EQOA Podcast: LFG

A couple of guys have created a podcast series. Here’s the first episode:

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4 Responses to EQOA Podcast: LFG

  1. Chris N says:

    Could you please drop us an email at eqoalfg@gmail.com
    We would love to have you on the show!


  2. James says:

    Menmenmen here 60 alc from clw. Great work guys, seeing this made me miss the hell out of this game even more. Keep up the great work . Anyway i can help?

  3. Giancarlo says:

    I loved this podcast episode. Hopefully they will do more soon. Not really sure if they have any more available. I’m also not up to date with the EQOA Revival page. I should go back and take a look. I really do miss EQOA. I never reached lvl 60 at all. Just got up to level 30 or so with my character Grobles in Castle Lightwolf. Hopefully with the revival project I will be able to reach 60. This was my first mmo and a magical experience. Congrats on the page Stonee. Hope you keep it up! BTW, what are you playing as an alternative to EQOA? Any other mmos? I decided to move to The Lord of the Rings Online and have been playing for years. But obviously even though it is fantasy like EQOA there is nothing that captures that feeling of exploring the unkown. When you moved through Tunaria you knew that anything could kill you. It was great as a Human magician coming out of Freeport to reach Neriak and actually grind rats for reputation in a bar with the feeling that any npc could find you and kill you on sight. I never did reach a high enough rep to be friendly in Neriak but just the experience itself was something I’ll never forget. Anyway I’m just reminiscing here 🙂

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