I was a founding member of the Lollipop Guild. I’m sure you saw us as we lasted two years. I played Snowfall the dark elf rogue, Snowball the SK troll, as well as a few mid lvl alts.I played alot with Pootytang the gnome warrior, Plumpkin the druid, Earwax the dwarf warrior, Kolahan the monk, Tattybear (or Tatonka) the barbarian shaman and wizard respectively, Jazzy the bard, Sedona the Alchemist, Valkery the elf cleric,and Movarrin the erudite cleric, as well as others I wish I could remember. My roommate was Farradar the barbarian warrior on Marr’s Fist. I gotta say, the wereforms sort of spoiled it for me a bit, as I thought it looked stupid when the world was a vast zoo. Also, the quests to get it for each guildy was just soulsucking. I also felt the cm points starting to become mind numbingly slow to gain. But my memories are fond nonetheless. There is nothing else like this game. I’m not actually huge into games, and I’ve just tried Star Wars the Old Republic, which is modeled after WoW, and it is so not the same. It lacks the sandbox feeling of being free in a strange world. And honestly, I prefer grinding at a camp w/ a group to basically being a bike courier on perpetual deliveries. Nothing like beating on frost giants.

    • Shane says:

      Yeah make that to spring of 2005.

      • Shane says:

        Hell, memories still coming in of original Lollipops. Turgon (aka Turgonil), Fawnia and Turcan, QTipp (Earwax’s alt), Tatertot (Pootytang’s alt), and Aradhel (who always needed my help.

    • Josh Waller says:

      This was my crew too! Snowball, snowfall I remember your toons. You were the first on to take me on a world tour and show me where everything was located. That was my first MMO experience and I was in awe. So much fun. I remember Kolohan, Tatty and her husband Mr Mojo I believe, Valkery and Grinded for hours with Sedona! Jazzy I remember too. That seemed like ages ago but have been hoping PlayStation would bring it back on free downloads but to no avail. Hope your doing well, man.

      Aravol , Dark Elf Shadownight here

  89. Mcwolf says:

    Mcwolf/55 Warrior/Hodstock Beta late 2002 – retired him in 2005
    Arlore/ 60 Minstrel Bard/Hodstock March 2003 – early 2006
    Arlore/60 minstrel Bard/Castle lightwolf July-Sept 2011

    Time zone: Hawaii

    Miss this game, WOW is so dumbed down now and getting more simplified next expansion. I loved eqoa’s simplicity, but you pretty much earned everything you had. Maybe one day find another good fantasy based MMORPG on console.

    • Stonee says:

      Hey McWolf. I played with you back during the Beta Corps days. In fact, I made an enchanter and AFK’d with you at the Qeynos prison. That was probably back in 2004.

      • Mcwolf says:

        Yeah it has been a while.

        getting board with Cata again, all i do is wait around for the weekly raid with my guild runs. At the point few things are upgrades and hold little interest. Would be nice to find a game similar to EQOA on console that made you work for your items.

  90. Bryan says:

    Kumpa 60 Dwarf Doomseeker on Hodstock
    Galmander Barb(cant remember what level) warrior on Hodstock.

  91. Manuel Mx says:

    Manwel, Barbarian Warrior CLW 51
    really loooooooved the game since I stopped playing it, I played many many different games and nothing compared to it, I am on a ps3 anyone else maybe going back to play? please contact me Ill prob start…is it lonely or is there alot of people thanks

    • Bryan says:

      Well I just started today and Im lvl 14. Havent seem many in Moradhim, but when did you ever. Freeport has a good chunk of people. Mostly lvl 60s.

  92. Romenadan says:

    Just heard the news today (email from SONY)…. I never thought this day would come, it has brought true heartbreak even though I have been away from the game for quite some time. I always had it in the back of my mind that I’d grab another PS2 and return to Norrath. Some nights I still dream of Shon To Monastery, Tethelin, Vox’s Castle, and Plane of Disease. To everyone who I played with that remembers me, I miss you all and cherish the good times we had.

    Romenadan / 60 Human Shadowknight / Marr’s Fist
    Innorhate / 60 Dark Elf Necromancer / Marr’s Fist
    Innorthief / 60 Dwarf Rogue / Marr’s Fist
    Galeus / 24 Elf Wizard / Marr’s Fist

    • Kitara says:

      Hey good to see you Rom.

      I wish I had an active account to get on. I always wanted to run through PoS start to finish again. Me and the Wife did it once with a small group. Took an entire Sunday. Like 8 AM to 11 PM.


      Wife was: Pestillence

      • Hi Kit!,
        It’s great to hear from you two again! Ah man I miss running with you guys. I wish I could’ve gotten on one last time. Hehe, Tour de Force of PoS sounds like a blast. It seems that unless your account was active for Feb you can’t even get on anymore. No way to reactivate your account, what a bummer! Please keep in touch! I’d rather not give out my email – got enough spam already, but I’m on FB and easiest way to find me is through my YT account as I told Jib. Hope to hear from you guys! youtube (dot) com (slash) Romenadan . =)

    • David Wilson says:

      /wave @ Romenadan

      Dethral โ€“ Exorcist (re-incarnated in WoW as an 85 Alliance Dwarf Priest on Hellscream)
      Soliloquey โ€“ Power Bard (retired)
      Darkdethral โ€“ Necro (retired)

      • /wave Deth! Good to see ya again. I didn’t know you were on WoW! I’ve spent several years on it, though not really active now while waiting on MoP. Always been horde except a short stint as a Hum Pal before BC. I’m on Nesingwary these days, name is Sigurthr or Romenadan depending on the toon.

    • Aquinos says:

      Romenadan, hey! I remember you well probably because you were also a Human SK like myself, but I don’t think I ever knew you were Galeus too? When I saw that name I had to respond as it sparked a memory of me running around outside Neriak, don’t remember why, but I remember Galeus a skinny Elf Wizard came up to me, sent me a trade, which I refused a couple times out of confusion LOL….but eventually accepted IIRC; a Neriak guard spear. Wow old memories, that must’ve been like 2003 or 2004?

      • Hey Aquinos! Good to see you! Haha yes, I remember you well too! Indeed, that was me way back when in 2003. You were actually the first SK I ever met, and were the inspiration for me to make my SK all those years ago.

        I’ve started playing a bit on the new Vox server on EQ, just a necro and wiz so far. I’ve also got a warlock and a SK on EQ2: lvl8 WL on Freeport and lvl30 Arasai SK on Permafrost. I’m trying but I just can’t get in to EQ/EQ2 like I did on EQOA. My EQ2 SK is from 2008, the rest are new. I can’t remember my old account info from Pre-PoP EQ, I ditched the game when EQOA came out and made a new account. I had a nec way back then but didn’t get far (shitty comp back in 1999!).

  93. Woolfmoon says:

    Woolfmoon 60 Wilding, Magesta 60 Geo, wife was Carebears 60 Mystic, Zonia 60 Sage, and Shine 60 Defender. Castle lightwolf day 1.

  94. Woolfmoon says:

    This spot is reserved for Shades of Grey CLW.

  95. Kyle, Slaith, Slaithin says:

    Character name(s)/class/server: Slaithin / Cleric / Castle Lightwolf .. also known as Slaith

    Years active: Feb 2004- April 2008

    Time zone: PST

    I’m shocked to hear the game is shutting down.
    I’m 22 years old now, and when I was playing this game I was 14 or so. It might seem funny and everything but this game was a safe haven for me, I’ll always love it. I’ll always remember and cherish names of people I met like Anedia, Crimson Legion, Ndien, Fission, Aneii.. butterflies, Ramaden/Dramacydal my fave canadian gnome, Bless elf enchanter who ended up being my RL friend after we discovered we go to the same school in game, Keepers of The Blue Flame.. my newb guild, Venris (who I saw posted on here), there were two people I girl and a guy I played with from like my first week playing and I can’t remember their names but I’ll always remember being guilded with them and having fun at croc camp near BBW. I hope they are all healthy and happy and doing well. I’ll never forget my first coach run with Anedia, little gnome cleric who I was amazed by took me to many of the coaches one morning and I was in awe at the game, it being my first mmo. Moradhim and Fayspire will always be fond memories where so many of my newb days took place, running through the orc tunnel with my friends, making it over the mountain just to go say hi to our other friends in Fayspire on the other side was such an accomplishment. It was a different accomplishment than anything in WoW, you got no quest for it, you got no armor piece for it, it wasnt instanced, u just did it because u wanted to meet up with your friends in another city. Chakra Village near moradhim where I’d have little newb guild meetings with everyone… so nice to look back at. I’ll never forget one of my first raids, Siliskor with Crimson Legion. Aeyinar with Rights was amazing fun too, Noroxus with Decimation, and most notably taking part in the first main tank server wide of CT with Cosa Nostra where I spent the last of my EQOA days. What a game. I’ll never forget the place.. that’s for sure. Love every one of you guys who I played with back then.

    I’ll be in game as much as I can be until the servers close down.. Hope to see many familiar faces on my dwarf in these last days on castle lightwolf. /salute. Anyone want to stay in touch email me sevrommo@gmail.com as I mostly play games under that name now (still play as Slaith/Slaithin someitmes though). Any old EQOA players feel free to add my PSN too, sevvro

    will miss it all

    • Northax says:

      Heya, I was in Rites of The Four Horsemen too, pre-Fronts and a little while after Frontiers came out (then I left in 2006). My main was Zanitar, 60 Power path Lich Necromancer. Other high level was Arithomisius, 60 Power path Channeler Wizard. My first character that got in Rites was Northalius, 49 (at the time I got in) Ranger. I remember them bringing me to IoD at 49, but they told me to get out quick afterward and ding 50 so I don’t get debt if I died. lol! Was funny.

      I miss pre-Frontiers EQOA the most. I loved being scared crapless when walking around alone on IoD at 50 (when the guild wasn’t raiding). Was so fun!

      I’ll always love remembering my groups that I join to camp Tae Ew and farm Ruby armor in CT on my 50 Ranger. I always wanted the full set but sadly I only managed to get leggings and gloves I believe.

      *sigh* Those were the days. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Even though I’ve not played since 2006, I am also sad to see it go for good. I especially feel bad for those that came back or newly playing it now expecting to get high level and raid, etc. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  96. JibrishMF says:

    Marr’s Fist

    I’ll be on CLW as much as I can for the last month… but I plan on spending the last day on MF in Klik’anon. We’ll see I suppose.

    • Romenadan says:

      Holy crap Jib, good to see you around. I wish I could log in and join ya but my PS2 died years ago. Still have my discs and manuals though. How ya been? You and anyone else who remembers me can always reach/message me on YouTube; channel name is same as my SK; Romenadan. Hope you’re well.

    • Kitara says:

      Whats your info so we can chat around Jib?

      -Arryl 60 Spellbinder

      P.S. thanks for all the help on charming. When you left you took alot of information with you

    • Sidius says:

      hey there, you remember Pancreas? my SK was Sidius and Wiz Wiickerman, I remember Pancreas was in Betrayed a little while probably the most familiar name. You were such a smart player full of knowledge and strategy lol. and willing to share it which was awesome, a very smart and friendly player is always a plus to any game like EQOA

  97. HNtG says:

    Laenei and Cere of PPO here. Not well known at all, but to those I considered friends, know that you were some of my favorite people ever. I wouldn’t trade those memories for all the money in the world.

    So sad to be losing EQOA but grateful to have this last free month to get our affairs in order, if you will.

  98. Jeremy K says:

    Wehrmacht 60 Warrior
    Portauni 60 Rogue
    Dollaen 60 Necro
    Mtyson 60 Cleric
    Solarion 60 Alch
    Kalashnikov 60 Ranger
    Repentagram 60 Druid
    Jigowatt 60 Wiz
    Years active – April 2003 – March 29th 2012
    I’ve been on EQOA since a couple months after it was released, and never looked back. This game has been a companion throughout the majority of my formative teenage years and I have to say that many a lesson was learned on EQ. I learned people skills, honed my math skills and made many many friends. This game has brought my family closer, as we’ve all played it throughout the years together, leveling numerous 60’s together and building a guild on PPO (SLAYTANIC WHERMACHT). I’m heartbroken to see EQOA go out like this, especially with the reasoning of allowing the developers to work on new games. They haven’t touched EQOA since March 2009 so why decide to kill it now? I highly doubt after this I’ll put this much time and effort into another game especially one from SOE, why? Because no other game will ever compare to Evercrack. Great memories that I’ll remember forever, and I know this game will leave the same fond impression on many others hearts as well. Long live EQOA!

    • Kryptkeeperr says:

      Long time Wehrmacht haha. Not sure if you will remember me or not but this is Kryptkeeperr haha. How have ya been man?

  99. Northax says:

    Link to thread for those wanting to leave their lass message(s) before they close it down on the official forums:


  100. Kitara says:

    Kitara 60 Guardian 1100 CMs(pre-boon)
    Arryl 60 Spellbinder
    Taselhoph 60 Bravo Rogue
    Cucummbber 60 Savage SK
    Keldaru 60 Berserker Shaman <— pretty fun btw
    Snooppdog 60 Scholar Power Necromancer

    Marr's Fist!

    P.S. I ran with Kraaven in EG alot. Man I LOVED EG. Even nerfed EG is the best xp. Melee classes can destroy eyes so quick

  101. Intuitive / WIZ / Marr’s Fist
    Nebari / MAG / Marr’s Fist
    Privatetutor / ENC / Marr’s Fist

    Velasqua / WIZ / Castle Lightwolf
    Salonga / MAG / Castle Lightwolf

    I’ve been playing since before the game went live. I was beta testing EQOA in October of 2002. My account has been active from the start. Only break being when the servers were taken down due to the security breach in 2011.

    • Hi Int!
      It’s good to see you again! Hope you’ve been well! I wish I could have kept active like you did. I’m sending ya a FB friend request. =)

      • Sidius says:

        Hi Rom, I was Sidius & Pancreas on MF… I remember how knowledgable you were with SK’s Sidius was also a human SK Slayer lol

    • David Wilson says:

      /wave @ Intuitive

      Dethral – Exorcist (re-incarnated in WoW as an 85 Alliance Dwarf Priest on Hellscream)
      Soliloquey – Power Bard (retired)
      Darkdethral – Necro (retired)

    • jin says:

      hey intutive i remember you along with many others i played eqoa as jinkazamare/rogue jink/wiz honiebunn/shaman on marr’s fist thats crazy that eqoa has been running for aslong as it did .i wish i had a ps2 to log in with thr was plently of good times to remember .
      if anyone has a ps3 u can play dc universe its free to download and to play up to 2 characters i play a hero named JinKazama2012 i also play with if anyone remembers spud/spudo..he also plays a few different toons on dcu …
      or you can just add me directly to your psn account jinkazamare

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Vel, I remember you from the last days with Pod. This is Dannika.

  102. RigorMortis says:

    This was quite a trip down memory lane.
    I played on Marr’s Fist server, mainly using my tribox setup of Sheen, Stile, and Zaraki, farming PoD for the elders/ancient robes. Haven’t played in awhile, got my email notice from SOE about the shutdown, and it truly stinks.
    To all those people above from Marr’s Fist, I remember you ๐Ÿ˜›
    Sheen – DElf Sorcerer / Stile – DElf Animator / Zaraki – DElf Faithful
    Chubbly – Ogre Sage / Wubbly – Gnome Geomancer / Eska – DElf Pyromancer
    Wikibiki – Gnome Tinker / Rigor – Dwarf Faithful / Tashiro -DElf Assassin
    Asami – HumE Geomancer / Chiaki – HumE Lich
    -Solace Guild, Marr’s Fist

  103. Aadaenyaa says:

    Faile 60 Bravo Marrs Fist
    Aadaenyaa 60 Scholar Marr’s Fist
    Adorra 60 Faithful Marr’s Fist
    Bedlamm 60 nec Marr’s Fist
    …and various others, We had 6 accounts, its hard to remember all the toons now ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    I miss all you guys, and no matter what mmo we travel to, it still doesn’t have the sense of community that we had there.

  104. Milos Cakovan says:

    Server: Marr’s Fist
    Character: Nicci (Dark Elf Necromancer)

  105. Orion / Evildead says:

    Server: Castle Lightwolf
    Characters: Orion / lvl60 / Human / Paladin / Guardian
    Evildead / lvl60 / Dark Elf / Necromancer / Arcane Were-Hunter
    Gnarl / lvl60 / Ogre / Shaman / Mystic
    Astronomer / lvl60 / Gnome / Wizard / Sorcerer

  106. Ssyl says:

    Character name(s)/class/server:
    Llylr Diviner(Druid) – CLW
    Bhrom Heroic WereHunter(SK) – CLW
    Ssyl Magician – CLW
    Years active: July 2003- April 2010
    Time zone: MST

  107. Ruiz says:

    Ruiz Barbarian Warrior
    Elbuhdda Monk
    Castle Lightwolf

    • Jason says:

      Hey Buffalo is healsnotsleep just figured I’d holler at you been awhile since we spoke since the games gone till Eq3 hits ps3 in July 15,2013
      Healsnotsleep cleric ff CLW Rise of the fallen ones

  108. Matthew Sears says:

    Ginnungagap Lvl 60 Halfling Burglar CLW
    Yugoslavic Lvl 60 Dwarf Guardian CLW
    Entrepid Lvl 60 Human Animator CLW
    Nistelrooy Lvl 60 Human Minstrel CLW
    Bakbuk Lvl 60 Troll Warrior CLW

    My heart is breaking from reading every post on any website about the game shutting down and how much it’s affecting my fellow EQOA brethren. I too remember first logging into the game. I started so many characters when I first started playing and never really settled on one until I learned the great art of grinding lol. No game has been able to captivate me as much as EQOA and I don’t believe one ever will. I have seen and done it all on EQOA and yet I am still willing to pay the 14.99 a month(even though it should have always stayed 9.99) with no content updates or patches of any sort(like we’ve gotten one in the last year anyway….) but I don’t believe at this point that we can save EQOA. I pray we can. If anybody still plays I will be on in the coming weeks before its end just to celebrate something I so insanely enjoyed, I just can’t believe it’s going to be gone. Long Live CLW.

    PSN: ArchKnight
    Xbox Live: Immortal Keeper
    EQ2: Ginnungagap, Giundorn

  109. Chris N says:

    Character: Havlat/Elf Ranger, Avatarofwoe/DE Cleric, Pitspawn DE Mage, Jerimiah Warrior
    Server: Hodstock
    Years Active: Launch- On and off till now.

  110. Enasni says:

    I’ve been many characters so bear with me while I try to remember:
    Enasni 60 Human Bard Minstrel
    Dirttyimages 60 Delf Necro Defiler
    Alchemeta 60 Erudite Alchemist Metabolist
    Shortypower 60 Gnome Mage Pyromancer
    Gothikca 60 Elf Druid Immortal Wilding or Stormcaller, depending on what I felt like doing.

    the rest really aren’t that important. If anyone knows these names I miss you!!!! Especially Isan, Probationiss, Gizmo, Raam, and Valiantfox!!!

  111. Everyone misses Raam Good Luck in all your endeavors hope we can save the game.

    • Matthew Sears says:

      Raam was known by so many other names at one time or another lol. Him and Nightskyy had so many different 60 toons. I was in CoES for a couple years at least. Miss them too.

      • Raam says:

        I miss you all. Nanes, Anothercl, Ginnungagap. Hail CoES! Hail to you!

      • Raam says:

        My toons were.. Daegon, Razalghul, Raam, Seizan, Vladislauz, Nizidraman, Saravok, Kiljaeden, Civerb, Haashmallum, Kinjeta, Maga. Those were me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Raam says:

      Mary ann. I miss you. Email me some time.

  112. edited6018 says:

    Character name(s)/class/server: Tide / Mage / Marr’s Fist

    Years active: God. I can’t remember. You think I keep track of things? Probably 03-05

    Time zone: CST

  113. Cynthia Hale says:

    I AM Mikeyjosh, Cynthya, Cinthya, Cinsmage, Docwolf, Joshymike, Makemerich, Illhealya, healsya, Joshymage,Flamearrow, Nika those are all my 60s on hodstock server, I have played since 2/2004 to present.
    I am also Docwolf, Tiggertoo, Mikeyjosh on Marrs Fist

  114. Cynthia Hale says:

    Im sorry first post didnt work to well, My list of toons is as follows: Mikeyjosh Barb Mystic lvl 60, Cynthia Erud Meta Lvl 60, Cinsmage Gnome Pyro lvl 60, Joshymike Barb Defender Lvl 60(retired), Makemerich Hlf Burg Lvl 60 (retired), Illhealya Human FF lvl 60, Joshymage Human Pyro lvl 60, Healsya Elf FF lvl 60, Flamearrow Human hunter lvl 60, Nika erud sorc. lvl 60 Docwolf Elf Wilding Lvl 60, and 4 low lvl toons that may and I pray im wrong never see lvl 60 on hodstock server 2/2004 till servers shut down no matter if its now or 10 years from now

  115. Jason Hannis says:

    I had several characters over many servers, but I was mostly known as

    CLW Server:

    DH Server

    PPO Server

    The game coming to an end is a bittersweet for me. I left the game full time about 3 years ago. I came back for a month or 2 during that time. The game did alot of damage to my life but it also showed me some great times.

  116. Jamie Hebert says:

    Character name(s)/class/server: Tanzen/Waxiphex-Marrs Fist

    Years active: April 03-June 09

    Time zone: CST

  117. Aquinos says:

    Aquinos / 60 Human Shadowknight / Marr’s Fist
    Amagical / 60 Gnome Magician / Marr’s Fist

    (Later acquired account)
    Phanec / 60 Dark Elf Necro / Marr’s Fist
    Kendamarr / 60 Elf Ranger / Marr’s Fist
    Leveled on my own after acquiring account:
    Tinkerbell / 60 Human Enchanter / Marr’s Fist

    So many memories, started out shortly after launch in 03′, I remember running around the countryside and essentially leveling myself solo to about level 30 before I ever really started grouping…can you say anti-social? LOL. I met up with my long time buds, (and eventual perma-group) of Brandnowell a Human Bard, Mundell a Human Ranger & Xanthor a Human Druid.

    Met up later on with some other good long term friends in the game; Jakob an Elf Druid & his girlfriend; Adelina an Elf Ranger. I met Jayna the nicest Barbarian Shaman I ever met, great girl. Alane a Dark Elf SK & Yunelcia a Dark Elf Wiz were also long time friends I met shortly after Frontiers was released while I was, you guessed it; soloing! Haha. Roygar, Zapp, Zoolander, Aumarea, Awiziam, Berube, Orbius, Slippery, Rocco, Ohladahn, Sheen, Mouko, Kordana, Franx, Chepo, Thievin, and the list goes on and on. Sad there are others I know I’ve forgotten, but I still wouldn’t trade the memories for anything!

    Gonna start up on Everquest here any day now, will most likely re-make a SK named Aquinos if it’s available, hope to meet up with some old friends again!

  118. boneduke says:

    Sad to see the game go, lots of great memories since starting in March 2003. My main was a bard on DH named Windwoven, of the guild The Order of the Sleepless Knights (a great group of people who have adventured together in many other MMOs since).

    Most of the folks in OOTSK found their way to the guild by way of another guild on DH – The Vertically Challenged. The VC was a max level 20 guild of dwarves, gnomes, and halflings, who willingly capped their level in order to challenge themselves and enjoy the aspects of the game that many people ignored in the rush to 60. My toon in the VC was a dwarf warrior named Talonthorn. On Talon I had the pleasure of “MT’ing” many near insurmountable challenges with lots of other great folks like Berkin, Kazzy, Gnellie, Davlannan, Pieman, Crusoe, Zappitoya – so many more, wish I could remember all the names… Taking to the depths of Blackburrow, Castle Felstar, Runnyeye, and so many other places at level 20 were amazing challenges and memories. Still remember one night we made our way to Elephant Graveyard and put on a good showing for the XP’ers there, launching a mass shortie assault on an Eye of Xrag…

    Will miss the game a lot. Off and on I’ve been trying to build out an EQOA archive at eqoa.wikia.com, I guess mostly for knowing the end would come eventually, and wanting to capture as much of the game as possible before it was gone. Would be great if others could also take some time to contribute and help ensure the lore and legacy of this game lives on after March 2012…

  119. Laura / Jara says:


    May 2003 – September 2006; 2009 – 2010
    Time zone: EST

    Guilds: Dragon’s of the Four Winds, Cosa Nostra

    Good times indeed!

  120. Nemisis says:

    Nemisis – Level 60 warrior – Hodstock
    Feb 2003 – Nov 2004
    Time zone: CST

    Hello Mcwolf my old friend, good to see you, was always fun discussing the warrior class with you in the dark ages of the game.

  121. Niarlathotep says:

    All toons were on Direnโ€™s Hold server.

    Niarlathotep / 60 Necromancer (Lich)
    Joenofarc / 60 Paladin (Guardian)
    Fullmetel / 60 Alchemist (Transmuter)
    Muzic / 60 Bard (Gypsy)

    Guild: Ancient Legacy
    Rank: Officer

    After AL disband, I became an officer in another raid guild (though I can not recall what its name was. I think It was then the biggest one left after AL disband if that does anything to help lol)

    Years active: July 2006 – June 2008 (account was passed off, and continued to be active with a new owner)

    Time zone: EST

    I quit do to my server being so inactive ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Here is the info on my account when I left, from what is remember (I had some notes to help me)…

    PAL 1100 CMs – Spirit Maker’s Robe, Breastplate of the Anointed, Hammer of the Paragon, Helm of Disbelief, Otherworldly Helm, Bracers of Annihilation, Intrepid Gloves, Intrepid Boots, Leggings of the Valiant, Massive Mithril Torque, Primeval Iron Girdle, Guardian Band x2, Stoneheart, Lost King’s Talisman, level 60 epic sword and shield, PoD spell, Honor Guard spell, full Barrier path, lionwere infection, level 40 were ability, ST buff, ST form, zombie suit, PoD, IoD, ZP, 600 sta 425 agi 475 cha 300ish wis, 5287 ac, 12.1k hp, 7 defensive mods, all resists maxed, raid buffed.

    NEC 1250 CMs – Robe of Divergence, Solusek’s Eye, Bone-Clasped Girdle, Gloves of Loathing, Crown of the Driven, Toxxulia’s Eye, Tunic of the Decrepit, Leggings of the Decrepit, Firepit Insignia x2, Golden Efreeti Boots, Firegold Band x2, Etheric Earring, Spiteful Earring, level 60 epic held, DH port, deso2 flag, snow1 flag, PoE port, PoS port flag, Envaric Salve, PoD spell, Zombie Suit, StB port, Blood of Noroxus, ST buff, ST form, lionwere infection, level 40 were ability, level 10 tailor, Blood path with 60 self blood, IoD, PoD, ZP, pet weapons, 575 sta 600 wis 450 int 120ish dex, self buffed.

    ALC 1150 CMs – Amulet of Loathing, Serpent’s Heart, level 60 epic robe, Bracelet of Quickness, Transmutation Trinket x2, Otherworldly Coif, Transmuted Belt, Dark Art Tunic, Dark Art Gloves, Dark Art Boots, Vaporous Legwraps, Firepit Insignia, Earring of the Weaver x2, Zombie Suit, Blood of Noroxus, PoD spell, Envaric Salve, Zaoran spell, ST buff, ST form, fully Zaoran flagged, full Knack path, PoD, IoD, ZP, 8k HP, 400 dex 525 sta 525 wis 400 agi, self buffed.

    BRD 1100 CMs – Shirt of Blackened Links, level 60 epic weapons, Rotting Fist, Blade Mace of Toxicity, Wakizashi of Toxicity, Tanto of Toxicity, Gladius of the Serpent Gods, Amulet of Disbelief, Virtuoso’s Boots, Leggings of the Traveler, Gloves of the Traveler, Ring of Congeniality, Gypsy Band, Pickclaw Brawler’s Sash, Pickclaw Brawler’s Headband, Bracelet of Quickness, Staff of the Feykind, Gold Ingot, Etched Rubicite Earring, Zombie Suit, PoD spell, ST buff, ST form, DtT spawner, wolfwere infection, level 40 were ability, PoD, IoD, ZP, full Power path, 6715 hp, 425 str, 425 dex, 550 sta, 550 agi, 600 cha, 5 offensive mods, 5 defensive mods, self buffed.

    all four 60s ready to spawn Kalimet, 6 or so Luck charges, 18ish lucky stone charges, 80ish mil tunar, many costumes (including the vampire one), I believe there was still an anniversary certificate or two as well.

    also on the account…

    Heironeous / 20 CL – Resist path, Bertoxxian Pox (set as a rezzer on deso2)
    Ichi / 20 MNK – Offensive path (spotter for the twins and bert)
    Moondown / 30 ENC – Robe of Karana, Shield of Karana, 20 Self path, 30 Boon path (Skahyir spotter)
    Elysa / 42 WIZ – Lythrial’s Robe, Invoker’s Wand, Horn of Sorrow, 20 Clash path, 30 and 40 Power path

    I know I left a bunch of stuff out as well, been so long since I have logged in. I had just about everything you could want.

    • Niarlathotep says:

      Just remembered that other raid guild’s name that I was an officer in, it was Shadows of Destiny.

      And I think my bard was actually a Minstrel not a Gypsy lol ๐Ÿ˜› I can’t seem to recall…

  122. ezekstone says:

    Well, the game ended tonight. I have not played in years. I have no regrets except losing touch with my good friend from PPO–Vakarla/Aenval.

    Ball-Elf Paladin
    Wireless-Erudite Enchanter
    Noyouare-Delf Rogue
    Zekial-Elf Druid

  123. Zophar says:

    Zophar 60 Hunter CLW(Main) Feb 12th, 2003 – 2009
    Hhymnal 60 Wildling
    Axlmapleleaf 60 Animator
    Promithian 60 Defiler
    RedPyro 60 Magician
    WhitePyro 60 Magician
    BlackPyro 60 Magician
    BluePyro 60 Magician

    Guilds: Neversleep, Habius Luminous, Cosa Nostra

  124. Dlain says:

    Zekial was the biggest piece of fucking shit on the game, you walking cum stane mother fucker

  125. Spiritbreakr says:

    I was Spiritbreakr, Blood Slayer/Shadowknight, Marrs Fist. I knew from the start (Oct 03) that I wanted to become rich and draped in the finest finery this game could offer. I grouped at first but was new to MMO’s and didn’t fully grasp the mechanics of my class and the social aspect of it all. I learned by soloing and a few cool players who taught me different techniques for pulling and proper use of gear (thanks, Meranda, I miss you). I was soon soling all over Norrath, exploring alone, joining the occasional group and discovering cool places like the ratmen camp and Syndar’s island. I farmed ultra rares and sold them at ridiculous prices and got PAID. My name soon became synonymous with ‘ultra rare and expensive’ and I had dedicated clients. Made tons of friends I’ll NEVER forget, raided major mobs and saw some of the rarest mobs in game. I will NEVER forget it.

    I never thought I’d feel like I do right now, as if I’ve suffered a death, almost .I prepared myself for it, but I’ll truly miss the coachmen, the grass snakes, Skahyir, all of it. I’ll especially miss the friends. Toss, Meschele, Jaxxs, Gemmie, Pryix, Blondmoment…too many to name you all but the ENTIRE guild Uncensored I love you all and thanks for affecting me as a human being.

    No gaming experience has ever affected me in this way and I don’t think one ever will. I’m not immediately going to another MMO, but I’ve just begun Red Dead Redemption (GOtY edition) and it’s a whole new world (and a massive one). Good luck and fortune to any former EQOA players who read this, and even if I never met you, ‘Hail’!

    -Spiritbreakr, Oct 2003-Mar 2012

    • Sidius says:

      I just grabbed Red Dead GOTY myself the other day lol, I dipped into the undead nightmare a little bit but I’m back on finishing the main game before I do the zombies too much yet. The ranching missions and the bounties are most of the ones that I’ve done so far, the ranching ones are kinda fun running the herds and stuff.

  126. Sieg says:

    Siegmund 60 Death knight/Shadowknight
    Wraitth 60 Lich/Necromancer

    Hodstock 2003-2006

    There’s nothing quite like your first MMO.

    I’m gonna miss it.

  127. josh potter says:

    Character name(s)/class/server: MARRS FIST “GambitsAce” Bear Ninja “Gamdizzle” Power necro Scholar “Hightunes” power Minstrel “Chodah” Hydromancer “Gambizzle” Spellbinder “Potisgood” Metabolist ” Brother was “Shadytroll” Savage Shadowknight “Robbinyohood” 60 rogue “rickets” hunter…lifetime member of KT. Shout out to Eternal Eclipse for teachign me how to raid.
    CLW “Holmes” resist faithful “Gamskizzle” WH MASS PULLIN SLAYER “Gamdizzle/Gambizzle” Necro power scholars “Gamsizzle” Metabolist “Magdizzle” pyromancer “Gambitsace ” 60 wh Ninja “Horrowshow ” Stack Tinker “Homdizzle” DoT Wilding “Bashdat” WH Mystic “pedroia” 60 Channeler I may of had more but my mind is drawing a blank
    Years active: Was on for the launch then took a break. was on MF from 2005 to 2009 before switching to CLW off and on till servers shut down

    Time zone: EST

  128. jinkazamare says:

    Jinkazamare/rogue honiebunn/sham played marrs fist
    Playing dcuo now as jinkazamare2012 ๐Ÿ™‚

  129. Omegasteel says:

    Omegasteel60 Ran,PPO,Xyrone Wiz,PPo,Spongmonkey Ran,HOD.I had a few more 60’s but it’s been..over 5 years since i played so forgive me.Wish everyone the best of luck i play WoW off and on now Risseer is my DK on Emerald Dream.Best of luck everyone..

  130. Bludspatter says:

    Bludspatter / Hum Rge / CLW Server…

    I havent played in about a year now but i BETA tested the game…I literally just heard the news the server is gone and I’m practically in tears right now….

  131. Aadaenyaa says:

    Marrs Fist has a facebook group now..

  132. Sidius says:

    my PSN is Necronomnicon if anybody does DC Universe , it’s free on the ps3 & PC, superhero mmo. I’m downloading it on ps3 right now.My steam name is Currently ‘ Charles Bronson ‘ without the quotes, the picture with a white background and the double guns crossed over the chest if anyone wants to add to steam. necronomnicon at gmail is the addy to use to add me directly to steam without sifting through multiple similar names, I play L4d2 and brink on pc through steam.

  133. Ahmed Ali says:

    Marrs Fist

    Aanamdarr – level 60 Hunter

    I was around when the game first launched, jumped on the WoW bandwagon around 06′.
    Really miss the game, definitely the most memorable gaming experience I had the pleasure of experiencing. Definitely broke my heart when I got the email that it was shutting down for good. It always seemed like an alternate real world to me, how can you shut a world down? Thanks for all the great times guys.

    All the best, see you in another life.

    And Romenadan, you crazy *&#! What’s up! I sent you a friend req on FB, check it out.

  134. Ahmed (Aanamdarr) says:

    Marrs Fist

    Aanamdarr – level 60 Hunter

    I was around when the game first launched, jumped on the WoW bandwagon around 06′.
    Really miss the game, definitely the most memorable gaming experience I had the pleasure of experiencing. Definitely broke my heart when I got the email that it was shutting down for good. It always seemed like an alternate real world to me, how can you shut a world down? Thanks for all the great times guys.

    All the best, see you in another life.

    And Romenadan, you crazy *&#! What’s up! I sent you a friend req on FB, check it out. /iversonali3

  135. Denver says:

    Munkezbalz – 60 Human Cleric/Faithful – Hodstock (main)

    Vowofsilence – 60 Human Monk/ninja – Hodstock

    Munkeztank – >60 NE shadowknight – Hodstock

    Toomuchforyou – >60 Barb Rogue – Hodstock

    1999’ish – 2005’ish

    Stayed a healer throughout my cleric’s life, although i tried my hand at DPS sometimes
    (Eat that 21 damage %4)
    Was in “Black Pearl” for the majority of my memory
    Ran around with Foecussjuan (IRL friend),Gryanz, Jesster, Illyana, Steelspike, Slubbo (sp?), Linuts, and a host of others.

    I don’t remember doing too much raiding, But I was always down for some XP grinding.

    Played WoW for years, and Rift for a while after quitting EQOA.
    Have not played any MMO for almost a year now. Starting to get the itch again.

  136. Quagum says:

    Quagum – 60 Barb Warrior – Hodstock
    Quagumii – 60 Gnome Wizard – Hodstock
    Geilen – 60 Necro – Hodstock
    i cant remember what else lol
    Some of you might remember Azzare or Tarin as well.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. TheBrack says:

    Bracks 60 troll shaman
    Brackella 60 eru nec
    Skcarb 60 troll sk
    Brackattack 60 dwarf (i think) cleric
    and 2 60 mages, 2 60 rges, 60 enc, 60 alc all with Brack in the name cant remember exactly
    and i think i had a toon on clw Hodstockpwns lol for those server crashes great seeing a bunch of posts on here and whats up to everyone

  138. Allianon says:

    RIP Allianon 60 Channeler – Hodstock. Start to 2007 or so.

    Best fun? Raiding with my buds, and using my pet to tank for me with clash nukes.(I’ll miss you flappy!) Gah, tears me up a bit to remember how much fun I had killing HP guards at lvl 40 with flappy tanking for me..

    Till we meet again everyone.

  139. KrystaliaCLW says:

    Krystalia DELF CLW 60 Exorcist
    Jasminefoxli HUM CLW 60 Minstrel
    Touch DELF CLW 60 Metabolist
    Adrenalynn HUM CLW 60 Ninja
    Jana ELF CLW 60 Pyromancer
    Fade To Black & Valiance
    Was an amazing game but now it’s gone til we all meet again in EQ Next

  140. Fammumar says:

    Fammumar, Wizard, Hodstock
    I don’t remember when I started but I quite sometime in 2009.
    MTN Time Zone

  141. Victor says:

    Character name(s)/class/server: Auronn/Shaman/Hodstock

    Years active: March 2003- April 2005

    Time zone: EST

  142. Sab says:

    Desidio Ranger Hodstock
    Sabroso Bard Hodstock
    Co-Founder/Co-Leader Hunters of the Fallen
    Played since 1st Beta to 2003 or so

    Loved the game, made a lot of great friends who I am still in touch with can’t even begin to list all the people I played with but it was one of the better gaming experiances I have had so far. It’s good to see some of the names on here, shame I found it so late. Hodstock.com was the shiz and made for some really worthless days at work.,

    Ah well hope everyone is well and feel free to reach out lanche007@hotmail.com PSN Sab_56, I have an xbox GT too I think it’s Sab_56 but it could be something else.

  143. Matt says:

    Ciirus 60 Sorc Ferran’s Hope (Main)
    Talyna 60 Diviner FH (Duel Boxed healer)
    Zythos 60 Slayer FH
    Thex 60 Defiler FH
    Silmarillio 60 Lich FH

    Member of Black Dragon Society and The Ring.

    Thanks everyone for the great times. Vizzini, Sum(s), Randolph, Madmorg, Trentreznor, Laldily, Delieta, Lucian, Howitzer and Fumin, Oneskull, Lumpkin, I could go on and on and I miss those days with all the accomplishments and defeats we shared.

    Every couple years I get nostalgic and sign up for a month but it was the people who made the game fun; without them the game is akin to walking through an empty abandoned house where you once lived. I often wish I could go back to those days that seemed so much more carefree and relive those moments from the first visit to IoD, the first port to PoS; killing Nagafen, Bertox, Tox, Sili, Vox, the Twins, Veeshan, the list goes on and on. We shared in the victories and we stayed up way too late and went to work with red eyes the next day. Those were good time spent with good people.

  144. Eric says:

    Bobofet(60 Zerker)/All toons on Ferrans Hope
    Necrofet(60 AWH)
    Saloman(60 Ninja)
    Vanerial(60 Faithful)

    Ran mostly with Crypt and Saryn’s Echelon.

  145. Firesong barb war
    Chaosummoner human necro
    Thedopeman gnome enchanter
    Onehitrquitters monk
    Icecreamman Barb Rogue
    Baconneggs shadowknight
    The Plaque barb shammy
    all on Dh server

  146. The Almighty Feqs says:

    Feqsboe 60 Human Warrior Were-Hunter-CLW
    Resistinka 60 Gnome Cleric Resist Tinker-CLW
    Boehnlein 50 Shadowknight-CLW

    Original CLW Member Pre-Fronts.
    Guilds included:Weigrafs Battalion,Knights of the Blue Star,Knighthood of Marr,Advocates of Evolution.Miss everyone and everything from this game from the lack of not knowing where anything was down to maxing out Exp Debt.The countless hours playing this game made me the person I am today and I will always remember the game for the best of times.
    Best Memory-Helping former GM of KoM Faeador become the Fabled Adventurer.
    Random Memory-Secretly wiping everyone on Lord Valkanyth(sp) ilse because they could not stop fighting with each other.
    From Freeport to Envar I never once had a dull moment in this game and could easily wander out alone and never even care.There is just too much to talk about-I did it all in this game,and remember so much its unreal after all these years. My hearth goes out to everyone here and afar that was graced with the chance to enjoy this masterpiece.

  147. Logan says:

    Main Characters:
    Grigorry- 21 Halfling Warrior-Marrs Fist
    Mielo – 23 Elf Druid-Marrs First
    Burbuckle- 60 Halfling Druid-Castle Lightwolf
    Bumblebeard 17-Halfling Druid-Castle Lightwolf

    Years active: 2003-2012 on and off
    Timezone: MST

  148. Zach says:

    Played from early 2003 to late 2004, all kinds of fun and nostalgia. It bums me out that they had canceled the game, but no matter how much I tell myself I would have gone back to “check things out,” it never would have happened.

    I played Fenlain as my first character, some doofus Paladin that I got to like level 32. I rolled hard in with my buds Eilwen, Kaoru, and Laeamiin (complete doofus, left the guild out of the blue for eight months.) Rolled a rogue named Eildar that, despite Eilwen probably thinking I named it after him, was completely by chance. Got him to level 40-something, hopped between a few guilds in the Proudpine Guild Alliance, , and typically hung out with people from like the annoying little-brother that I acted like back then. Went to FFXI and it wasn’t the same, hopped around too many servers and there never was the same kind of community. That’s still one of my favorite MMO memories, but it just ain’t the same.

    Post-EQOA and FFXI I bounced between Guild Wars and WoW with a few core 3K people, tried EVE a few times, and bought FFXIV only to be disappointed. I wish I had the time to just blow four or five hours a night on an MMO like I could when I was thirteen, but that’s neither here nor there. Reading the comments here was nice, I recognize a few names (Hey, Tori,) and even more guild names.

    One of these days I hope they make an MMO as hard and mysterious as EQOA was. I remember running from Tethelin to Qeynos using the map in the back of the booklet, and I was amazed that it actually worked. There wasn’t a huge wealth of information or community sites to hold your hand and tell you everything about the game worth knowing in the first week. That was cool.

    Anyways, I’m out.

    • Zach says:

      Ack, that should be ” I rolled hard in with my buds Eilwen, Kaoru, and Laeamiin (complete doofus, left the guild out of the blue for eight months.)”

  149. Calvin says:

    Shadowlegend-60 Elder Shaman
    Samurias-60 Monk
    Vissura-60 Necromancer
    Arcbound-60 Cleric

  150. Marriana says:

    Marriana Cleric-Hodstock…I have a lot of wonderful memories of this game and wish I’d have stayed in contact with more people!!

  151. Turc says:

    Proudpine, Was Turcan, Turc and Twizzler. Was an original founder of the first Lollipop Guild with Plumkin, Earwax, Fawnia and Snowy..and a few others I struggle to remember names of. Nothing will ever replace this game for me… I spent years on it, and it was an amazing experience. I wish only I would have stayed in touch with some of the friends I made.. Farewell EQOA. There will never be another like you.

    • Shane says:

      Yo Turc! Snow here man. I was talking old video games with a bud, and this led me to google eqoa after about 7 years. I favourited this for some reason when I first posted, and while going through my bookmarks I found it again, and thought I’d read to see who contributed since I first found this site. It’s weird how these old names pop out, isn’t it? I still remember how exciting it was to run around with you, Ear, and Pootytang in the first week. Lollipop Guild represent!

    • Albert says:

      Yeah i remenber u too Fawnia hehe.

  152. Nit says:

    Beta – 2006

    NItraw – 60 Barb Soldier
    NItrawll – 60 Gnome Animator
    Driveby – 60 Gnome Assassin

    • sarduce says:

      Hey Nit, old restless knight here sarduce, saradce. Friends with jibberish, qmulous, mithok, tarnum, elkie.

      • Nit says:

        Damn hey man of course I remember you and our old Restless Knights guild ๐Ÿ™‚ i miss the old times where i’d be just chillin at freeport watching people duel while at same time reading and laughing at guild chat. Fun times man

      • sarduce says:

        I actually got back into EQOA in Jan. 2012 like 3 months before they shut it down for good. Had to start new characters on Castle Lightwolf since thats where everyone moved to, but it was just like I had never left. Great game, ended up with a 60 defilier with 1200cms within those 2-3 months lol. I wish we had never left to go play WOW, but what can you do ? Me and mithok are going to try Everquest Next when it comes out.

  153. nate kettinger says:

    nice to see all of ya marr’s fist representing. i knew a few of ya on this blog. wish i could see more of old school knights templar empire and bright darkness members. i play on wow if any of you want to hit me up sometime realid me on wow nateball#1771 find me on facebook

    nateball, assassin rogue, and roomate jarrid on his slayer dk named show

  154. Chloedancer says:

    Chloedancer LV60 DRKELF Necromancer (Bloodpact LVL 60) CASTLE LIGHT WOLF 2001-2008
    Moonmythique LV60 ELF DRUID (Heal Path LVL 60) CASTLE LIGHT WOLF 2001-2008
    Guild: The Brujah
    I was the first person to finish & complete the IOD quest with my guild. We even killed CT, I remember the GM gave me a nice totem that would port me and a party to IOD they changed it soon after, I also seem to remember a certain douchebag druid from another guild who stole the loot..
    To this to this day I’m still friends with Kronn, TInuviel, Notreal, Sirbiz, Tiametracv, Artemis, too many names to name here. Thanks again for handing over that “Ancient Robe” Cosa Nostra” My demise was perfect at the end of that long journey through Norrath with you noobs… and I have a few of you to thanks for watching my back despite your masters and elders wishes… you know who you are.. โค

  155. Mike says:

    Character Name/Class/Server
    Warui 60 Cleric Direns Hold
    Vlakorado 60 Shadowknight Direns Hold

    and a bunch of alts!

    Est time zone
    August 2003-July 2006

  156. lazaro says:

    Dollron/60 Wizard/PPO until Sep 04
    Dollron/60 Wizard/CLW and PPO from Jan 2010 2011

    Played from the day PPO opened up to September 2004. If you saw me afterwards, it wasn’t me, I sold my account. Got it back and played for a bit in 2010 2011 How I miss the good times and the bad. Even though I play wow now, eqoa will never be replaced in my heart. For the record, I didn’t know that dragon was going to be trained lol I was 44 a noob and wanted to go see a dragon. Good times =] brilopad, dirtyj, vampiros, bleedie, evilbuu, thefonz aka fonz, marstead, sarahs, thirdeye, theoriginal anri, hoffer if any of you read this, find me.

    Hated by many, loved by few


    Laz_46@yahoo.com for facebook

    Paradox Theory EvE Online 2006 – 2008
    Foursouls wow Drenden server 85 rogue 2009 – current

  157. Jay says:

    Scaryberry/Halfling Rogue/Proud Pine Outpost

    I hung out in the fog swamp for ages. Not sure why. I have some really fond memories of this game and mourn its loss. Good times.

  158. Since: ’03-’12
    Dualbox since: ’08
    Server: Ferran’s Hope
    Guild: Dark Angels
    Characters: Necroevil- 1420mp Delf Defiler (wolf) Mastery of Plague or Mop/Lop, FoF,
    Tlometo- 1300 Delf Metabolist (rat), FoF,
    Grayshadow- 1205 Delf Defender (gator),
    Rgeshadowess-1155 gno Assassin (Vamp),
    Sobostio- 1120 Barb DwH,
    Charlinexxx- 1250 Hum Pyromancer (Vamp),
    Tinkershadow- 1210 gno Faithful (Vamp),
    Greenshadow- 1195 Troll Mystic (gator),
    Evilshadow- 1239 Delf SpellBinder (Vamp), FoF

    I miss this game so, so badly, I’ve dreamt a couple of times of it, being horribly alone at the plane of disease, having to fight my way to Bert, funny as it sounds sometimes i had some help in those dreams, had fun as well until reality slapped me awake LOL…

    man, so many memories, leveling all of them up, listening to metallica, G ‘n R, Avenged sevenfold, etc while i played with everyone else, getting to 60 as fast as i possibly could just so i could get max debt when i did lmao..

    getting 100 cms daily til it would turn to 1 every 5 hours.. grinding endlessly till i froze at treants and tenacious frost giants, camping vox and the others for PoS spell, goin to that zombie castle being scared as f**, death gating to Nox or Nagafen, trying to get ZP armor, fighting Lord Mithaniel Marr for his weapons, Downing Rallos Zek, till that new raid boss whats his name Khalimet appeared, dropping new obliterators and zp spells, overpricing white and green gems, fighing with auctions, out bidding prices til i won them epic armors for my characters, beating every Lv. 60 people in duels with a lv 52 alchemist, spending over 100 hours trying to get infected with a specific Lycantrophy, 4-manning that ice dragon at PoS, trying to get transcendental wall from Bulwark ‘n Talon, gating Sarek The Betrayer going for Heartsblood robe. Kiting The Avatar of hate, getting my dds and my tank the robe of shadows and robe of war respectively, oh mai gawd so many stories like the daywalkers and new super beast earring that i got for my war and necro n alc, self buffing my war to 12k hp, beast alc as tankhemist, saw a bard and another alc tank Uzrathixius and Poxathixius, 5 manning Nox, farming herbs at fp til i got filthy rich, so on and on,
    nostalgia stroke me as i posted this, a knot in my throat, sniffling, as those awesome memories of a now impossible to revive game pass away.. they still live on, hoping a new EQOA would be recreated on the ps3 or upcoming ps4 now, playing DC Universe Online on Ps3..
    If any have DCUO on PS3, Look for Veeshans Talon in the PvE side, Hero Hard Light Controller Combat Rating 83
    Thanks for reading my story

  159. Thrazor says:


    Theron – Barb War
    Thalas – Barb Sha
    Thrazor – Barb Rge
    Grawp – Troll SK


    Thalas – Human Pal
    Thrazor – Barb Rge
    Oggurk – Ogre SK
    Slughorn – Human Alc

    It took me forever to get my first character to level 60 because I would remake them a million times before CM/TP reset was introduced. Would have saved me hours of gameplay. Still, I had a lot of fun playing this game. I never made it to 1k CMs (didn’t have the patience to grind so long for 1cm) and enjoyed exploring by myself or with groups.

    Miss this game and wish SOE would bring it back.

  160. Richard says:

    60 human sk Denthon. MF Server. I stumbled upon this and damn. What a flood of memories

  161. Jason says:

    EqoA necromancer :Avant. ,Alchemist :Santafiredme, Paladin: Lancellott ,Shadowknight: Deathknygth, Wizard :Razzale, Mage: Trickortreat, Monk: Crazyoldman

    All hail CLW server

  162. Plat says:


    • Alex says:

      Freeraine 60 Dk ( psychopathic rydaz ) was the last guild. Other guilds (Gods among Men, Diciples of Darkness, Honorbound, Lords of Contempt)

      Just found out this game got axed, very disappointed. I always thought I’d go back. I remember so many people from this game. If anyone stumbled on this and wants to chat or play some MW3(4)(5) whatever


      Heclar 60 diviner cleric.
      Freerain 60 lich

    • Jason says:

      Whats up plat how the hell you been haven’t seen you in forever this is chaoticnec

      • Plat says:

        Doing pretty good havent really been on any games since eqoa i shopped around a bit but didint like any of them. Just been doing my thing lately though working and school is about it hoping that some day we can all make a come back on something worth while lol.

  163. Gweedo says:

    Gweedo 60 Deputy Proudpine Outpost
    Gweedow 60 Assassin Castle Lightwolf

  164. Desy says:

    CLW since day one :3 Curingpaw – Mystic 60 / Woofe 60 Immortal DRD / Delepitore 60 Meta / Hela 60 Death Knight / Liturazzup 60 Sorc / Laurentha 60 Sorc / Vitamins 60 Nec Def

  165. Jason says:

    I hear ya I been doing the same an hey the new Eq 3 will be out soon an we can hopefully get the old guild an gang back together an grind like the good old days since this time its suppose tone free to play hit me up at my email dracula940ad@yahoo.com so we can keep in touch but glad your doing good really miss grinding with all the gang seeing platinumdrops go beast tanking lol well hit me up anytime I’m out for now

  166. Oldrif says:

    I was on CLW the whole time i played which was on and off from about 2003-2008.
    My first char was Brandontyr which i lved to 42, he was an elf ranger but didnt like him too much so i ended up making Oldrif, my gnome mage who i got to 60.
    I also had a troll sk who was 35 and a barb shaman lv 20.

  167. Jessica says:

    Whitesugar – Level 60 Barbarian Shaman down in Hodstock. 2004 – 2006 (I think)
    I ran around with a bad ass level 60 Monk named Lamar. I believe our guild was ‘Infamous’ but its been awhile. Lamar took over my character for a long while after I moved out of my parents house.

    I recognize some of you even after all this time; and I still say ‘ding’ whenever I have a birthday. It was a pleasure healing you all.

  168. Bobbob says:

    Dirtyj/Macnasty PPO. I still think about this game and how SOE blew it. They didnt know what a gem they had.

  169. Maxwell says:

    Hodstock Server –

    Zaran 60 Delf SK
    Darklynxz 60 Delf Nec
    Buster 60 Monk

  170. vhaera says:

    I miss EQOA 8(

    Ismene 60 Bard
    Monet 60 Faithful
    Msdebt 60 Exorcist

    Marr’s Fist

  171. Bakaj says:

    PPO : Main Rogue – Bakaj / Alchemist Electric…

    Saw few familiar names from ppo server cant believe i found this site, while checking eq next news…

    If anyone playing WoW hit me up, Korgath server – Mordecaii / Bladestopper or add me real id bbakaj284@yahoo.com

  172. Gotheals says:

    Shout out to Ferran’s Hope, Especially my Crypt and Saryrn’s Echelon peoples!
    EQOA will always be missed.

    Ferran’s Hope
    Gotheals 60 Shaman
    Cashmoney 60 Rogue
    Gargofett 60 Warrior
    Sircastalot 60 Mage
    Marofett 60 Necro

    Direns Hold
    Maintank 60 Warrior
    60 Necro (forget name lol)
    Manifest Destiny guild

  173. Ransom VanSlyke says:


  174. Dam says:

    makes me so sad to read this…miss eqoa

  175. Nick says:


    Played 2005-2007 (on and off)


  176. Matt Bush says:

    Thorinoak-Dwarf pal- MF
    Thanks to all I had fun with, seen alot old MF players posted Like Deth, Aan, and more. You guys helped pave the way for alot MF players, and justed wanted to say thanks to all those who I met good times and bad, I was 17 when I started playing and now 26, was a big infulence throughout the years, some wish would done differently but nevertheless the players of MF made the game interesting and fun thanks everyone.

    P.S Im currently Dreko on Burning Legion WoW, but have recently canceled my account because the game lacks any skill or challenge and now everythign is just que up meet random people and never see them again, so until Everquest Next come out if anyone want message or add me on Facebook stray-@hotmail.com

  177. Aimee says:

    Gnome Enchanter “Wildatily”! Marrs Fist server

  178. Turner/Adrenalized says:

    PPO (2003-09)- Turner(delf war), Infineon(barb sha)
    CLW (2009-end)- Adrenalized(orge war), Ducati(delf wiz)
    I quad boxed, to many toons to list, but these where my 2 mains (fav toons) on each server. I miss the game, my friends, and the community. Never giving up hope of a private server!!!

  179. chased says:

    Undersummonr gnome necromancer from marrs fist, i think i quit in 05 but was going to renew it in april but found out they shutdown the servers.. just my luck

  180. chased says:

    Undeadsummonr my bad

  181. Paul says:

    Hey to all the Hodstockians

    I had a bunch of characters but primary was Davemustaine/Assassin/Hodstock

  182. Laura says:

    I miss EQOA days and all the crazy fun people on PPO!

    Nibble – PPO Delf Mage
    Cookiejar – PPO Delf Cleric
    Teddibear – PPO Barb Shaman

    If anyone wants to keep in touch : newlaurabs@gmail.com

    Great memories and loved seeing this page.

  183. Elementalkin says:

    Solarene | Castle Light Wolf | Western Human | Magician | Arcane Were-Hunter

    I loved this character dearly, despite the many mistakes I made on her over the years. One such mistake was the slaying of every were-hunter NPC I could find, despite the fact that I was one. I even made a guide, which is still online somewhere. Why I decided to do this, I honestly can’t say. Around that time, I recall hanging out in Paineel in that awesome green dungeon area with the floating books and a few rather stuck up Erudites, pretending that I had turned ‘evil’ (as a western human, I was a ‘good’ aligned spell-caster).

    While I eventually came to my senses and began working on fixing my were-hunter faction (which was at -2000), I only managed to bring it back down to around -1600 before quitting the game entirely. However, what I feel was quite possibly my greatest triumph in the game was rectifying that in the final week of EQOA, bringing what I thought of as a blood debt I owed down to -326, and becoming neutral with the Were-Hunters of Tunaria once more. It was a strangely liberating feeling, and something I never thought I’d ever get the chance to do.

    There’s just so much more I could talk about, but I think I’ve gone on long enough.

  184. Pretts says:

    Pretts – clw – ranger
    Nikateen – clw – sk

    Have way too many fond memories. Miss a few people on there wish I could find them again. Haunted miggett and ohmaden/blain.

    Anyone know of them or how to get in touch?

  185. Merry Christmas Castle Light Wolf. Miss you and Love you, Chloedancer / lvl 60 Defiler. / Moonmythique lv 60 Wilding. Anyone from CLW who played between first launch and 2007 who knew me please leave me a message or email here so I can contact you. I am still personal friends with more then a handful of uber players from CLW, Maybe I can help some people get in contact with old/lost friends. Personally I am looking for Geyser, he was a 60. elf Druid on Castle Light Wolf and anyone else who might of been in The Brujah or friends with me, Miss everyone a lot, I Believe only two of our friends from CLW have passed on and when I find more information on those characters and the people behind them I will post it here. โค

    • Delcon says:

      Chloe I’m ready to club baby seals!

    • Drew Dude says:

      I remember you Chloedancer, I was Mogwai on CLW in Order of Chaos little gnome necro. I was either in a raid or out farming something.

      • Johnhead says:

        Wow. I remember both Chloedancer and Mogwai. I was in OoC for awhile while Drave was out. Kalamus invited me I believe. Johnhead – 60 Rogue.

  186. Amnesia says:

    Amnesia- Paladin

  187. Culley says:

    Romeosheart 50 Shadowknight first toon
    Monkculley 60 Cleric
    Monkculleys 60 Bard
    Monkculleyz 60 Wizard
    Culleysays 30 Enchanter
    Mantisray 60 Monk
    Xredrum 60 Necromancer
    Darkgambit 60 Mage
    Jubii 60 Warrior
    Thebattousai 60 Necromancer
    All on CLW a few more I can’t think of was a tri boxer played watched friend play the beta and would play when he wasn’t on then bought the game when it came out and that was it lol from 03 to 09 then off and on after that

  188. Sean aka Feor says:

    Glad I found this site. I had a 60 Rge Gypsy Were-Hunter named Feor on clw. I started this game in jr high and used to spend sooooooo much time on this game. I remember making a lot of friends on this game and having so much fun. I would explore more than grind. Its such a shame I will never lay sights on Qeynos or collecting every stable because I was a human rge. This was an amazing game. If anyone on clw knew Usuke, Nytengale, or Legosi please respond to this!

  189. R says:

    Characters: Sandara 60 MNK and Unholymagic 60 necro

    Server: PPO

    Brings back memories… Raids with Ethereal and then later on, Res, the Frontiers Beta. Good times. Met some cool people in this game.. no other MMO can replace the good times I had with this game.

  190. Towers says:


    Stereotype 60 Hero
    Towers 60 Guardian
    Castiel 60 SK/HwH
    Meishin 60 Ninja
    Scofield 60 Lich
    Oxytocin 60 Alc

    a lot of others over a long period of time, those were the last ones though.

  191. Vlayer says:

    I stumbled on this site and was like OMG! so awesome.

    When Marr’s Fist laughed I went there. I played a Monk named Zlayer and my first guild I joined was DBZ Warriors and we were all monks! Then after that I joined ZUM which was Zettai Unmei Muka-ish-something…those were the early Marr’s Fist years.


    Vlayer 60 Cleric
    Harly 60 Alchemist
    Jagura Mage

    I love seeing old names pop up here =) CRAZINESS

  192. AKoA says:

    Those were some of the days in EQOA, it has been a long time since then but it was one of the better games out there in my opinion, especially with the people. The people and community truly made EQOA.

    Shout out to Ferrans Hope, and to anyone that remembers/was apart of The Ageless Knights of Avalon.

    ~Raeadan 60 Paladin (FH)
    ~Evermore 60 Ranger (FH)

    • Steve says:

      I was in AKOA with my aunt, Holyblight was my toon, Fallenhope was another!

    • looking up eqoa stuff again and stumbled back onto this, my aunt was Persix, not sure if that rings a bell. I don’t remember a whole lot from back then, but I remember always having a ton of fun on EQOA, and the last server I played on was the Hagley test server.

  193. Crims says:

    Old Times
    Too many to list.
    I miss the game, it had a lot of potential to turn into more, it’s sad they shut it down. If anyone from PPO wants to hit me up, my email is ikcil@Hotmail.com

  194. Norgan says:

    All Hodstock.
    Norgan – 60 ran (hunter)
    Toughguyy – 60 war (tinker/hero)
    Shortyy – 60 rge (tinker)
    Toughtoo – 60 cl (tinker)
    Oceara – 60 nec (lich)

  195. Server: CLW
    Nolimits 60 NEC(Lich)
    SkullBuster 60 NEC(Lich)
    Japha 60 NEC(Lich)
    Bizzmark 60 NEC(Lich)
    Enigmaz 60 MAG(Pyro)
    Tsukiyomi 60 MAG(Geo)
    Healnotsleep 60 Cleric(FF)
    Magicduster 60 Alc(Transmuter)
    Rottincorps 60 WAR(Def)

    i use to 5 Box EQOA played for 10years

  196. Dale says:

    Played from 2003-2012
    Krevix- (HUM)-Deathknight -CLW
    Mrmixit-(HUM)- Metabolist- CLW
    Smoothe-(Elf)- Spellbinder- CLW
    Murmakil-(Gno)- Tinker/Necromancer- CLW
    Krevastator-(Gno)- Sorcerer-CLW
    Krevenstein-(Gno)- Defender- CLW
    lots of other characters, I tri-boxed with 3 full accounts.
    I miss this game soo much, went to EQ2 for a few months after EQOA shutdown and it didn’t come close to the experiences on EQOA. Haven’t been able to stay in touch with the old guild-mates (PoZ) and community. This was a gem of a game and SOE really dropped the ball by letting it die. I would gladly still be paying 45 a month to play even if the game never saw another update. One of the best MMO’s ever created.

  197. Donte says:

    Donte 60 Proc Ranger/Bravo/Were-Hunter
    Guild(s)- FoF and then KT

    anyone here I know?!

  198. neosimkin says:

    Character name(s)/class/server: Xiphos/DELF Wizard/Marr’s Fist, Mojimbo/GNOME Mage/Marr’s Fist

    Years active: 2003 – 2005

    Time zone: PST

  199. Curtis says:

    Miidian – Delf Cleric – CLW
    Amoremorte – Delf Rogue – CLW

    All my time was spent on CLW, I remember so many of you from CLW on here, I played from when the game came out til 2005, when I went to EQ2 when my ps2 broke, but I was grounded alot as a kid lol so I spent ALOT of my time on eqoa, it was a second home to me, and Im still having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that there will never be another game to give me the feel I got from EQOA, its almost unnexplainable, I always wanted to get a ps2 again for the last few years and attempt to retrieve my account since i still have both origional and frontiers discs but, sadly tonight is the first time Ive actually done any research on eqoa and it is heartbreaking to find out they actually shut it down, but awsome to see a place like this where we can get together and remember it all. Thank You Sir for making this page. Also would love to hear from old friends from Hells Henchmen ALOK and YUMMYDAIN where are you fools at? we kept in touch til the last few years which seems to keep turning into a few years more and its saddening.

    • Adam says:

      Hey bro, I know you posted this back in 2013, but this is yummydain. Miss you man! If you, Alok, or anyone else I played with on CLW see this add me on steam (profile name yummydain)! Or email me at yummydain@gmail.com

    • Adam says:

      I know you posted this back in 2013, but this is Yummydain. I hope this notifies you in some way so we can get back in touch, I miss you bro! If you, Alok, or anyone that remembers me from CLW sees this shoot me an email at yummydain@gmail.com

  200. Paul Huffman says:


    • Salvatron says:

      Hey man, I was Salvatron on Hodstock. I remember you well. I don’t think we ever played. But me and Dareis been playing a lot of League of Legends. Do you play at all?

    • Kenneth O'Kelly says:

      Sup. I remember running into you from time to time.If I remember you were a Delf right? Solution 60sk/Necrosol 60lock.

  201. v2famous says:

    Vexus 60 Delf Sk
    Obitual 60 Delf Nec
    Value 60 Barb War
    And many others.

    I heard that if we get a strong petition going there’s a chance he would bring back CLW but there has to be a lot of signatures

  202. Hyde says:

    Guild: TGNV/Titans
    Mrhyde (Barbarian Shaman)
    Hizyde (Human Rogue)
    Lilhyde (Gnome Necromancer

    Castle Lightwolf~
    Guild: Vindication/Triumph/The Merciless
    Hydentify (Gnome Wizard)
    Hizyde (Gnome Rogue)
    Thehyde (Barbarian Warrior)
    Rawhyde (Elf Ranger)
    Hydedaweasle (Gnome Necromancer)
    Americnhydel (Elf Bard)
    Hyderoponics (Gnome Cleric)
    Hyderopwnics (Gnome Enchanter)

  203. joel says:

    clw bloodroses 60 sk and bbops 60 war miss the game ๐Ÿ˜ฆ playing gw2 now if anyone remembers me

    • Dustin says:

      PPO: Jan 2005- I still play it in my head.
      I remember when I first played I thought man I wasted money on this game, plus had to buy a modem but just like everyone else it was fun, exciting, memoriable, sad all wrapped up in one. Meet many good people and even watched a marriage and attended a funeral on POS. It was worth the 9.99 to 14.99 a month and I’d pay it again.


  204. Delcon says:

    Delcon / delf 60 Slayer / CLW (Guild Master of: “The Brujah” and “Council of Eternal Shadows”)
    Mersoul / 60 Sorcerer / CLW

    Player since day one on CLW. Shout out to my friends Munjo, Double, Xunil, Corino, Angle, Silu, Chloedancer, Third, Pmurphy, Kif, Rendezvous, Norhia, and everyone else from the early days. I miss killing shit with you all. If you knew me hit me up, maybe we can play some CoD or some shit.

    To the sucker who bought my SM robe for $400.00 cash, haha! the games over and now you have nothing!

    This was probably the best game ever made, I’m sad to see it’s gone for good. Peace out all.

    • Raam says:

      Delcon! Hey! How are you? I miss when you guys ran the guild. Such great days!

      • Delcon says:

        Hey Raam! I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling nostalgic about the game; now that it’s gone I want to play more then ever, but isn’t that how it goes. I’m doing well just got me BS in chemistry now i’m looking for work. How have you been? If you want you can hit me up on the PS network “T_Chris_Cannon” or “Mersoul”.

      • Mary Ann says:

        Hi Raam nice to see you are on ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Raam says:

      I spoke of you guys frequently while I played after you left. I hope I did all of us frm CoES proud.

  205. Albert says:

    From PPO server: Marryjean (Nec), Champloo (Nec), Coolsmoke (pally), Jloo (Mage), Threebox (Shammy) all 60.
    From CLW server: Onebox (Nec), Twobox (Nec), Threebox (Mage) all 60.

  206. bravearcher says:

    I had a Ranger named Deadeye on Hodstock and a Monk named LuFeng on Hodstock……ah the mems…….i dont understand why they havent made another EQOA game on these newer systems…i crave it so bad

  207. Jeremia says:

    Kakkarot/60 Bard/PPO-Ethereal

    Didn’t I know you? I did the whole PPO Ethereal thing so much fun then several of us went to FFXI but eventually most went back.

  208. R.I.P. EQOA, you were and always will be my favorite game. You were my first and best MMO ever, I play WoW, GW2 and EQ2, I have tried SWTOR, Rift and countless others, but none compare to the sense of fun, adventure and the feeling of “epic” moments the way you did. I just hope that SoE can recreate your glory on the PS4 or maybe even pc. Shout out to all my old EQOA friends!

    Hodstock Server:
    Dalnec 60 Dark Elf Defiler1400 cms
    Dalchemist 60 Human Metabolist 1250 cms
    Dalumah 55 Barbarian Warrior 1350 cms
    Bloodtap 51 Ogre Shadowknight 650 cms
    Wowthatsfast 51 Human Rogue 900 cms
    Powerofsong 51 Human Bard 750 cms
    Dalmage 51 Human Magician 800 cms

  209. Leukwarm says:

    Guild – HonorBound
    Jeedai / Elf Ranger
    Torque / Necromancer

    Played from the first beta until… I don’t remember when, sometime after the expansion. Have fond memories pulling all nighters with my wife (Marajade / Elf Druid). We are both founding members of HonorBound – can’t remember all the people we played with.

    Buying a second PS2, TV and keyboard because I couldn’t share a character with my wife
    Realizing that I should have been a tank, because my wife was a healer.
    That first trip to the gnoll camp, those things were fierce, or not.
    One game session from 5:30pm Friday until Sunday 10:00pm – mommy I’m hungry…
    AFK for “toast”
    That first terrifying coach run, my heart was pounding the whole trip.
    Shouts for SoW, Marajade always had to stop and help
    Playing without Marajade and feeling like I was cheating on her.
    Discovering the massive fan built zone map – thanks to whoever put that together.

    Currently we (me, wife, son and daughter) play Order & Chaos on iOS – the family that plays together stays together. For me it’s as close to the EQOA experience as I’ve been able to find, except for the P2Play garbage content.

  210. Pat says:

    Marr’s Fist
    Neobarbaric 60 Troll Hero/ Half-ass tank (thanks to all who healed and DD’d for me.. it wasn’t always pretty hahahaha)
    Cleobarbaric 60 Trolless Shaman
    Various other schlub toons

    My PS3 crapped out yesterday and I was here thinking of all of the games I’d played on PS systems… started laughing at memories of EQOA… did a google and found this gem. Wow, flashback city.
    I was one of the rare trolls on the server’s early days… I remember running (scary trip for a lowbie!!) out to Quenos to try and meet with a friend who started an Erudite. I was stopped and followed and stared at like a freak by the human players on the way out there…. first big Green they’d seen haha.

    I was never ultra-social but was in some decent guilds, Knights Templar being my final resting place. My failing brain can’t recall the name of the one before that but it was fun as well. I just watched the Marr’s Fist farewell from last years closing day, I saw my KT guildmaster rode it out until the end.. Roygar.
    You guys take care. I hope EQ Next might hit PS4 and bring us back around as the grump old codgers we will be by then.
    Going to check out the Marrs Fist facebook someone linked.

  211. Level 60 monk: Vegetah
    Server: Marr’s fist
    I had maxed my str, dex and sta from having max levels in tailoring. My brother had maxed his jewelry so we balanced each other out. I became a werewolf for the str and dex perks. I owned the Bow of turtlekind which was the ONLY bow usable by monks. Although I never got my Ninja class mastery.

  212. Echo says:

    Stumbled upon this site while bored at work. Glad I did.

    Also played (After they quit)

    If anyone remembers me from EQOA, send me a friend request on PSN Echo57, or shoot me an email j_collett@fuse.net.

  213. Raam says:

    I know that I chime in over a year after the shut down.. And I also know that little to no one reads this any more. But regardless, I’m here to show my support. I see in several of these forums my name is brought up, and so is CoES. I appreciate that, you all honor us. I want to say on behalf of CoES that I wish everyone the best in life. I also hope that another game will bring us all together again. Thank you to everyone who held myself and CoES close. I wish I could find you all, and have one hell of a party.

    General Raam,
    Council of Eternal Shadows
    Master (Post rebirth) Officer (Pre-rebirth)

  214. Zeter says:

    Hey, its nice to see people still talking about this game. I played prefronts on ppo then made the switch to clw and was on the last seconds. I always knew the only way id stop playing was for them to pull the plug. i play wow and eq2 now but so not the same. I never get sick of hearing people tell their stories about the game. I miss it a lot.

  215. Maylung says:

    Man i cant wait for eq next on ps4 i hope. Maylung 60 ninja , sunrisemag , throwbacknec wish we all could play again.

  216. david says:

    I was on Stonwatchers server EU.
    Spyr 60 Necromancer (chosen)
    Kospyr 53 Shadowknight

    Proud member of -=Delfism=- and -=Delfism Elite=- Best Game of all time I’ll never forget it and all the people on it.

    Bring EQ Next to ps4 and I’ll be a happy man.

  217. Budaku says:

    i was Budaku-Shaman/Okuyo-Necro/Sakara-Mage with probly a few others too on Hodstock
    i actually remeber alot of these names even being so long ago haha

  218. Wolfs says:

    Wolfs 60 bard and Jonnycash 60 Alc

  219. Wolfs says:

    The best thing about eqoa to me was pulling down raid mobs with just me and the girlfriend at the time. Soloing ayeniar or 2 manning Aol. We got a third box just to farm epic mobs … I wish we had more time to farm Atu. The puzzle of “how to” crush epic monsters really helped me become more creative / adaptive in real life. It helped me see things differently than everyone else in my professional life. It helped me become very successful too thank you eqoa and all the people who taught me to think outside of the box in the game. ๐Ÿ™‚

  220. Jonathan says:

    Great to see some names that I recognize! God I miss gweedo’s handshake to a bow dance!

    Soo.. PPO
    Funnycoins 60 rge
    Jillripper 60 nec
    Misera 60 wiz
    Escort 60 brd
    Hugz 60 clr
    Optiks 60 enc
    I had a 60 magician.. I just can’t think of the name.

  221. Albert says:

    My toons in PPO server: Marryjean Nec, Champloo (Nec), Coolsmoke(Pally),Jloo (Mage)
    CLW server: Onebox (Nec), Twobox (Nec) and Threebox (Mage).
    Now I’m playing EQ2 since few year ago and I have March 1 boxing there too, because I want to try to get what I lost in EQOA for closure. Sure is not the same because EQOA strange, but life continue and EQ2 has many areas and the same or similar things EQOA q. I see them there in Guk Server.

  222. Dlain says:

    funnycoins you were truly…..funny

    • Jonathan says:

      Dlain, you were like the king of PPO. Thank God Krazybone left and his brother/uncle/cusins/whoever else played on his account. I remember being jealous of your robe. I let Gnatt borrow mine like a moron.

  223. Xephyer says:

    Xephyer / Assassin / FH

    Quit about halfway through Frontiers and moved onto the PC EQ, then bounced to WoW for a good long while, and haven’t touched another MMO seriously since I quit WoW in ’11. Ran with Skelterr in Crypt, training mobs on people all day (can’t do that in modern MMOs – hahaha). After Crypt went under, I moved onto a smaller guild called Bloodrose Guardians and made some good friends there. Gave my account up to a friend when I quit so he can dual box for Prophets of Zion.

  224. Nic says:

    Enderyn / 60 Delf Deathknight / Marr’s Fist
    Rumixx / 60 Gnome Channeler / Marr’s Fist
    Vozz / 60 Ogre Defender / Marr’s Fist
    Zedric / 60 Human Defiler / Marr’s Fist


    • Drycos says:

      Wow, was just sitting around thinking about my old eqoa times and stumbled upon this page with a lot of people still remembering the great times had in the eqoa universe. I had many characters from the start of the game, most noteworthy xxhappydeadxx 60 necro FH. Thanks for bringing back some good memories everyone!

  225. Mary Ann says:

    Raam you are missed much as is everyone from EQ I still boycott Sony.

  226. joel thomas says:

    Would like to say anyone interested in a game kinda like eqoa play guild wars 2 its the closest thing i have played and I have tried many many mmos if you do happen to get the game send me mail on there name is commander odyssey ill get you into the guild im in and will have some fun show you builds talk about old times in eqoa server is also tarnished coast be sure to join that one

  227. Drew Dude says:

    Mogwai – Necromancer – CLW – Order of Chaos
    Whomever- Paladin – CLW – Order of Chaos

    I’m pretty sure I was the one who started the Necromancer craze, I made a post on the sony forums about using the Stamina Debuffs and soloing my way around Permafrost Castle. This was all prefronts and level 50 cap. I’d solo guards in highpass to trip people out. (Necros weren’t doing that at the time) After that necro’s exploded. I was a crazy farmer on CLW from Lauch in Feb ’03 til I sold my account in late ’05 I got $800 as I had a CV(thanks McDiesel) and a ton of crap and millions of tunar. I even farmed up an entire set of BoneDuke armor all on my own. I was fortunate to run with Order of Chaos. My buddy the monk Nicolas introduced me to Drave? shit I’m forgetting his name but nice guy and leader. We basically were the shit on CLW during that time. We killed it all first! Isle of Dread was so much fun. Hell just farming up those damn dreadnaughts was some of the best fun ever. Frontiers was sweet as hell too. We kicked ass but eventually the OoC core moved on to EQ2 and that led to the end of EQOA for me but it was the most fun I’ve ever had in a MMO. Nothing comes close, best gamers, best adventures.

    Can’t believe its over 10 years old now.

    And props to my first group we all played day in and day out.
    Noffwin Druid he was our healer
    McDiesel Shadownight sometimes tank sometimes dmg
    Verdad Warrior sometimes tank sometimes dmg

    • Drew Dude says:

      Forgot to say Mogwai was gnome male and Whomever was Dwarf Female and I loved sporting the CV on my Pally, ahhh I such sweet memories lol

    • Drew Dude says:

      And Sorry Dares if you ever read this. You loaned me your account info so I could go back down memory lane and somehow I changed your log in info and then proceded to forget that new log in info. So sorry buddy, but I appreciated being to play a level 10 in FP again,. (This was in ’06)

  228. Dlain says:

    drew dude u sicking kunt account jacker

  229. Drew Dude says:

    A) I’m obviously not dodging anything by responding before, B) WTF are you talking about? jacked who’s account? Stop being a douche with your insults before even explaining what’s got your panties in such a bunch?

    • Dlain says:

      how’d you “forget” the log in info you jizz swallowing phaggot?

      • Drew Dude says:

        LOL that’s what your crying about, this was settled long ago between me and Dares. He knows I lost the info LMAO you are one heck of a dumb punk I don’t need to justify shit to you when you can’t even say who you are, just an idiot troll. And obviously a seriously disturbed angry individual to say such things to someone you don’t know. hahaha what a turd.

      • Mike says:

        Dlain you did start so much drama on PPO.I didn’t give a crap if you rocked for your gear.What did bother me and everyone else was your elitist attitude.You played to cause grief to others that didn’t have the most elite gear.

      • Dlain says:

        hey man, that’s not entirely true. I did rock frequently, but rarely did I get any phat loots. I’d usually rock with a group of my loyal guildies and we’d obviously have to roll for loot. I got most of my gear easily because my mains were tanks and most of that loot came from farming, not high-end raid drops, also I had a few guildies pay me money to rig rolls for them on certain stuff, which in turn I’d buy phat-loot with.
        I didn’t play to grief, I had a pretty good circle of friends a lot of who I still talk to today along side of me raping newbs and dragons and shit
        thanks mike, hope that corrected some misconceptions

  230. Dlain says:

    lol ok you bleeding liberal coalburner

  231. mellamowall says:

    Mellamowall hum monk DH

  232. Frisko Hum Enchanter/Spellbinder 60 Castle Lightwolf

  233. Roenick says:

    Roenick/60 Ranger /Hodstock
    Rocantor/60 Enchanter/Hodstock
    Beta2 – 2004
    Founder/GL Hunters of the Fallen

  234. strongheals says:

    Hodstock Server = Strongheals 60 Cleric, Purepain 60 Rogue, Buffnyou 60 Bard, and Cash 60 Alc

  235. Chris A says:

    I only played on Diren Hold and was there from launch till late 2006.
    Strongmad 60 Troll Shaman
    Bruisr 60 Troll Warrior

    There were several guilds that I was a part of but my last and favorite was Manifest Destiny. If anyone from DH wants to reconnect, we have a facebook group with about 60 players: https://www.facebook.com/groups/38689404946/

  236. Nelson says:

    Taithleach: Marrs Fist
    LvL 60 Erudite Necromancer Defiler.
    I really miss this game. I wish SOE could have updated it on PS3 or maybe even carry it on elsewhere. It would be very awesome if this version of EQ could branch out into a franchise.

  237. elizao says:

    Jadiss (ninja) shoes (gwh bard) and apophiis (geomancer) on Diren’s Hold. Guilds were Until Valhalla then Ancient Legacy. Active 2004-2007.
    I then played sporadically on CLW until the end, had a bard that got stuck in the 40s because i refused to level until i got the gatorwere infect (gah!), and a 60 Sensei named Kaouleiz.
    I’m super excited about final fantasy 14, played relentlessly during beta phase 3 and 4. There is a really big population of former EQOA players on the Midardsormr server. FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/midgardsormr/

    • Niarlathotep says:

      Hey man what’s up? Do you remember me? I was Niarlathotep in AL.
      Also playing FFXIV now, but I am on Malboro server currently.

      • elizao says:

        Ya totally! First time i logged into my DH monk after I quit she was in zp and I saw your NEC, sent it a tell but they told me it wasn’t really you. Had to have been like 2009. You’re like on of the only 3-4 people i’ve seen from my DH guilds since 2007.

    • Niarlathotep says:

      Haha yeah. I sold my account in the first quarter of 2008. Not that I wanted to quit, but DH was a ghost town. I could sit on LFG the entire day without getting a group on any of my toons. At that point there were no guilds left with enough active members to take down any of the big bosses either. Sad days. I miss this game more than any other. So many great times I couldn’t even make a guess to how many.
      I joined that Facebook group you linked. My name on Facebook is Matty Haxx. Pease feel free to add me ๐Ÿ™‚
      There is a group on Facebook for people that played on Diren Hold. You should definitely join if you haven’t already.
      So are there any old AL members on the FFXIV world you play on?

      • elizao says:

        Nope, no one from AL, I totally lost touch with them all. I just went there because no knew they would be console friendly for end game stuff, and everyone has been great so far.

        And i joined the dh group, ty!

    • Niarlathotep says:

      I’ve kept in semi contact with a few. Not as many as I wish though. Graveghoul, yennoncrow, and sinuto come to mind.

  238. Mike says:

    Had some great times on EQOA,that said i had to quit the game was dead and most of my friends left for WOW or FF11.I just miss playing my hunter ranger/pyro mage.

  239. Jeff.... Incase you couldnt guess says:

    Char names Clyd and Selo, and Fuer which the bastards made me change so it became Serafino CLW

    • Governator says:

      My bards name was Iplayeqnaked and they made me change it so it became Lionsflurry as I went flurry path and was going to be a Lionwere. After doing research I found Gatorwere was way better for what I wanted so ended up going Gatorwere. So I know the woes of them making you change the name. Lionsflurry was one hell of a Dueler I rarely lost to anything my level. I kept her at level 40, seemed to be a prime spot to stop. CM’ed the crap out of her. I don’t remember the name but loved soloing the level 49 or 50 Wizard right next to the dueling arena in Freeport.

  240. Jeff.... Incase you couldnt guess says:

    Miss this game so much nothing else has come close and now pretty much every site talking about the possibility of a private server has fallen off the face of the earth, oh forgot to tack it onto last post Clyd was an assassin 1380cms Selo was a bard 1100 cms and Serafino was a Defiler 1500 cms, all 3/3zps with PoD abilities

  241. Donnie Sage says:

    Malidos – 60 Shadowknight (Heroic Were-Hunter) Diren Hold
    Omnipresence – 60 Lich – Diren Hold

  242. Robert says:

    Vampiro 60 Geomancer
    Vampiriojr 60 Hydromamcer
    Dobsmoker 60 Faithful
    Sir Darkness 60 Nec Scholar
    And few others
    All on Hodstock

    Started the day the EQOA released in 02 enjoyed it thru the beginning of 06. I miss it and all my peeps in All for one, one for All! Currently enjoying ffxiv

  243. Dahek says:

    It’s been many years.. and I had many accounts.. let’s see if I can remember all of my characters.
    Dahek/Halfling/Rogue – Assassin PPO (Werewolf)
    Xsase/Human/Necromancer – Lich/Defiler for tanking PPO (Werelion)
    Neline/Elf/Bard – Minstrel PPO (Werewolf)
    Hollowsoul/Eru/Necromancer – Lich/Scholar for power buffs PPO (no pop after years of trying)
    Zorian/Barb/Warrior – Defender PPO (Weregator)
    Rapzody/Elf/Bard – Gypsy PPO (Werewolf)
    Tenil/Dark Elf/Cleric – Faithful PPO (Werelion)
    Calyus/Elf/Paladin – Crusader PPO (no pop same with Hollowsoul, account was cursed..)
    Brutalis/Dark Elf/ Shadowknight – Slayer PPO (Weregator)
    I can distinctly remember a Geo/Pyro Mage but can’t remember the name, I know I let Karou run it but that’s about it.

    Not all of those characters started out as mine, a few were shared accounts with my best friend of over a decade and a half on this day. Others were bought or given to me to run. Only 5 characters can I claim as my own created from scratch. Those are Zorian, Rapzody, Hollowsoul, Calyus and Brutalis. Hollowsoul/Calyus were run on a shared account so I didn’t do everything myself, most of the grinding for levels and CMs was me playing though. Dahek is the character I spent the most time on next to Xsase, my buddy Mike let me run the account with Xsase/Neline on it, Dahek I can’t honestly remember where he came from but I do remember the account was bought for me after my main got hacked. The original owner eventually claimed the account back with no prior warning after around a year and a half of me running it. It became my most well known character next to Hollowsoul/Xsase. Getting screwed out of 1500 CMs by a GM tends to do that, and my known habit of dueling in FP. I don’t remember any other names really but I know I created those character names on CLW and DH. Don’t believe I ever hit 60 on any of them though. I played from 2003-2009 (think it was 2009.. according to the soe site a payment for eqoa came out then.. so I’ll assume that’s before I quit and sold my accounts).

  244. Eric says:

    This was by far the best MMO iv ever played, to this day I think about that game and the people I played with.
    Server: CWL
    Character: Barak ,Paladin, Stars of Destiny

    • Ertah de Halas says:

      Oh dearest paladin…meeting you at the Blackwater Coach was destiny…eternally grateful for the long quest for bracelets,friendship,laughs…Ertah

  245. Strogs 60 barb sham – CLW
    Darklich 60 gnome nec – CLW i believe warelion
    Had more but those were my mains all on clw

    Just found my copy of eqoa made me look up info on the game sad to hear they shut the servers down this is my all time favorite game i think to this day that it still is. Hopefully they are making another one? but i doubt it. Seen some familiar names from back in the day. Brings back to many memories.

  246. Josh says:

    Hey people, shot in the dark here, but wondering if any of you’d like to post about any rare spawn mob, or rare item that you found in EQOA, that you think nobody else might’ve known about, or had. I based my entire gameplay existence in this game on finding the rarest of the rare items, and when I left, had, or owned at one time, every item that I knew about that was considered super rare, with the exception of 2 items; 1) tattred spectre robe, and 2) tidian prophet robe. Both of those items were “accidentally put in the game” as tank equipable, rather than a stack for the spectre robe, and a caster robe for the tidian. So, what did you all find that was the rarest of the rare items, again that you think NOBODY else, had, or knew about. Or any rare spawn mobs that you think nobody else knew about?

    Long live the memories of this great game we loved, that’s all we have now.

    • Spiritbreaker says:

      I used to farm the skeletons on Synder’s Isle quite a bit, a few named would rarely spawn there (Mate Parr, Pirate Drudge and Admiral Basington). Sapphyra allegedly once said something ‘interesting’ dropped there, and a named hydra was to have spawned there with interesting loot (again, according to a dev), but was never put in game. It was said that a black all/all robe dropped off the Admiral, but in tons of kills I never saw it. There was also a named undead who would rarely spawn at the underwater crypt in Dead Hills–never looted anything from him. I DID make millions selling Orbs of Primordial Intellect, Vellium Ores, and Crowns of the Jaguar.

  247. Puvo says:

    Puvo 60 enchanter Hodstock
    active 03-04
    This game was so amazing, brings back some great memories!

  248. King Grobic says:

    Grobic 60 SK PPO
    along with other alts/rocking accounts

    Found this site looking for eq next news, thought id pop in and let all you peasants bask in the glory of the best sk on ppo/in the game. Co leader of the prophecy, best sk tank to ever log into the game. 2 time undefeated ppo tank server dueling champion, and after tanking every mob in the game with lowest counts for any sk, rocked every mob known to man with my trusty sidekick dlain and friends. Am currently a amateur mma fighter and full time fitness instructor aka i still pwn you noobs in game and irl. A few shoutouts while im here: Dlain and crim. only other ppo tanks who were in same league as me. 3am guild n,n aka dlain lonewulfz and a few other loyal followers, best raid guild in game cleared all raids with 3 people. Zecron, fat goth size of a train, prob committed suicide by now. Zakkelf, my loyal bitch. Bakaj’s gf for letting us all see her naked. Sissyslur, rip at the bottom of that pond. That stupid clank who never tanked anything and tried seducing men online, your weight is still higher than my hp. Megeara for being probably the worst tank ive ever seen in my life. Freebase for being a virgin. Gades for casting DK pet to block bertox pull and wipe whole raid, then i stomped you out by 5r to 0 in multiple duels. Agrais, same goes for you my bitch #2. Thats about it, see you on eq next my slaves, happy holidays.

  249. Bearzywearzy says:

    Hodstock here…
    Bearzywearzy 60 Troll Shaman
    Omariel something Elf Druid
    Siona something Dorf Paladin
    I forget the name of my 60 ALC…

    It was many years ago, and I really only remember BW, who was my main. Loved this game. It’s sort of indefinable what made this game great…I remember thinking about all the problems it had when I started playing more “modern” MMOs like WoW and EQ2. By all the “bullet points,” those two games were superior. (Someone who watched a video of all three games and never played them would never pick EQOA as the one to play.)

    …and yet…

    No mmo has ever come close to providing as much entertainment, shared experience, and fun as this little gem on PS2 with its limited textures and world geometry, it’s almost complete lack of questing, lagginess at raids, pain in the ass camping of quest spawns, etc, etc, etc.

    I can’t really explain it. The easy answer is of course that the community (especially Hodstock, which had the amazing Hodstock.com -props to Kono-) was everything, but that isn’t quite true. I think that it was a combination of things. At the time, I, like many others, did not own a pc. I did all my modding on Hodstock.com at work, but when I got home, I could get online and get in on the ground floor, so to speak, of a massively complex world with a bunch of other players who were experiencing this style of game for the first time as well. Remember, online gaming wasn’t nearly as prevalent back then. The flipside was that this game carried the EQ brand and as such attracted some veteran players from that game, without whom I would have completely failed to level past level 10 on my first character.

    I wish I could remember the name of the character who took my group aside and schooled us on the concept of aggro, group makeup, and the concept of character achetypes and their roles within the group. Those first days/weeks in Tethelin were amazing.

    I stuck with it, and eventually got sick of playing a druid. Druids were pretty lame before Frontiers. At least I thought so. I switched to Troll because I wanted a more brutish character, but went SHA because I enjoyed healing, and got a pet! Bearzywearzy eventually became my main, but it still took me forever to get to 50. I think I actually did my epic quest only a few weeks before Fronts came out. My epic quest was amazing. So many big names from the server showed up, I was genuinely moved, which would sound silly to anyone who hadn’t played the game, but it was awesome! (Belated thanks to everyone who showed up lol.)

    After Fronts, I got to 60 pretty quick and was able to join some amazing guilds. Sure, there were a lot of great times in the “uber” guilds on Hodstock like The Unnamed and Alliance of Kings – I was never in TGNV…JP thought I was a dick ๐Ÿ™‚ – but I also had some great times in some of the smaller guilds like Daybreakers…and…I’m sorry but I can’t even remember the names of the guilds I was in.

    What an amazingly fun time that was. I will always remember it fondly. I met some people back then that I still play games with.

    Unfortunately, I have had to accept that no mmo will ever give me that same experience. I do keep trying them, though.

    Maybe it’s that the game was really hard in a way. Not technically hard, but the fact that getting a level took forever and you were dependent on getting a good group. This engendered a closeness and trust in your regular group members that just isn’t there in modern mmos. When I got to the level cap in EQOA, I felt like I had really earned it, and I owed the people that had helped me get there. Running around in that vast world with players I knew and trusted really gave me a sense of ownership over my character, to the point that I would have never sold my character on one of those sites. I had friends that did it and made some decent money, but I could never bear the thought of someone running around with my character name. I hated seeing old names and knowing it wasn’t the person I originally knew behind the wheel.

    Anyway, a shout out to all the people I played with, especially the ones I lost touch with, like Mimose, Negativebo (or Positivebo,) Glorfindel (from the very early days in Tethelin,) Clyde, and Clyde’s guildmaster the gnome I can’t remember the name of, Dolein (and his alt, Bobdolein…that still cracks me up,) etc. etc.

    Sorry I started rambling, but I really do miss this game. I just don’t get as heavily invested in today’s mmos. They encourage selfishness lol.

    I fucking miss you, EQOA.


    • Salvatron says:

      that was kind of touching Bearzy. My name was Salvatron. I was a Barb Rogue (I was a kid and remember on the back of the game you could see a character and all you could see was alvatron, I just took a random shot and put an S on it and that’s the name I used. I thought I was cool, all right?)

      But I went to hodstock.com a lot and remember how big you were to the community. Glad to see again though.

    • kcg1731 says:

      Well said, BW. Hope all is well


    • Kenneth O'Kelly says:

      Solution 60sk – Solutions 60cl – Necrosol 60nec Nice to see you Bear. You might not remember me but I had a blast fooling around with you in FP. Add on Skype or email hodkenneth@hotmail.com or Taldin#1603 on battle.net. And you may remember my RL friend Budda/Summons/Drakmoon, that dueling warrior/mage/wiz using food and drinks in a duel lol.

    • samsmoke69 says:

      Bearzy!!! my boy its Cinork from TU or was I Knuckle/Achilles then miss you bro!

  250. Kaedayin says:

    I think Clyde was in the Art of War and Phabulass was the master. I don’t know how I remember that.

  251. Bearzywearzy says:

    Yep…Clyde and Phab…that’s exactly right. I actually ran into Phabulass on Xbox Live a year or so ago. Embarrassing that I didn’t remember his name. Sorry, Phab. It’s really hard to watch those Youtube videos of the game and not get nostalgic/sentimental. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  252. Bearzywearzy says:

    I remember when I came back to EQOA after a hiatus in EQ2 and WoW, I had almost no gear, since I gave it all away when I quit. Clyde gave me a bunch of healer robes and stuff. (Nice ones too.)

    You know, for every training douchebag in that game, there were a dozen selfless people who would help you out for nothing in return. That trust was amazing. It really connected people, and while I wouldn’t necessarily say that the anti-griefing measures taken in subsequent mmos is bad, it made EQOA a self-policed zone, which truly made the community stronger. And with Hodstock.com to air the dirty laundry, it seemed like if you “fucked up” in-game, Norrath could become a very lonely place indeed.

    The fact that people could jack your stuff, lie to you, and train you etc. really helped to make the game a macrocosm of human society. Maybe I’m getting a little too deep here, but I’,m sure you guys all know what I am talking about.

    WoW was able to retain some of that constant sense of peril in a completely different way with its open PvP, which I’ll admit I enjoyed even though I was never really that good at it…I only played that game until just before the first expansion came out. That game’s gear-centricness wore me out, though. The problem with WoW was that it lulled you into a false sense of security by making it incredibly easy to get to the level cap, and then presenting you with a grind for EVERYTHING after that. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed WoW…more than EQ2, in fact, and I can see why so many people like it, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea, ultimately. neither is FFXIV…I got my tooon to 60 in that game pretty quick and after a long and detailed questline, became about running the same 2-3 instances over and over. Grouping in an instance is fun, but if everything else is soloing, that is just lame.

    I really don’t have high hopes for EQ Next, to be quite honest. I’m sure I’ll try it and Elder Scrolls as well. (I did a beta weekend of ESO about 2 months ago. It was cool and I adore the Elder Scrolls games. The game is still real early but I can see some promise there.)

    Lately I have been playing Rust, Minecraft (heavily modded,) Civilization V, Don’t Starve, and Age of Empires 2. If anyone here plays Minecraft/Tekkit, I run a small server. It would be fun to play with some people and build some Norrathy stuff…or whatever. i find Minecraft incredibly compelling, actually.

    Bah…I’m rambling and I need to go to bed. Night all.

  253. Bearzywearzy says:

    Based on some of the recommendations here and elsewhere, I decided to try Vanguard. Since its free, I have nothing to lose but my own time. I see why people compare it to EQOA. I am only on the first starting island place, but there are a lot of things that make it EQOAish. It’s not a cakewalk, you get penalized for death (after level 10,) It’s not a “pretty” game like GW2 or FFXI. I realize the game is 7 years old and Sony basically puts nothing into it, but its all new to me, so I don’t mind. I am a Wolfy Shaman named Bearzy Wearzy if anyone is playing. It’s kind of cool that there is only one server. Not perfect, kind of clunky, but I enjoy it.

    One thing…I play games with the y-axis inverted, and I don’t think you can change that. That is BASIC and annoys the hell out of me.

    Anyone else playing this?

    • Stonee says:

      Vanguard is a surprisingly complex game from a combat standpoint. I’ve never played an MMO where every time I got new spells, I had to relearn my character’s play style. As for quests, it’s highly repetitive with each quest zone having 8-10 quests, maybe half being hunt and gather. My biggest complaint with the game are the glitches (like randomly falling through the map) and moving from zone to zone, there’s no seamless transition. Sometimes you’re stuck in a lag for a solid 30 seconds waiting for the next zone to load. I’ll hop on sometime and send you some starter stuff.

  254. Elizao says:

    I played vanguard for quite a bit at launch and tried it again when it when free to play. It’s what put the nail I the coffin for SOE for me. It still had the same excact game breaking bugs 6 years after launch (randomly dieing, getting teleported somewhere odd, important stuff not appearing, getting stuck underground…) Huge chunks of land with no content, not even trash mobs.

    I really wanted to like it.,The foundation is definitely the most like eqoa that you’re going to find, but there’s just too much wrong with it. And it’s quite possible that it’s ignored even more than eqoa was.

  255. Bearzywearzy says:

    I played it a bit. If I had someone to play with, it would obviously be more fun, but on the flipside, it’s not like I need a game to play. It’s just a thing I thought I would try since it is free.
    It’s definitely not a smooth game, and from everything I have read, it is not going to get any better.
    Bah. There just isn’t the market for these “harder” mmos. They don’t get supported. What was EQOA’s subscriber base? Like 30,000? Compared to the millions who subscribe(d) to WoW, it’s not worth it to a big corporation like Sony.


    • Stonee says:

      I think it peaked at 25,000 and averaged 10,000 from months 6-12. I believe by 2007, it was down to 3,000 active accounts.

      • Bearzywearzy says:

        You have to admit, 45 grand a year isn’t enough to justify keeping the servers running. You actually have to pay people. In a way, it’s too bad it didn’t do better, but I think it had a pretty impressive run for what it was. I certainly feel privileged to have been a part of that (relatively) small community. It’s pretty rare that I run into someone irl that played this game. (I can count the times it happened on two fingers lol.) Do I think Sony could have done a better job of promoting it? Probably, but it was severely handicapped by the fact that all the geometry had to be on the disc, which was both a blessing and a curse. As incredible as the time I spent playing the game was, there’s a reason I didn’t stick around. The lack of real new content after Frontiers got boring, and the slow whittling away of the player base made it not as fun to play, ultimately. Sony really couldn’t stop the exodus once it started without funneling more money into what they saw as a dying project.

        What I think is funniest of all…I didn’t know anyone who posted on the official Sony forums more than a few times. I wonder if the lack of visible community in the official forums contributed to the money earmarked for future development?

        lol I’m rambling again…if you made it this far…thanks for reading.

      • Stonee says:

        I joined the official forums in 2010. I joined Hod.com forums in probably early May or June 2003. By 2010 the official forums were really the only ones around besides the ZAM database but I saw maybe 10 regular posters. Any idea what Kono is up to these days?

      • KDS says:

        I played on Hodstock. I was Selesia lv 60 Druid. Also had Icepotions lv 60 Alc

  256. David says:

    /wave @ Donte

    Dethral – Cleric
    Darkdethral – Necro
    Soliloquey – Bard

  257. Bearzywearzy says:

    I don’t know how to edit but this is a correction to my post above…I meant 45 grand a month.

  258. Niarlathotep says:

    Well to be fair… They were not really paying to many people in the end lol. From what I was told by people that were still playing (or frequented the forums still. I knew several people on the forums. And there were quite a lot that used them.), they had let go all the devs long befits shutting the game done. It had no support for quite a while I heard. I do understand that it did of course still take money to continue its operation, and that eventually it did have to hit the point where the player base just whittled away to too few.

    Server merges it character transfers would have saved the game for much longer though. It’s a shame they never finished and released the second expansion. It was nearly finished when they canceled it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  259. Eddie Ashford says:

    Character name(s)/class/server: Junedi/Shadowknight/Diren Hold

    Years active: March 2003- February 2006

    Time zone: EST

  260. Spittfyre says:

    So many old names I recognize here. Brings back a lot of memories.

    Played since day 1, until about a year from the shut down.
    Hodstock server.
    Spitfyre 60 Elf Ranger
    Spittfyre 60 Ogre Warrior
    Spitball 60 Human Bard
    Spittoon 60 Gnome Enchanter
    Guilds: Alliance of Kings, Darklords (until the end)
    I still keep in contact with many of the old players. Mrhyde, Naruto/Seikoh, Rosered, Smeegle, Firebird, Nitrawl, Hookededo, Vaeuuaer, Crobok, and a few others that their names escape me at the moment. So many good times. A number of them are awaiting EQNEXT, and will be playing together. BW, you were in Darklords with us for a bit while we were owning ZP. At the time we were the only guild with all the ZP bosses on farm on the server. Glad to see so many familiar names on here. Maybe someday we will be able to game together again.

    • Kenneth O'Kelly says:

      Remember your ogre and ranger. Good times. I hope EQNext brings back some of the old times. Feel free to add on Skype or email hodkenneth@hotmail.com. or battle.net Taldin#1603. Solution 60sk/Solutions 60cl/Necrosol 60lock. May remember my RL friend Budda 60war/Summons 60mage/Drakmoon 60wiz, loved dueling in FP.

  261. KDS says:

    Hodstock Server.
    Selesia lv 60 Druid
    Icepotions lv 60 Alc

  262. James says:

    Was reminiscing about Eqoa watching youtube video and ran across this site. I recognize lots of names, if you guys still read this from hit me up on ps3/4 my psn name is Jaxxs_85

    My eqoa toons was
    Jaxxs 60 Defender-MF
    Tazorac 60 Diviner-MF
    Hurrican 60 Ninja-MF

    Lethel 60 Sorcerer-CLW
    Corinthian 60 Gaurdian-CLW

    Had lots great memories really miss the game.

    • Sidius says:

      The name Jaxxs on the warrior is familiar. I was Sidius & Pancreas, SK & Necro… and eventually I began playing my Wiz Wiickerman & Bard Federfleisch on a second account also. I’d made Wiickerman on the first Halloween event when we got costumes, I only remember the skellie and scarecrow (the 1 I made Wiick to use on IoD lol) forms but I can swear there was 1 or 2 more.

    • Sidius says:

      I forgot to tell you earlier, on Facebook there is a MF group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/101133216687461/

  263. D.L. says:

    Deadwinter – Dark Elf Necromancer on Diren Hold (years active 2003 – 2006)

  264. Occoclet says:

    Looking forward to what EQNEXT has to offer!

  265. Stinko says:

    Miss all y’all!!
    Stinko 60 HumRan GWH
    Marr’s Fist

  266. Shyndy says:

    Shyzny 60 Wildling
    Cool to see so many names I remember from Hodstock!

    I mostly played from frontiers until WoW launched, as I had quit in the thirties pre-frontiers though I don’t remember why. Still played a little from time to time after WoW launched, mostly if someone I knew was doing some kind of raid. Also at times played as Badmagick (Hunter) and Sikwitted (some kind of necro, lol) as the three of us all played from the same apartment.

    I wish I could remember the names of the guilds I was in, the only one I remember was Righteous and the Wicked. Looking back I kind of regret not playing longer, although I had a pretty good experience with WoW up through BWL too. Here’s to hoping EQN and Landmark are good and that we can organize an eqoa official server on one or the other.

  267. Metalmalitia says:

    Wow! So I knew so many people here. Hope all is well. I had a bunch of toons, all on CLW. First toon was Metalmalitia, created about 2 or 3 months after release. I played through 2011, mostly on MM.

    Metalmalitia: HUM DEF WW (though I also had hero build for whoopin ass in duels)
    Xoxoo: HUM PYRO/AERO LW belonged to my girlfriend at first, but after we split I took over and DB
    Necromanncer: HUM LICH WW
    Necromanccer: HUM forgot spec
    Scree: ELF DRD BW (i grouped with the original owner a lot and when he quit, he gave me the account)
    I also had a 60 WIZ and 60 CL FF but I forget the names.

    So many good memories or late night beer and cigs while raiding…

  268. binarygamer says:

    I miss this game so much…

    I played on Ferran’s Hope as Camalen/ 60 Ranger. I was in Blood and Prophets of Rage mainly.
    Also as Lock/50 Enchanter. I was part of Ethereal and Sempiternal.

  269. Dracara says:

    See a lot of old faces on this page, I recognize most of the CLW players
    I’ve been all over the server is Rotfh, RoT, Cosa Nostra and some smaller guilds that went in and out of existence
    Was good buddies with Kamenio, Morragan, Chloedancer, Rondezvous and some I can’t remember (sorry)
    And Gnarkillx was my brother (aka Clashingfists)
    Dracara 60 Elf Hunter
    Fioria 60 Elf Enchanter
    Rooted 60 Half Wilding
    Scoriae 60 Gnome Wizard
    Follow 60 Eru FF
    Nelliel 60 Assassin
    Nunchaku 60 Hum Ninja
    Davoh 60 Defender

    • Raam says:

      Dracara…. You were in Divine Knights too if I remember right… I haven’t seen or heard from you in ages. How are you?

  270. felisiaeq says:

    Main: Felisia- 60 D elf Faithful
    QTellen – 60 Eru Defiler
    Puurty- 60 Elf Sorcerer
    Cindera- 60 Barb Elder

    I don’t remember if i posted here a while ago… i am sure i did but i don’t remember any of my info or when i posted lol I tried looking but too many posts.
    Anyways, I am a veteran i started playing during the EQOA beta but i wasn’t on CLW then It was when beta for Frontiers came out that my ex and i moved to CLW ๐Ÿ™‚ I played religiously like everyone else, nothing in the world mattered except either getting out of debt (as a healer why bother right?) or trying to get a few yellows. maybe even 1 mastery class point? lol.. I played all night, hardly slept, skipped school (well i was sick :P) I ended up staying back because i didn’t want to waste my time in summer school when EQ needed their faithful. hahahaha. I had a one track mind and nothing…mattered otherwise.
    Before i left the game i was in the guild Cosa Nostra with some of the most amazing people. Wish i could find some old friends so we could re-connect.
    If we’ve met before please come find me on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/SlipknotFelly87
    I have a few of my EQ friends there already we talk about olden days still call eachother by our character names even after all these years!
    Recently signed up for EQN beta… i really want to hear more about it!!

  271. razorbladehalo says:

    Main: Drethen 60 Delf Lich/Necro
    Server: Hodstock
    Guild: Bane of Gods/The Sevanexium:Cult of the Cursed and the Damned

    Hey guys! I Played Drethen, a 60 Werelion Lich Delf Necro on Hodstock. I ran the all evil guild Bane of Gods and the all Necro Guild(cult) The Sevanexium: Cult of the Cursed and the Damned. We had alliances with about 25 other guilds and most of them called upon us to help out in raids, good ol’ necro pets/heals. I recognize a ton of your Hodstock toon names, and many bring back some serious memories. I’ve had some of the best gaming experiences on EQOA and met the most awesome people. I also had a collection of a little over 120 something various robes. Towards the end that’s where most of my time went, robe hunting/purchasing. Great times were had indeed! }:)>

  272. banboss91 says:

    Randomly ran across this blog while reminiscing about EQOA. Wish I’ve known about it when it first started great site. Anyway

    Played on Marrs Fist

    Grimnecro 60 delf Necro
    Lequan 60 elf rogue
    Quan 60 Monk
    Grimkniight 51 delf SK

    Had access to other accounts but those were my own.
    Played from 03 to about 07 then on and off from 07 to about 09. Came back when I heard servers were shutting down/free accounts. Played on Hagley a bit and joining CLW never peaked my interest I was very loyal to my server and didn’t want to start over. Hope someone recognizes one of these names

  273. banboss91 says:

    Randomly ran across this blog while reminiscing about EQOA. Wish Iโ€™ve known about it when it first started great site. Anyway

    Played on Marrs Fist

    Grimnecro 60 delf Necro
    Lequan 60 elf rogue
    Quan 60 Monk
    Grimkniight 51 delf SK
    Taludin 37 barb warrior (first char only pre fronts char)

    Had access to other accounts but those were my own.
    Played from 03 to about 07 then on and off from 07 to about 09. Came back when I heard servers were shutting down/free accounts. Played on Hagley a bit and joining CLW never peaked my interest I was very loyal to my server and didnโ€™t want to start over. Hope someone recognizes one of these names

  274. geschikt says:

    Neriak 60 dark elf deadknight
    Seriak 60 dark elf rogue
    Markus 60 eastern human warrior
    Asap 60 dark elf necromancer
    Whyamisougly 60 gnome necromancer

    i have played on Euope server called Stonewatchers (was the only EU server)
    we never had frontiers content only by entering a US frontiers Game code into the European account it unlocked some masterys but not all and lvl cap from 50 to 60

    i have played for many years but i believe the EU server was taken down a few years before the US servers

    it was a huge pain for me

  275. Nic says:

    Whoa..lots of familiar names from MF. Still the best console mmorpg experience I’ve ever had. Started at launch pre-fronts with a Delf SK named Killian on Hodstock. I was in the Army then and had to put it up for a deployment in ’02. Picked fronts up, played up until just after the release of ZP. Participated in the ZP test guild and it left a horrible taste, left soon after. Miss EQOA like crazy…

    Enderyn- 60 Delf Deathknight
    Rummix- 60 Gnome Channeler
    Vozz- 60 Ogre Defender
    Zedric- 60 human Defiler
    Multiple 50+ alts
    My wife and I tri-boxed. Her toons were,
    Jaydence- 60 Delf Spellbinder
    Yiddle- 60 Gnome Faithful
    Jadis- 60 Erudite Channeler
    Multiple 50+ alts
    All on Marr’s Fist.

  276. Solution says:

    What’s up guys. Just checking in. I remember a ton of the names here and miss the old community. Would like to see some of you in EQ Next(hope its good). I’ll list the most played characters.

    Add me on Steam-Spray N Pray (Banshie Pic, there are a few), Origin-Bu11etsHurt, Bnet-Taldin#1603.

    All Hodstock

    RL Friends were…
    (few others that I can’t remember atm)

  277. Justin Gardner says:

    Hodstock was my main server but I had alts on every server,
    Mains name was Kradnogard a Human Ranger who also was a were-hunter
    Ratsnogard- Dark Elf Necromancer also a were-rat
    Fishsales- Human bard also a were-gator
    Nevlenogard- Elf druid
    Luosnogard- Barbarian shaman
    Erifnogard – Gnome mage

    that’s about all the names I can still remember for Hodstock server. On CLW I had a mage named Kradnogard. he was a human. also had a Dark elf shadow knight named Kradnogard and a Ogre Shaman also with same name but cant remember what server they were on. Oh and a human warrior, I remember taking him to the Minatare caves and tanking like 7-8 of them while group wailed away at them. But yeah I miss the game and the friends I had made in it.

  278. Moislen says:

    Diren Hold!
    60 Human Warlock – Moislen of Manifest Destiny for a while and maybe Ethereal Descendants?
    60 Human Alchemist – Fprobber
    I remember raiding with Manifest Destiny and being apart of some awsome kills back in 03-04. I remember finally fighting Cazic Thule after what felt like months of glitches that wouldn’t allow people to start the quest! Even though we glitched past the golem to check out the basement ๐Ÿ™‚

  279. Solution says:

    Ahhh the Minotaurs. Loved that place along with the icebone skeletons in the igloo’s by CLW or w/e they were called.

  280. Clayton says:

    Hey guys,

    First and only server was CLW.


    Claydough- 60 Ninja, Cotj, Faykind
    Claybobz- 60 Pyro
    Thorlock- 60 S.B
    Zorcen-60 Defiler
    (Was working on wiz until I heard servers were coming down ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    47 Dethmagnetik (Wiz)

    This games going to come back

  281. Clayton says:

    Also Claybardo- 60 Bravo

  282. Blade says:

    Hey guys,

    Blade/Necromancer/Dark Solace (GER Server)

    I started playing 2 weeks before the official release in Europe without knowing it, I phoned the retail store to ask if the game was broken because I didn’t see anyone in the game for days until a friend started playing as well. The guild i was in was called New World Order.

    See ya, Rizzit aka Blade

  283. Hey!
    Metalbear 60 Shaman/Elder CLW
    Metalliika 60 Bard/Minstrel CLW
    Metalysium 60 Alchemist/Metabolist CLW
    2003 – 2010
    Man, this game was the BEST! It would be great to get it back!
    Have ya’ll heard of EQ Next for PS4 tho? I guss that’s as close as we’re gonna get to getting something like this back.

  284. xbennyx says:

    xbennyx paladin 60 /hostock
    xjennyx cleric 60 /hostock

  285. Arturo Ramirez says:


  286. Mugwump says:

    Was Mugwump a troll shaman and Deadsage a human necro on hodstock from the beginning until shortly after pos, if memory serves.

  287. nathan says:

    i really miss the community of players that made this game special.
    no other MMO has captured the nostalgia for me like EQOA did.

    I played these toons mostly
    Exarkun/60 SK/Hodstock
    Darksadness/60 necro/ Hodstock -AOK

  288. Gorlack says:

    I really miss this game, was my First mmo and every single one I have played since did not hold me like EQOA, I beta tested it, I played it from launch until about 08 or 09. I believe my Server was Hodstock, It’s been so long, I had one character of note, a level 60 Barb Warrior named: Gorlack.

  289. Izeil says:

    This site is a total trip down nostalgia lane…I had many alts on the PPO server but the big ones were:

    Izeil : 60 Elf Minstrel (with both epics, old school bard king)
    Bizanned : 60 Metabolist
    Malzra : 60 Gnome Tinker Necromancer

    The rest I don’t remember the names of included a couple 60 sorcs and a 60 resist faithful. Been a LONG time since I played this game but I saw a few names that I remember like Dlain, Grobic, Dollron, and Crim. I miss the community we had for good or ill and all the stupid teenage crap we got into. Playing EQ1/2 currently if anyone wants to get a hold of me on the Vox (EQ1) or Freeport (EQ2) servers or email: izeil@hotmail.com

    • Stonee says:

      Welcome Izeil,

      I had a post recently with links to other community content that you should check out. There are a couple of forums out there that might have old EQOA friends lurking around.

  290. Relyc says:

    Relyc-47 gatorwere shadowknight-Direns hold-Elite mercenaries/shangri la guild
    Brother of lamilya-56 immortal druid- DH
    Brother of stealbalz-53 palidin-DH
    Boyfriend of rainbowbrite-53 druid-DH

    My alts were all on DH.
    Rainbowdark-37 wolfwere cleric
    Nyte-28 ranger
    Teror- 20ish necromancer

  291. Moonlily says:

    Moonlily / Diviner Druid

    Moonwitch / Blood Necro

    Darkdancer / Pyromancer


    I played almost the whole time, Lost intrest when my guild was full of a bunch of dorks who would not let me roll on loot. Old Times, Bad guild some good people.
    I know Marinia, Luanna and Guncon. Still talk to Guncon and Luanna after all these years. Guncon is my best bud I am talking to his punk self right now XD
    I was the Guild master of The Order of the skull and the Rose and Deepmidnight. Was main druid for Old Times and Township Rebelion.
    I miss that game was so much fun even when you wanted to kill your guild mates for being ding dongs. Miss a ton of people and some people not so much lol

    Play wow now off and on.

  292. Moonlily says:

    I think I know Stonee…

  293. Giovanni says:

    Wow just wow….blown away at this site I was feeling a little nostalgia so hit the google. well add me to the list of ppl who would like to play this game again and makes jokes like “god my leggs hurt; if only i could sit down”

    Guncon – Sorcerer
    Matrix – Shadow Knight
    Cures – Faith / Resist bot
    Gmoney – minstrel (I miss singing songs while stabbing mobs)
    (and an army of alts bwahaha)

    as mentioned above I part of group mentioned by Airica (hiya bud i remember you still lulz) Marina n myself ran a social site for the guilds we were in were we literally just vented n shot the breeze from everything n anything but mostly eqoa. SoE found the site deemed it evil & that it has to diaf hence our banns. Still crave this games CM Grind and isle of dread….good times please if the game gets revived feel free to email me =)

  294. Moonlily says:

    Giovanni you forgot to say you were on PPO dork xP

  295. yamus says:

    Yo yo yo Represent y’all::::::flashes PPO gang signs::::::

  296. yamus says:

    Shout out to my Home ” Stones”

  297. Moonlily says:

    I wish they would revamp EQOA give us back what we had, just clean up the graphics and add a ton of new stuff maybe some new races. Put it on the comp and Xbox and PS4, so many more people could play it. I do not miss how long it took to get to a raid in the start, but the kinda fixed that. I guess they should call it something other then Everquest, because anyone who has played any of the new MMORPGs knows that those have so many quests it is insanity. Maybe call it Everpull because I spent so many hours out at frogs or eyes just pulling for hours on end idk if I had to choose that or hours of questing it is a real toss up. They both get old fast, but I like that in most of the new MMOs you can fly which helps a lot. So maybe bring back the gam with lots of updates and bring back the really good people, minus Homogenious and how he use to cyber that one chick in Freeport everynight sometimes in shouts. That was bad.

    Remember….Being lvl one and running from Halas to Freeport and yelling in shouts “Is this Halas?!”

    Good times!

  298. Giovanni says:

    i miss the eqoa quests that gave epic loot they were long had content to a story n made you envelope your imagination but like all bad quests the grind part made it old fast….as far as the xp grind…its a good way to enjoy the power of your toon instead of blasting through instas like a sprinter being chased by wolves. that to me got old plus i like the ability to see raid bosses in world F’n ppl up n having the choice to come in and help or be a spectator. plus grinding lead to exploring to find the better camps and made it fun i mean c’mon how many of use killed tfgs naked to save rep n for the lulz

  299. David says:

    Personally i enjoyed those long grinds. Was sooo long you couldnt help but get to know your group members. Its hard to get to know anyone in a speedy instance, just not enough time. Now after a 4-5 hour grind it hard to avoid gettin to players after so long. Even more so if you camped raid mobs for days with other players (got to know alotta people camping siliskor, skyahir, and vox to get the PoS port)

  300. Moonlily says:

    I am my guild camped Lady Vox for 147 hours…she never spawned. That was the worst camp ever and in the end we bought the two robes we needed. As for getting to know people, did that in my guild. knew some really awesome people.

  301. Dlain says:

    Hey no problem guys

  302. Moonlily says:

    PPO was a very fun in many ways. I miss the funny people. People you could just chill out with and have fun. And as it was stated before you did get to know your group mates well. Sometimes to well and to deep. But as they say ignore is always there for a reason and you never really did have to many problems. I hope I can find some of the old people I use to hang with. I really miss DirtyJ that guy was the best tank I knew. He could pull stuff off that was crazy. There was also this dwarf pally who was insane at soloing I forget his name , but he gave me his Anri account and I gave it back but he was a great guy. Best bard for me was Macarenna (spelling) And Deedee was a slamming cleric. Relinquished was so good at solo and raids very good Necro taught me everything I knew and dinged me to 80 on my druid and my necro. I know that I remember Stoney , but not from what guild unless it was Township rebelion. Knew two bad a** shammys that were bugs one was Hiestine and I think the other was Duppa , just wonder where all these guys went. Stupid and a few others. Saw an old EQOA raid that was just put up on Youtube from old school Etheral. Man talk about the old days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz8vA_bLMXo Don’t know if anyone has seen it but here it is. I hope to talk to some of the people from the old days. PPO forever!

    • yamus says:

      I’m friends with a dwarf pally from township rebellion, named Padishar. He and DeeDee were friends. He got me hooked on eqoa.

      • Moonlily says:

        Gods I can not remember his name, but he was way old school, Did he have a Rogue named Anri? And could he solo almost anything? Dang I miss TSR! Had so much fun in it, till we all left for Old Times then it was kinda less fun lol

    • Alvin says:

      I slaughtered DirtyJ in a duel and we were both Level 60 Human Warriors. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Alvin – Level 60 Defender

    • Bobbob Mcbobson says:

      It’s 2017 and I still miss this game like you would not believe. Hey Lily, it’s me Dirtyj. Hows it hanging?

  303. ezekstone says:

    I love all you PPO mofos! I can’t believe it’s already been ten years.

  304. Moonlily says:

    I shall talk about a guild I was in anytime I want as I was in that guild and you were not. I was in the main tank group and you were not. Feel free to talk about Resurrection all you wish. I won’t be as I was never in it. 10 years, leave me be. I will not turn this in to a war board that would not be fair to stoney or anyone else who wishes just to come here and relive old school days. I am being as kind as I can possibly be to you, Asking you as nicely as I can. You know nothing about me, you have never seen me. So your words towards me are childish and cruel. You are a bully nothing more and nothing less and a stalker. Just stop already. Please.

  305. Dlain says:

    Good response buttercup well thought out and well written

  306. ezekstone says:

    These recent interactions provide no value at all.

  307. jadiss says:

    Ya I’m gonna have to unsubscribe if this doesn’t stop soon.

  308. Hemoglobin says:

    Hey all everyone, Hemoglobin here. Its nice to see a bunch of Ppo’s here. There are about 380 eqoa players in this Facebook group.www.facebook.com/groups/everquestonlineadventure . please join us if you have not done so already quite active there. You can add me at Facebook.com/mike.Ganance and I’ll add you.

    P.s. Dlain where have you been? Get at me dude, I don’t care if you don’t have Facebook get it.

  309. Brian says:


  310. Moonlily says:

    Hey Stoney, did you ever play on PPO? I remember a person named Stoney on there, but not what class or race as it was so long ago. Maybe you had an admirer.

  311. sedar says:

    Character name: Caliccoo
    Class: 44 Barbarian Shaman
    Server: Darren’s Hold.
    C.n: Shareawizzy
    C: 60 wizard/sorcerer.
    S: Marr’s Fist

  312. Jim says:

    I was on Diren Hold my toons were Thegost lvl60 human mage, Thedarkness lvl 60 human mage, Remember lvl 60 ogre nec, Thealamogre lvl 60 ogre nec ,Thealamo lvl 60 barb war, Raein lvl 60 hum wiz. I dualboxed and spent a lot of time at ratmen grinding whiskers. The people I remember playing with the most were Faile druid, Yalar ranger, Haystac rogue, Clownroyale warrior, Ozzuin nec, Telchar paladin. Their were many more but names escape me.

    Eqoa was my first mmo and nothing has compared to the excitement I got from that game since. WoW ,Rift, Guild Wars, Star Wars The Old Republic,Dayz and currently playing Wildstar. I have enjoyed playing all of these games but they just don’t give me the feeling I first got when I played my first mmo. I guess I know the feeling a drug addict gets always chasing that first intense high but never attaining it again.

    • Isilidor says:

      No game will ever mske me feel the way EQOA did, ill never forget all the great hours raiding and helping my bros and friends, a shout out to Darii, Ramador, Dcloc, Sunnis, Drunknrangr, Bobofet, Acoz, so. Many others i forget all the names but all my homies on Ferrans Hope miss you all hope you all are well

  313. Mak says:

    Isilidor or as many known me by isi, lvl 60 mc hunter werewolf. 1250 cm count on ferrans hope, isi was the 3rd strongest on the server under drunknrangr and acoz. Guilds were SE sayryns ecolon ans TR the ring. Ill never forget Darii she was a lvl 60 druid i met when i was a nooby she was nice enough to run me around on my hard quests and she power leveled me countless times, my character was known very well as well as Dcloc my brother in rl which was a dark elf shadow knight, him and i took siliscor down just the 2 of us with the help of darii’s heals miss that game intensly

  314. Ryan munzert says:

    Divinehealr – gnome rogue marr’s fist
    Munzert- human mage castle light wolf

    I created the guild, ‘The Return’ on castle lightwolf. during the final year of the game.

    • Ryan munzert says:

      Divinehealr – gnome rogue marr’s fist
      Munzert- human mage castle light wolf

      I created the guild, ‘The Return’ on castle lightwolf. during the final year of the game.

      I played from the first day of pre-fronts (Ryyon- human ranger) until the last year. I am now 23 years old.

  315. Ryan munzert says:

    Character name(s)/class/server:

    Divinehealr- gnome rogue on Marr’s fist. I always ran around with brickfist the monk. We were active in OG status. You probably heard me yelling in Freeport to play my “rolling” game.

    Also Munzert on CLW 2011-2012. I created the guild ‘The Return’ on CLW the final year of this

    Years active: March 2003- off and on until 2012

  316. ezekstone says:

    Seeking the person who played the elf ranger Vakarla on PPO. PST

  317. Vlladimir says:

    Magicdust 60 Muter CLW
    Vlladian 60 Pyro CLW
    Vlladimir 60 Doomseeker CLW
    Clem 60 Warrior CLW
    Vlladette 60 Faithful CLW
    Annafaye 60 Wiz CLW
    Kerak 60 Nec HOD
    Vlladimir 60 Faithful HOD
    and many many alts haha. Missing the game so much! I hope and pray that EQNext reunites the EQOA community! Would be nice to get as many EQOA players to game together in EQNext

  318. Starclad says:

    Diaswife 60 Guardian
    Sirina 60 Necromancer Chosen
    Starclad 60 Mystic
    Diamonon 60 Pyromancer
    Diamonos 50 Wizzy

  319. Niarlathotep says:

    I used to hang out and group with Telchar a lot as well. I think he has a Facebook account now. His phone number brings up a page if you search for it.

  320. Aanin says:

    Aanin Dark Elf Rogue from The Unnamed!

    I play FFXIV:ARR mainly now, and am going to play EQNext when it comes out.

    Hello all from The Unnamed! if you’re out there.

  321. James A. Johnson says:

    Though the sands of time (and 4:20) have made some memories vanish, I will never forget my first two characters: both on CLW; level 50 dwarf warrior Dalinar and level 60 troll shaman iloveweeds…sad to say that this game is not around anymore. Also, just to throw it out there, if anyone sees/talks to Hdrikki from CLW, tell her I would like to get a hold of her (sweet person in RL). Eastern Time Zone…

  322. Crushdem says:

    Crushdem (60 Mystic) Hodstock

  323. so many memories lately reading thru EQOA information

    Ikki \ Barb Warrior \ CLW was my first toon and never got to 60 lol

    Ykky \ Gnome Magician(Aeromancer for the SOW lol) \ CLW

    And tons of other alts that I played from 2003 thru 2006, I donโ€™t know why I stopped playing, miss the game so much ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  324. Barak 50 pld says:

    I started in beta and played up to Fronteers, I remember being one of the first to explore perma and running into Vox. Or killing Promaythor or what ever his name was for the first PLD epic on CLW. The memories and the people i met still come to my memory almost 12 years later. After quitting and moving on to other MMO’s like FFx1 and WoW this is still the one MMO that I reminisce about my only regret is not going back to play it again. To those that I had a blast with if you ever read this respond, I follow these posts….. Kyvonn, Newman, Vladrinko, Gollom and to many more

    Barak 50 PLD CLW
    Guild founder “Stars of Destiny”

    • atronarch says:

      I was hoping to find someone I knew from Stars! I remember hearing about the top 3 guilds and meeting people from stars. Pyrexia, zeddy, Vlad, aynesworth(sp?), moizic, and many more.

      I was a wizard, I joined at level 30 since that was the minimum level haha. It was my best mmo experience even if it wasnt the ‘best’ mmo out there. I been trying to find many people from CLW but its hard this far out. Like you im hoping to get in contact with these people, I mean they could be playing an mmo I play already, haha and even the great break into Stars of Destiny elite(i think). I wont bring up too many old memories but my time in that game and that guild sits solidly with me today, over a decade later.

      I play ff14 these days, but my roots are still from that old mmo that not many played on ps2. Twas great!

      Umm barak reply to this if you still follow, maybe we can work together to find some mutual friends, vlad and gollum are an overlap, I didnt know gollum too well(cleric if i remember right) but I was great friends with vlad and his buddies.

      Atronarch 50 WIZ CLW

    • Ertah de Halas says:

      Barak…your name rings on through time…what an indelible guild… SOD
      Faithfully your slave bracelet searching barbarian shaman Ertah…

  325. Kryptkeeperr says:

    Kryptkeeperr 60 Sage Necromancer (PPO)
    Crossbone 60 Defender (PPO)
    Runningwolff 60 Immortal Druid (PPO)

    Stumbled across this site and figured id name my toons from my original server. Moved to CLW shortly afterwards but far as i know i was best known on ppo. CLW i kept to myself mostly. Glad to see the EQOA community is still alive and kicking. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Everquest Next.

  326. Voxstellarum says:

    Voxstellarum: Human Sorcerer on DH. First Wiz on the server to MC, second person on the server to get the Plane of Sky port. Quit soon after that, and gave my account away so as not to screw over anybody that wanted to raid PoS.

    My favorite memory was taking down Siliskor with just me and Sekualhealin- an absolute monster of a Cleric. He was 56, I was 55. We had some “oh crap” moments, but the simultaneous “Goodbye Siliskor!”s in guild chat was one of the greatest moments of my experience with MMOs.

    I’ve been out of MMos pretty much since I stopped playing EQOA. Sure, I’ve dabbled around in a handful of free-to-plays, and checked out some private servers, but nothing like back then. You guys make this project a reality, and I’ll be back.

  327. Nic says:

    Man nostalgia right into my veins
    Landoria /human wizard Hiil / halfling rogue Ohta / elf ranger Automaton / gnome enchanter

    No other MMO comes close to the community in this game, lot of old friends and acquaintances on this page
    I will admit i was a bit of a guild hopper but the best times i had were in RoT, rites of the four horsemen, dragons of the four winds, and nuttyprof’s guild which i forget the name of at the moment, and of course KKoN!

  328. Johnhead says:

    Johnhead was my main – a 60 Gnome Rogue on CLW.

  329. Sterist says:

    Sterist — est hum alc
    Sterilizer — barb war
    Ster — hum nec
    Necrodancer — hum nec
    Stereal — gno cl
    Sterbear — barb sha
    Sterists — gno alc
    ??? — delf wiz, anyone remember the name?! lol

    more, can’t remember. you can find me on The Infinite Black (android / iphone game)

    kik, Sterist
    kakao talk, Sterist (but I’ll have to message you first)

    ~king of the FP wall and old bank tower glitch, HP wall and floor glitch. I am probably the only one who remembers how to do most if not all of these. very few knew how to do it at all.

  330. Matt says:

    Anyone else consider petitioning Sony for the software? Sony might be willing to sell it; they sure as hell aren’t making any money off it being decommissioned.

    Croudsourcing might be an option to get EQOA back. HIt me up at codewolfe81@gmail.com if you’re interested in advancing this.

    Ciirus Sorc Ferrans Hope

  331. Jonathon says:

    Omegaprime 60 Elf WW Paladin CLW 2003-2008
    I was in love with this game it was my first mmorpg and I never found another game that captured my attention as much as this.

  332. Frankie P says:

    Nitroustank/Stack CL/CLW

    I miss EQOA so much. It’s like once a month or so I have my nostalgia day and I look around on the web archive for the CS website or look at the forums that Lear is running. =( I haven’t played another MMO since, short a small stint into WoW with which I was not impressed.

  333. Wollfie says:

    Wollfie 37 Shaman/deleted but never forgot
    Xxwollfiexx 55 Paladin
    Biscuits 60 Ministrel
    Paperific 35 Warrior/625Cms ..and many more

    My first MMO grew up on this game and loved every minute of it. Seeing alot of names and people that I’d played with, glad to see the game is still being kept alive in memories. Mainly hung out with Omnix and Nityen/Ketsu…. FP arena all day…. Kiru oh how people hated you my friend… wish I had a way to get ahold of you! Baylan, last time I talked to you you were headed to collage hope all is well! Ama we departed on bad vibes, but you were and always will be a friend I will never forget… goodluck to all the former players EQOA4Lyfe PPO4Lyfe

  334. Abracadaver says:

    Well, I was one whom you either loved or you think I was big part of the downfall of the game. I might not have invented the AFK exp thing, but I definitely mastered it and popularized it.

    Hodstock Server

    Abracadaver – 60 Gnome Necro

    I believe my enchanter was Iovol also 60
    and my rouge was Iol. (the first letter was an i not an l)
    Bruehaha was my alch the kiting champion.

    Forgot the name of the Bard i was AFKing when Sony decided to suspend my account for awhile, which was my motivation for selling the account when they released my account from suspension.

    other alts.of various classes (can’t remember them all).

    So many names and memories in this thread it’s not even funny. Had so much fun in this game it wasn’t (well) funny. My schedule never really allowed me to par take in many of the high end raids or even participate much in guild stuff. That is pretty much why i started experimenting with HOT/DOT and afk techniques. Because my time in game was limited and it wasn’t uncommon for me and Bearzy and other friends start alts, then I get home from class or work and they’re 10 levels up on me.

    The games success was mostly I feel in the people playing it. It was a small game and in a sense we all had each others back (most the time). Something that I never felt really happened in WoW (which I graduated to).

    I came upon this site because I haven’t seen Bearzy in years, and it seems he is just as much in the shadows as ever. If you read this Bearzy I’m still at the same place, stop by sometime, someone is almost always home.

    Anyway, thanks for the little stroll down memory lane. It was a great game with great people, something that is severely missing now.

  335. Rainmaker says:

    Rainmaker-Ageless Knights of Avalon
    Ferrans Hope Server
    King of Highbourne! Bender of the Sky! Lord of the Morning!

    Miss all of my EQOA friends. Ah good times! Camping the Dragons! Line of Sight Rez to PLane of Sky!

    Ah the elite Paladin: Raeadan of the Azure Sky!
    I do want to apologize though, for my friend Redfire, wiping so many raids.
    Shout out to Grimgnaw aka Mr. Bear. Daethen and of course Dragmite

    As one of the first guilds to POS
    Too many times we beat Crypt, Blood and POR to the dragons!

  336. Nick says:

    Soil/Necro/Hodstock for life baby!!

    And some awesome alts bahaha

  337. Nick says:

    Soil/Necro/Hodstock for life!!

    Frostman, I remember you and Budamorff I think it was.

    BlackPearl guild, where ya at?
    Darklords, you too?!

    Eff Mighty Klansmen of Light lol

  338. Suamian says:

    Holy hell, so many names I remember. Suamian here, the gay elf combat spec bard in The Unnamed! I remember the day we formed up and couldn’t decide on a name haha… Good times with great people, still is one of my most memorable gaming experiences. Kept in contact with a few people over the years, good to see all these names again.

  339. Jizoe says:

    Looks like posting has slowed lately. I continue to come back and look for private serves, eqoa revival, and etc. I tried to get the save state running but was never successful. The nostalgia of this game has never left. It was my first mmo like many others. I loved every part of this game. I would grind CMs for hours on end. We had several 30-40-50 hours straight groups with no one sleeping. Ahh my college days were all spent on this game.

    I played on PPO. I was in ethereal when Frontiers rolled around, Krazybone left and we changed the name to Ressurection. I played Jizoe 60 dark elf cleric faithful. I was the first cleric to his 60 with Class mastery on PPO. I beat the stoney on PPO literally by like an hour. We were both on and grinding it out to be first! Jizoe had about 950cms when I decided to make fill the need of the guild and make a main tank.

    My next main character was Joeknowledge 60 Ogre Defender. I used the pet-in-group glitch and had a swarm of 60 necro pets in my group as I leveled. I got from 1-60 with 900cms over the course of about 12 days. I raided as the main tank for Ressurection for a couple of years. Had some major accomplishments along the way. We did Lord Nagafen with 11 toons with everyone else was using 16+. I MT’d noroxus one night with no ogre pill or avatar. Having only 7500hp when his triple 2000 crit hit was a sight to see. I MT’d Bertox on our very first try for the guild. I survived for 10.5 minutes and we had him down to 1 red left. All of my gear hit 0 and my buffs all dropped off. I remember DJ being there watching that one.

    Other characters over the days:
    Aracanablade 60 hum bard
    Arraignment 60 gnome wiz

    I ended up selling my gear and account and making a little over $1200 bucks off of it. The person that bought it leveled 5-6 toons to 60 on clw. I had a 2nd account that I had let a friend use. He leveled a warrior to 60 and did the 60 epics. I can’t recall the name he gave it. After I got the urge to play again, I came back and leveled another mage to 60 to join a guild.

    I am still in contact with my rl friends that played as well. Cizzy/Ciznody, Equis, Hartnett, Mrshartnett. I read through this list and saw some names I remember. Moonlilly, Anri, Dlain, DeeDee.

    Maybe I’ll be able to catch up to everyone once EQNext Finally makes it here.

  340. Moonlily says:

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/EQOA-Memorial-Magazine-EGM-2003-/131442915474 Saw this on FB tonight, not trying to sell anything, just wow someone has something like that still from the game, I have like 2 unopened 1st game CDs lol I found em in a box. Kept em idk why.

  341. Destiny says:

    Housewife, 60 Cleric Werelion Faithful, CLW
    Pria, 60 Shaman, CLW
    I played almost the entire game, up until about 4 months prior to shutdown. HMU on WoW: US Server Muradin: Domminatryx (Horde) and many others.

    Ran with Houserules, 60 Bard and Mysticalxz and Forsakenxz and Cataclsym and my homie Neil’s toon whom I can’t remember his name at this time (though Neil and I are still friends to this day). I would take every penny spent on WoW since EQ died and double it to play EQOA again. I freaking loved this game…so many memories and friends.

  342. Phatrabb says:

    Phatrabb/ Barrien /diren hold

  343. Kakkarot says:

    Kakkarot Bard PPO Ethereal
    Powerboard Mage PPO Ethereal

    I remember Stoney. This was a fun intro to MMO’s game. My first one. I play a hunter on Draka WoW in Burning Sensation now.

    Great memories in that game. Getting to play in the beta for Frontiers with the devs. Seeing my bard make the box for Frontiers. Then discovering the pet PL bug which I later regretted as it kinda messed up the game.