I’m a software consultant and played EQOA dating back to my high school days in 2003. I briefly returned in 2011 and right before the games eventual termination in 2012.

I started this blog in October 2010 as more of an outlet of memories. It has evolved into the last remaining piece of a game that’s being quickly forgotten. I do not update the blog as much as I did on day 1, but EQOA remains my favorite video game experience of my life and I frequently think about different moments from Tunaria. This blog is now a dedication to the game and its former players. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Pollux says:

    well said!

  2. Theron says:

    Hi there,

    I just discovered this blog from another player over at Allakhazam. I’m thinking about returning as well. I just can’t get enough of this game. I’ve been playing since pre-fronts since the dial-up age. I sold my first account and discs but a year later I bought two more copies and ended up dualboxing! I take frequent breaks however and won’t be able to play so much due to college and work. However, if you ever see me around on CLW be sure to send a tell to Thalas or Oggurk.

  3. Theron says:

    Haha nice! I’m actually considering them for their creative writing graduate program. Though honestly I’m a Notre Dame fan lol.

    • Stoney says:

      I had a friend do that program for undergrad. They really enjoyed it… nice rooms and lounges for the grad students, too.

      • Theron says:

        Nice, I’m planning on graduating in Spring 2012 so I still have some time to decide. So when were you planning on returning to EQOA? I’m on the main login page right now and can’t decide whether I want to fork over $16 or not lol.

      • Stoney says:

        We’re aiming for some time in early January. I need to upgrade some hardware before I return. If I were you, and this is based on advice from other readers, call up SOE and say that you’re thinking of returning and are wondering if they offer any sort of free trial.

  4. Theron says:

    Ahh too late. That might have been a good idea, but oh well. I just added the subscription so here goes!

    I hope we can group sometime. If I enjoy my experience maybe I’ll activate my second account and finish leveling my cleric.

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  6. Occoclet says:

    Brings a tear to my eyes. 🙂

  7. Wilbur says:

    Damn this is a walk down memory lane. Pollux how in the world are ya mate? email me or Xbl if ya can on Beastthebomb would be great to catch up

  8. Kaedayin says:


  9. Smittz says:

    Holy shit! This game still warms my heart.
    Without a doubt the best gaming experience in my entire life.


  10. Maltaethir says:

    …go away trolls

  11. Maraco says:

    i played this for years and i quit in 2010, very sad to see it go.Hopefully they bring it back on the ps3.its in development so see you all there i know it will blow the roof off.Maraco 60 Cleric best healer out there;p

  12. James A. Johnson says:

    This is Dalinar Level 50 (I think…been SO LONG)…not sure if you are aware but there is currently a project up on Facebook called EQOA: Revival, which is making huge progress for bringing it back on PC…Thank you for listening DALINAR Dwarf Warrior/ILOVEWEEDS Level 60 Troll Shaman

  13. Frostman says:

    Hello everyone, I was on Hodstock, some of my toons were Frostman lvl 60 barb shaman, Madmag lvl 60 human mage, TheClank, lvl 60 dwarf cleric. I was in Blackpearl, Weekend Warriors and The Unnamed. I moved to Fh for a bit on Ironnec then late in the game to Clw. I really miss the game and the community.

  14. Chris says:

    Hi Pollux,

    I’m hoping you still check this, I doubt it. But this is Wilbur your friendly gnome. I remember having so much fun playing along side you. This was definitely the best video game experience I’d ever had.
    Hopefully you will check this

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