Officially a place I never visited in EQOA

I’m under the impression I have seen about 99% of Tunaria’s mainland… well I found part of that 1% while watching one of Alutra’s videos (4:05 in):

I couldn’t get the video to link and go to the 4:05 mark. Anyway, he is running from Seriak to Rivervale and along the way visits an undead island. Now, I’ve been to this island before. What I had never done was go inside the main building  and go downstairs.

If there’s ever a plug for Alutra’s EQOA Forever work, it’s now. I never knew this place existed within Tunaria.

Check out the rest of his work here!

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7 Responses to Officially a place I never visited in EQOA

  1. Rezikai says:

    The building w/the undead on isle is old Castle Felstar… the EQoA Prima Guide states: Verghest Felstar- Castle Felstar, Lake Nerius, Felstar Casle. Verghest Felstar (Human necro) and his undead legions are in this faction.

    If I remember correctly he’s a rare spawn (or quest spawn) at the bottom of those corridors in Castle Felstar,.. I think a named undead ghoul or something spawns down there as well. It’s been a while since I thought about it.

  2. misticalmonk says:

    Hail Stonee! i was wondering if you could help me identify a place. if you go to youtube and watch EQoA Montage / Tribute video at 5:33 there is a place called Haili Cave. Is this the hidden cave found in lake rathe? If so i do not remember it being so shiny! Let me know what you think brother!

    • Stonee says:

      Hey there monk! I have no idea where that is at. The graphic doesn’t even ring a bell. If I don’t recognize something, I usually have Wreck help me out. So when he read this comment, he’ll be able to explain what/where that is!

  3. Rezikai says:

    The Halai the sea people / mer-people that worshiped in the Halai Cave/monument on the island off the west coast of Odus known as Kerra Isle. Their temple was the statue with a Trident and you went into the statue’s mouth down into the cave to the priestess’ and adds to spawn. Before the gear nerf shortly after Frontiers launched the Halai tank armor was almost on par with higher end raid gear.

    Some of the jewelry to, which if you remember they made a vendor in Highpass to trade in for XP, and a few ingenious souls remembered the trade/dupe exploit and quickly got 1500 CM’s before anyone else using it. Then they turned in the dupe/glitch to the GM’s and were thanked for letting them know.. and got to keep the 1500 iirc.

    IMO it was one of the nicer places to XP b/c it had the occasional quester out there for the 53/55/57 kerra isle quests and it wasn’t bad XP before the change to Elephant Graveyard that put in all the Xrag Eyeballs (it was just pits w/bones and the occasional elephant statue) nor the great pet-stance change that basically made any group but 3 necros and a puller worth while xping at said EG Eye-camps

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