Would you feel comfortable if SOE made the financials of EQOA public?

I’m curious about these MMO’s that take a lot of resources to remain active yet have loyal fan followings. This goes for F2P as well. Now, SOE is part of Sony, which is a publicly traded corporation so there might be certain rules and ideas that are not smart to their business. But, what if SOE had sent you and all of its former players an email that simply stated, “hey, we can’t keep EQOA up unless we raise X amount per month.” I view this as almost a Kickstarter campaign for the survival of current products. What if we could have ensured an additional year of the game?

Edit: Changed the wording of the question to more accurately reflect what I’m trying to gauge. If a major corporation like Sony pretty much said, “we don’t think this is financially viable unless you paid a lot more,” would you support that communication over not giving the players an option? I’m most interested in those who wouldn’t support the communication.

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10 Responses to Would you feel comfortable if SOE made the financials of EQOA public?

  1. misticalmonk says:

    would i have been offended? probably. would I have paid? damn right I would’ve. every cent.

  2. Clayton says:

    I’d pay 30+ a month to play this again. Loyal fans would come back + with new social networking this game would get the word of mouth and most of all ADVERTISING it desperately needed back at launch. FFS let us raise money to bring it back if its possible.


  3. Cut Creator says:

    I voted no, but that would largely depend on what X amount of dollars was. Especially at this exact moment where there are other console options. Would I pay more to play EQOA than I currently pay to play FFXIV? Probably not, especially realizing that one day, its just going to be over. At some point they’re going to shut it down. With EQOA being 15 bucks a month, there’s a likely chance I would have moved on when a much better game came out. FFXI never really reeled me in and that’s why I kept playing EQOA.

    • Stonee says:

      Right, so why invest in the lifeline of a product that’s eventually going to be shut down anyway? What I’ve written doesn’t offer a permanent solution.

      • Cut Creator says:

        Well No Stonee and of course there is no such thing as a permanent solution. My perspective was simply my own, but I can definitely understand that there are those passionate enough about the game that they WOULD pay an amount to continue to play it for a vast amount of time. I LOVED the game. I just think at some point it goes “I would do anything for love. But I wont do that.”

      • Stonee says:

        Always love Meatloaf references!

  4. Versifier-PPO says:

    The poll is a no loss/no win question. We already know the outcome of one answer. So of course people will vote yes, it is the only option that is not a guaranteed loss.

  5. Irris says:

    I wish they would just say, “Hey, we need [This much] to bring the game back and [This much] to keep it going.

  6. Jesse says:

    I would have definitely supported this. I would have loved to have the option instead of it just being like “Alright y’all are shut down. Laters”. And I agree with another post I saw, I would pay $30 a month to play and probably dual box again lol. What’s funny about this is thta I actually have a friend who only played Eqoa a few times with me and was a huge WoW player and said he missed Eqoa and would move from WoW so fast if Eqoa came back and pay a sub fee. This goes to show that even to hardcore fans of other mmos, Eqoa can touch you in a certain place (wink wink). Here’s to Eqoa and hoping for possibly it’s return or something of equal value in the future. Cheers!

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