The “Elite” Guilds on Hodstock

These were the guilds that, at 16 years old, I thought were cool. They were always the first into things and every member had the coolest gear. (Coolest gear is relative in EQOA-speak. There were maybe 10 different graphic types.)

  1. The Unnamed – This guild was the original Rat Pack. Dean, Your, Kono, some Troll Shaman that I never saw, were some of the folks that made up this original gangster crew. They were the first on the server to take down IoD and at one point they owned the only two, black ALL/ALL robes on the server. They eventually fell victim to the FFXI and WoW craze. I believe TU was the first guild on any server to take down some of the bigger bosses around the Plane of Sky era.
  2. Alliance of Kings – These guys were always the close 2nd… until TU fell apart, opening the door for AoK. Their rise was at the same time there was the infamous pet glitch, allowing people to go 0-60 in a day.
  3. Brethren – one of the oldest guilds and the few that I got to be a part of, these guys had a core of 4-5 players that were rock steady. Prophecy was the most known in the group due to the fact that all his characters were some variation of the letters in Prophecy.
  4. The Guardians Nor Vacuous – These guys spawned after their first try, Dues Ex, essentially crumbled. At one point they attempted to do another super-high level-mashup with a guild called Pandemonium. That ultimately failed because 50 people don’t become friends over night. TGNV became the strongest guild in the game starting in early 2005. Lead by the obsessive and easily frustrated Johnpetrucci, these guys were die hards. JP and Foxfoot are two that I remember most. They would own those eye camps near Siliskor.

Some random guild after downing Siliskor.

There were tons of other guilds on our servers, yet these were the most notable and longest lasting. What guilds were on your server?

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169 Responses to The “Elite” Guilds on Hodstock

  1. Tim says:

    Hey! I was in two of those guilds. Glad I was trolling google today.

    AoK and TGNV = pwnage.


  2. Moory says:

    I know I was one of those people farming that black ALL/ALL robe. I believe it dropped in Stoneclaw, but can’t be 100% sure.

    • Stoney says:

      One, the CV, dropped at Bandits down the road from BSI. I’m not sure I had a character within the leveling range of those things by the time they shut down the CV.

  3. Lostangyl says:

    I was in TGNV. Johnpetruci, at the time we started associating with TGNV (My husband and I played together and were masters of a smaller, leveling, family-style guild from 1-60) was not there. He later returned, but my memories of that time were when Paizan and Pollux were leading it. We’ve mentioned getting our ps3 fixed/ replacing our ps2s (we were running 4 at one point late in our game) and just reactivating an account to run around and see just how dead it is these days. They actually got an update in December…

  4. Lostangyl says:

    Close… The guild was actually Dark Crusaders and Lostangyl and Lostpilgrim (and Lostguy very early on) were the masters. πŸ™‚

  5. Majestra says:

    That Shaman you mentioned was Skorge, I believe. He’s rolling on XBL under the same name. This is Majestra/Sanelwen btw (duh) Hi Hodstockians πŸ™‚ /waves

    • Stoney says:

      Yeah Skorge rolled through everything. I mentioned him in another post. I do remember your character… mainly from hanging around FP. Sanelwen reminds me of a caster of some sort, but at the same time I think there was a ranger by a similar name?

      • Majestra says:

        Yeah. Sanelwen was my 50 Elf Ranger (first on the server :D) even though Renelan (RIP bro) and Oryan were the first 2 50 Rangers (Human). And Majestra was my 60 Geomancer. I afked a lot in FP (HP in the early days). If anyone’s looking for any specific people, just let me know. I’m still in contact with dozens of EQOA peeps. And I knew who everyone here was lol xD. One of the reasons I hate having a photographic memory :(. It’s amazing how much time has gone by >< I think I was 16 or 17 when I got EQOA and now I'm 25. Time flies 😦

  6. Nekram says:

    Jesus. Heres some names I remember and its Nekram Barb Sham and Karnem Erudite Enc btw. Just nice to see some familliar ppl posting. Running on WoW atm named Mahou Horde side on Area 52 server. Also just picked up Rift on the Freeholme Server as a Defiant named Mahou as well. I’m going to bookmark this page and come back from time to time to check. Also sup Malt and Sanelwen.

  7. Majestra/Sanelwen says:

    Jason! Where have you been? lmao. You were offline on Live for like a year last time I checked. My ex removed all my friends on Live and I sent you a FR like 4 months ago, but I guess it expired haha.

  8. Majestra/Sanelwen says:

    Also, to anyone on Xbox Live, hit me up. I play everything. (waiting for a better MMO than PSU or FFXI to hit the 360 >.>). GT= WTG Rocketman

  9. Nekram says:

    Yea the only things i play on my xbox are the Halo games when they first come out I only play the storyline. You should get a PC if you want a MMO the only thing you might get on a console is FF14 IF they even port it to PS3 because currently they had to make it free to play because it was so horrible at release and they are completely revamping it.

  10. Chase says:

    WoW, I totally stumbled upon this website, amazed to see people were commenting on here in the recently past few days. I cannot tell you how much I miss this game.

    I remember almost all of you. My name was Salvatron (Barb, rogue) and Bardolmer (Human, monk) I was a child and not very well liked by some on the server because I showed a lot of immaturity. I think the saddest day was when went offline. Oh well…

    Anyways some good news guys. Sony announced EverQuest 3 for PC, and in the same sense hinted that it could be cross platform. I would play PC myself, but god I don’t think nothing will bring back the good days of EQOA. So many flaws that have been fixed in new MMOs. I have yet to see the epic amount of drama that EQOA produced.

    I don’t think I cried/ and felt so betrayed in a game after Acacia stole my CV robe.

  11. Boneduke says:

    From Diren Hold…the guilds that stand out in my mind from back in 2003/2004 were…

    The Inner Sanctum
    Order of Echelon
    Guild of the Drunken Monkey (had their own t-shirts!)

    Lots of other great guilds but those three are somehow memorable for me, years later πŸ™‚

    Ahh looking at the memberlist here sure takes me back…

  12. Majestra/Sanelwen says:

    If EQ3 went multi-platform, I might just be tempted to get a PS3 lol. Been sticking with the whole 360 thing since it came out. Not really into any of the non-EQ MMOs and since EQ2 didn’t have that same vibe that EQOA did, I just don’t see myself getting another one until it comes out in console form. And I agree with Boneduke, the day our watering hole ( closed, I really had a hard time adjusting my daily routine to NOT checking the site daily D: lol. Btw, new GT if anyone’s on the 360. Im Da Rocketman

  13. Awww no one else has replied yet. New GT again: Hom36r0wn

  14. My name’s not an obvious giveaway? lol :P. I had a 50 Ranger named Sanelwen (first Elf Ranger to 50) and an Elf Mage named Majestra that I made to sort of “vent” after I was kicked from TU lol, who was one of the first Geomancers on Hod. After that, I bought a couple accounts. Most notably would be the 60 Transmuter named Solomen or something and I bought Dean’s account from Zack, who stripped the account of the black robe and the CVs. The last run I had on EQOA was with Black Pearl, who definately deserves a place on this list. Having a photographic memory, I can recall all the guilds/people I was associated with. First guild was just shortly after launch and it was Silvermoon’s guild, “Natures Defenders” lol. Then I went to Rusha’s first guild (when Kamathos and Jade were still around lol), the name of it escapes me for some odd reason, but it was AoK before there was an AoK. Then I started leveling a lot faster than everyone else and that started pissing me off, so I started talking to Yoou and Cinork and they got me into TU. Had about a good….3-4 month run with them, had a “spat” with Riven, her husband and their son (I trained them at the Cyclops gate because I was cocky and thought, “I’m in TU and I can do whatever I want!” lol xD kind of had a Cartman moment there, but yeah….she went and blabbed to Yoou about what I did, I got kicked, had my little “fuck you, fuck you fuck you, you’re cool, fuck you, I’m out” (Half Baked reference lol) moment, got kicked, went to Dark Covenant for awhile because I was friends with Sethriel, that was working pretty well for awhile, but I just got tired of the all the bickering, so I left them, went to Darklords with my good friends Kuruptelf/Claudius and Chaka/Micaha, we had a small 8-10 person guild for awhile (when I first got there), then Bloodfang came back and re-assumed control of the guild and he got together with Riven about doing some united guild raids and when she found out I was in Darklords, she started fussing to Bloodfang and I got kicked from there and then I spent the remainder of my days in EQOA with Black Pearl. Some of the nicest people I ever met in that game and they’re who I miss the most. I still play/talk to some people from EQOA, but the majority of them are gone.

    • Waza says:

      I remember that Cyclops Gate / Training incident very well. You remember me? I played a Chanter, I think I made the “You’re cool” list before you left.

  15. Ah, lmao. I literally just remembered the name of Rusha’s old guild. It was Chapter of Victory, or CoV for short. And sorry for the length of that last post. But that’s about as clear as I could get to giving a definitive answer.

    • joey says:

      weren’t you in Wind of Fate for awhile too?

      • Sanelwen/Majestra says:

        Ah yeah. I think I missed a few of the guilds I was in. I actually had a fun run in WoF. Actually, I think I was in WoF before making the TU jump. I remember camping crocs for days with a few people from WoF haha. Can’t remember their names, but the elven cleric’s name started with an A and there was either a barb or an SK we always ran with that started with an M I think. lol I know that’s not very descriptive, but yeah…

  16. Sanelwen/Majestra says:

    Update: I found BearzyWearzy on a random game of CoD. His gamertag is: Buttneck if anyone misses the geezer πŸ˜› lol j/k if you ever read this, BW

  17. Maltaethir says:

    Dunno if anyone reads this, but a bunch of us (myself, joecmel, raid, rayth, ryegar, possibly shorte, alto, zizz, and more are playing Star Wars The Old Republic now.

  18. Sanelwen/Majestra says:

    I check this thread periodically lol. Hey Malt! I have Camel on MSN and the only one on that list I remember is Shorte. I thought about getting TOR, but I just can’t commit to another MMO, especially one on PC. Hope you guys have a blast on there, though! I might still get it, but eh…I did the Galaxies thing and was let down, so we’ll have to see how TOR is. I’ve lost a LOT of respect for Bioware and especially EA lately, so it’s a toss-up for me lol.

  19. Sanodar says:

    This just took me down memory lane. I, too, was in Unnamed back in my days – Sanodar. I also went to AoK when TU went down. Literally all of these names I recognize. How could anyone forget BearzyWearzy? He was something else.

    Times really does fly.

  20. Sanelwen/Majestra says:

    Hey! It’s the other San! lol how you been, bud? I still see you on AIM, but you’re always on mobile, so I don’t know if I should message you.

  21. Crocadoc says:

    Crocadoc 60 Defender, Crocer 60 Pyro. I do not think I knew any of you directly but definitely recognize your names and guilds. I ran a small guild Team Machine for a time. Was involved in Brethren and often helped out Infamous. Reading these posts is pretty nostalgic.

  22. Shane says:

    Snowball/Snowfall here. On Proudpine Outpost, at least in the early days, it was…

    1. Ethereal – they were the bad guys, as their leader was infamous as a complete ass. I wish I could remember his name.
    2. Resurrection – the other huge guild. Had a handful of friends in this guild.
    3. Three Kingdoms – not the biggest guild, but they were always raiding cool content, and were pretty cool people if you encountered them. Was just reminded of them while strolling down memory lane on this sight.
    4. The Lollipop Guild – Gotta mention them because they were my people! We didn’t do alot of raiding on our own, but we’d group up with other medium size guilds and raid IoD or Plane of Sky. It broke up once when there was a feud between some founders (which was odd), so I sort of had to refill the ranks w/ good people slowly over time.

    I’ve been on an EQOA google spree since last night when it first occurred to me to do so since I quit in ’05, and I found a thread on the old forums by an old guildy who stuck around a little longer than I did, and he was “hoisting one up” to old times, and on his list of memories, which included the Lollipop Guild, he mentioned me as “Maeglin (Snowball)”. Maeglin was the little wizard I first made on Marrs Fist when I met him as noobs. We moved to PPO when it came out shortly after, and founded the Lollies. I have to say, it got me a little choked up, which would piss off every woman I’ve ever been involved with, as I am not known for my sentimentality :P. I do miss those people. I think we are all lucky to have experienced the strange phenomenon this game was. I remembering getting an email around 2008 from the only guildy who I stayed in touch with about how one of our people had died, and I was surprised how much it rattled me, as I had never actually met that person. Unfortunately, that email address vanished and now I guess there’s no way to track down old friends. I’d kill for a quick stroll down memory lane with any of them.

    • steven murda says:

      the leader was kalidon haha my name ingame was rangystevem and my alts where bikaben and galdann

    • Andrea says:

      Hey Snowball! Thanks for the Three Kingdoms mention, GREAT memories for me there… I’m sad to hear EQOA is shutting down but so very glad I played.

  23. Nekram/Marken says:

    Nekram/Marken here. Picked up Star Wars and its pretty good. very similar to other mmo’s. Malt still living in Pheonix? I’m living in Evanston Wyoming atm working for the next year or so. If anyone were to try and contact me on SWTOR im on Dead Wind Corridor char name Mahou. Other then that ill try and check back here from time to time.

    Also I do miss alot of ppl from this game. It’s funny how I remember a dozen or more ppl from this game 8 years or so back but recent guildies from WoW that I’ve raided with for months didn’t make an impression.

  24. Sanelwen/Majestra says:

    You done with XBL, Jason? 😦 You didn’t stick around long after SF4 came out lol. A few of us are still on. I’m always on, Buttneck’s on once in awhile and Shlyke’s still on sometimes. I just wish they’d release another console MMO so I could play with yall lol. Sucks having a bad back and not being able to sit my PC chair for too long. >:O

  25. Chris Vona says:

    Hey, this is Alessandra/Adnil…..I remember you Maj..I am playing SWTOR currently as well..miss everyone i played eqoa with….if you recgonize me…..shout it out

  26. Sanelwen/Majestra says:

    Hey, Adnil! Yeah, I remember you from DC :P. My laptop has enough power to run TOR, but I’m having issues with continued overheating, so that’s the main reason I haven’t gotten it. Once I get it back, I may check it out.

  27. Nemisis says:

    Hey Sed, Malt, Sanelwen and Lion! Nice to hear from you all, some of you may remember my troll warrior, was in Kings of Grobb with Skorge and Conqueror then joined AoK. Had so much fun playing this game with you guys, someone told me they were closing the game down now and I stumbled on this site doing some reminiscing. Been awhile since I played WoW with you Lion Nerb and Morg, I still play on chromagus from time to time, been playing my Shadowknight on Everquest 2 recently.

    • Smittz says:

      Wow, whats up Nemisis! So many great memories with this game. It is hard to believe it was so long since I have played yet the memories are so thick like it was yesterday. 2003 and 2004 were the best years of gaming I have ever had and I doubt there will ever be a game that will be so unforgettable.

  28. sed/cattie says:

    Nem I posted my real id on that old guild we had on chrom…also Delf is playing eq2 now also ….

  29. Nemisis says:

    Whats up Smittz my favorite shaman healer! Seems like just yesterday we were 2 tank grouping the minotaur caves and pulling every single one of them outside , I cant seem to remember that barbarian warriors name that started with a Z.

    Hey there Sed, I will add you to my battlenet friends list next time I get on WoW, will be at least a couple weeks I wont have much time to play anything this month I’m starting a new job.

  30. TheBrack says:

    Eqoa greatest game ever made. lost years of my life to this game and looking to do it again if it comes to ps3. i was on the hodstock server in a few guilds – NWO new world order was first and brethren, :titans: i think it was and tgnv, and the DC, and i cant remember the rest. characters were Bracks 60 Sha, Brackella 60 Nec, Skcarb 60 SK, Brackattack 60 Clr, Brackela 60 Mage, and about 5 or 6 more 60’s. Great times playing this game and leveling up toons with some good friends like my buddy Drewski aka Drewthedoc aka Andrewthegre , Proph and his 50 toons lol
    and Bleizin and everyone else. fingers crossed for new Eq on ps3

  31. TheBrack says:

    Hit me up on xbox live or Psn – TheBrack is the name on both

  32. Candrin says:

    Wow, been a while. Just looked at the game today and noticed it was shut down. I remember most of you.

    Was in TGNV before I had a spat with Pollux about not letting dual boxers roll twice for raid loot. Other than that I was in AoK for a day thanks to Nerb and booted thanks to… can’t remember, I think half of them didn’t like me. Prolly coulda been in AoK no problem if Malt didn’t share my secret that Heart was my alt.

    Hearing that Nerb plays WoW is almost enough for me to want to play that. I was in the original guild with him, Morg and Sha…something.

  33. Nekram/Karnem says:

    Just got on the Guild Wars 2 early start and its great. I’ve played in the beta a few times and its had issues with lag and stuff yet last night I had no problems. I’ve made a Elementalist on the Sanctum of Rall server named Nekram if anyone wants to chat or whatever.

  34. Sanelwen/Majestra says:

    Been playing Borderlands 2 and Happy Wars on Xbox. If anyone’s playing either, hit me up! Gamertag: a fat fella

    Also getting ready for Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 (Jason?).

    And for those few EQOAers that I had the pleasure of playing PSU with, they’ve shut the servers down for it :(. Had great times on both games, but EQOA will always be my “holy shit!” game.

  35. Skorge says:

    Hey guys it’s Skorge here…gud to see everyone posting here and nice to hear from you all again. Lately I’ve been playing old school Everquest for free on an old school emulated server called Project 1999. It’s website is if u want to check it out. If you want to start up toons there let me know and I can help you get started.

    Yes, EQOA was one of my best gaming experiences ever. Met a lot of cool people and had a lot of good times. Would be nice to go back to them times and play all over, haha…really hope they release EQ3 on a console like everyone was saying earlier.

    If u want to keep in touch hit me up, my email is

  36. Nekram/Karnem says:

    Yea Sanelwen I’ll be on Halo 4 just I’m not sure if I will be able to play it online since my 360 that had my gamertag died and I had to get a new one. The HDD is different so I can’t just swap it over and since I made the account 11 years ago I have no idea what password I used so the account recovery on the new one is cock blocking me. And of course no one i get on the phone is helpful so idk. But yea Skorge that sounded all great and I just made an account on that project1999 site then I noticed I’d have to buy used 70$ discs that stoped me cold and the new ones are selling for 250$ which is even worse. Anyhow nice to see you’re around, have you heard from Conqueror ? Last time for me was well over a year ago i want to say on xbox live maybe ? I really wish I’d have had money and the foresight back in 07 or 08 to send to Kono to keep running just to keep in touch with everyone there.

  37. Nekram/Karnem says:

    Also Sanelwen whats this nonsense about a bad back keeping you from being a pc gamer? Have you not yet figured out that your flat screen tv will double as a monitor with a hdmi cable and a wireless KB and mouse and you’re in business. Just slide your recliner or some other comfy chair close and whitle away the hours like the rest of us do. If I knew how I’d post a picture of me sitting in my wooden armed leather recliner 5 feet from a 46 inch samsung as I’m typing this.

  38. Bearzywearzy says:

    Oh man…I may just try PC EQ after reading through all this. EQOA…Those were the good ol’ Days etc. etc.

    I’m Buttneck on Steam and Xbox Live btw.

  39. Bearzywearzy says:

    Downloading EQ now. Just to try it…

    By the way, I play Guild Wars 2 on occasion. Excellent game. Free to play.

  40. ?Defender? says:

    Wow…. alot of names… Hi all!!!! Was member of most guilds including BP with the March era… also whatever Lancewilliams guild was… been to long… Hope all is doing good!

  41. Sanelwen/Majestra says:

    What were your toons in BP, Defender? I had my last hoorah with BP and loved everyone in there. I hate to say this, but the guild leader’s name escapes me at the moment…..pretty sure it started with a D? lol. Making me get all nostalgic now, damn it! I still have Batosai on AIM and haven’t talked to March since like…..’05. Time fuckin’ flies.

  42. Sanelwen/Majestra says:

    Dodes! I knew I’d remember it!

  43. Amnesia says:

    Chapter of Victory was great!!! I remember when it died…freaking jade ran everyone i ended up joining Malts guild for a bit then ended up in Alliance of Kings…when they figured out i could tank anything lol.
    Was also known as Rusha

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  45. Sanelwen/Majestra says:

    Yup, I remember you, Rusha. When I was in Defenders of Nature (Silvermoon and Jera’s guild), we ran a few joint raids with CoV, and after a Skahyir raid, Kamathos recruited me to CoV. I had some good times there. Met some cool peeps like you, Kam and Valefor. I recall leaving because of Jade’s attitude.

  46. Spittfyre says:

    Wow, just wow at all the names I remember on here. I was Spitfyre (60 ranger) and Spittfyre (60 Ogre Warrior). Was in AoK back in the day, and in the end was in Darklords with Rosered, Smeeg, Vaeuaar, Sandar, Goobosco, Seiko, Croax….amongst others. Most of which I still am in contact with on FB or WoW. Miss that game so much. My toons are still parked in BW next to that tree off to the right. Such good memories.

  47. Spittfyre says:

    Reading this brings back so many memories. And has made me hope for another game that can compare. I have played WoW, enjoyed it….but it’s just not the same. Have been sitting remembering the names of players…Rosered, Smeeg, Vaeuuar, Sandar, Goobosco, Seiko, Croax, Santaria, Synful, Mrhyde, Drjekyl, Johnpetrucci, Hookededo, Nychoel, Joecmel, Morgalla, Enzo, Enaro, Nemesis, Dagnir, Bam/Maltethir, Nizen, Mutenttank and his wife (Lal…) something…Kalamaf, Nicamaf, Dikamaf, Imtappd, Scarlett, Bearzywearzy, Cenlain, ….man so many names to remember. In the end there, Darklords was pretty much owning everything. I remember setting up the twins rotation so each guild had a week there without interruption from others, less fighting over spawns was so nice. We had so many guildies that played 2…3…4 accounts at once. I really miss this game, and hope for another similar to bring back alot of the old players.

  48. Norgan says:

    I remember a lot of these names. I played this game throughout middle school as Norgan (60 hunter), Toughguyy (60 warrior tinker), Shortyy (60 rogue tinker), Toughtoo (60 cleric tinker), and Oceara (60 Lich). The first guild I joined was the Scarlett Guard. Then I helped start Sacred Order of Stoutshield. We would raid with Dark Covenant from time to time. Deadwhisper was a cool guy. So many days spent grinding and making memories, exploring the vast world of Tunaria. One thing I miss about EQOA that I have yet to experience in a modern MMO is the sense of such a cooperative community. Sure, there was the drama, but no one could do a thing they were alone – unless they were multi-boxing. I’m currently playing SWTOR on the Jedi covenant server. Holler if anyone recognizes me or wants to play TOR sometime. I’d love to reminisce whilst roaming the galaxy!

  49. Sanelwen/Majestra says:

    There’s a game coming out this spring that’s multi-platform (not sure about cross-platform servers) called Defiance. It’s the first multi-platform MMO-TPS game that’s ever launched and is looking pretty damn good so far. If you’re in to shooters and want that MMO community feeling, this game is it…..atleast for this gen. Can’t wait to see what they do next gen with 16x more memory on the Xbox Infinity. Maybe we’ll get a piece of that FF14 port :D. I’ve changed my gamertag on the Xbox to CokeCanKincaid (don’t ask…) if anyone wants to play something.

    Oh, Defiance can be checked out @ – Check it out. Looks like a cross between Borderlands and Mercenaries.

    And @Norgan. I remember little Shortyy running around lol. And Deadwhisper was a guy? I remember when we were around level 25-30, making our way to Highpass and I sent him a group invite because I was tired of partying with dudes, thinking he was a girl. >.> Oops.

    • Norgan says:

      Nope. Pretty sure he was a guy. Had male toons. Ultimatex, Holywarriorr(sp?), and Deadwhisper.
      I’ll check Defience out.
      Just started playing Vanguard today. Has a nice nostalgic feeling to it. That similar to the open world of EQOA.

  50. Sanelwen/Majestra says:

    @Norgan After thinking about it, the person I was thinking about was a female Ranger (or Druid?) named Willowisp. LOL. Dunno how I got those two mixed up. But I remember the name Deadwhisper. And I was soooo tempted to get Vanguard back in the day (pre-release) but just never got to it. Are they still supporting it?

  51. Norgan says:

    Vanguard is worth paying to play, but…
    It’s such a great F2P game with sooooo much content. It has a huge EQ feel, and even an EQOA feel to it. I would say that it is definitely worth checking out. If anyone starts on the US server (Telon), please add Gnoble to your friends list. I will gladly play with you all!

  52. Arius says:

    Such a blast from the past from a random google search. So many people from TU I lost touch with over the years, sadly, and would love to hear from most of them. To any who remember me, I was a barb shaman Arius started off in Brotherhood of Wolves, moved on to Strength in Numbers after it broke up until Swordseeker and the rest started TU. Lacare from TU and I got married in 2005 and have been playing WoW off and on since Wrath. We are on the backwaters server Grizzly Hills playing alliance side. Mains are Aryus, Aryos and Lacare’s are Vixenn and littlevixie if anyone wants to stop in and walk down memory lane. Always good to see people from EQOA are still around mmoing. EQOA was a great season of gaming spent with a lot of great people.

  53. Nekram/Karnem says:

    Just got done with the second beta weekend of FF14 ARR and I gotta say i’m simply loving it.

  54. MrPhive1914 says:

    After playing the FF14 ARR and was commenting on a video on Youtube that was talking about FF 11 and FF 14 ARR. I put a comment about how I was looking for a MMO since EQOA years pre frontiers and post frontiers. I did a google search of Hodstock server and this blog showed up. After reading it mane soooo many memories flooded back in. I remember these guilds I saw on there. Seems like that had their own type of drama. I heard the stories and what not. Hodstock is and was the best server in my eyes till this day lol. Mane it has been so long from middle school all the way to high school I played the game. I am a college graduate now it has been sooo long.
    If anybody remember Qindain or Qindian hell I don’t remember how I spelled it lol been so long. Anyway I was a elf mag. I can’t wait on this EQ Next.

    • Spittfyre says:

      I remember that name. I also can’t wait for EQNext. There are quite a few that I mentioned in my post above waiting to play it also. Been beta testing FF14 also, with Mrhyde, Drjekyll and a few others from Hodstock. No game to date has matched the community of eqoa. In my opinion.

      • MrPhive1914 says:

        Ahh I do remember seeing your name around. I think I remember seeing Mrhyde and Drjekyll was a monk if my memory serves me right? I do agree with you on that Hodstock server had the good community. Whenever FF XI came out I tried that and I couldn’t get wit it. I returned back to EQ lol. Then with this current gen of consoles I tried DC Universe then beta tested Defiance. I didn’t stay with DC for very long and Defiance I played the beta and didn’t buy the game. I don’t know if it was just I was younger and EQ was new thing to me but I couldn’t get the same appreciation for these other MMO’s lol. EQ is something close and dear to my heart and I cherish the memories I have had with it (the ones I can remember). For example whenever the Orc invasion on FP the mob that came dropped that wand that turns enemies to rats and I think the D Elf mag name Gman got the weapon lol. EPIC ish right there lol

      • Spittfyre says:

        I remember the orc invasion. That was cool. The rat wand…ah it was Amievel the mage that got that. Yeah Drjekyll had a warrior and a monk also.

      • MrPhive1914 says:

        What beta test server are yall on FF?

      • Spittfyre says:

        We are on midgardsormr server.

  55. Nekram/Karnem says:

    Im on the Coeurl server on FF14 don’t know about the others. Names are Alexis Castle and Jenetta Carver

    • MrPhive1914 says:

      I have a character on the Leviathan server with me and my cousin play together on. The 2nd one I made to try a new race is on Gilgamesh. Both of my server in NA/EU Group.

  56. Vokal says:

    Lots of old names from EQOA. Hope you’re all well, miss the old days.

  57. OD says:

    Awesome thread! I remember joining Kings of Grobb and thinking Skorge was the coolest hahah! I was in a few guilds but ended up in TU. So much fun! I played a few toons.. Overdose the Troll Shammy was my most popular. My brother played a Gnome Warrior, Thsee.

  58. Sanelwen/Majestra says:

    Well, I switched to PS3 and going PS4 next-gen, so here’s hoping there will be another console EQ ><! PSN ID is H-YPE-R if anyone wants to add me. Also playing DCU. And Jason, let me know what server you wind up on at launch and what platform. I'll be getting it for PS3 probably.

  59. Nekram/Karnem says:

    Sure thing San. Currently its me and 2 wow buds gonna be on the Excalibur server at launch for FF14. I’ll be healing and they’re going Archer/Bard and Thaurmatage/Black Mage so we’d need a 4th that wants to tank as a steady group if you’re up for it the PS3 and PC can both play together so its all good. Even if you don’t want to tank jump on and we can always kill stuffs.

    • Nekram/Karnem says:

      Also just call me on Skype JasonWilliamson81

      • Sanelwen/Majestra says:

        Damn, my dude was on this quick lol. How is it in contract to FFXI? I hated Galkas/Elves with a passion on there. My main on FFXI was a Taru RDM/WHM-BLM, doesn’t matter to me, though. I’ll have to do some research, but yeah I have no problems making a tank class.

  60. Sanelwen/Majestra says:


    • Sanelwen/Majestra says:

      Ugh they need an edit option on here. Anyways, I’ll probably make a Sea Wolf Marauder/Gladiator. Seems like the most logical tanking combo, unless the Pugilist is similar to the ninja from 11.

  61. Nekram/Karnem says:

    Yea the tank classes are Mar and Glad. Mar is just a high HP tank and glad gets shield abilities from what ive seen. We got on the Excalibur server you can msg me once the game gets back online on the 24th for early access it goes live on 27th. Name is Alexis Quinn. with you on the PS3 we wont be able to talk with Skype unless you have a nearby laptop or if sony lets you Skype?

    • Sanelwen/Majestra says:

      I’ll have a computer and a headset with a long ass cable sitting next to me. My Skype is the.kingcaid if you wanna hmu. I’ll be in a transitional period with my PC for a couple days and may not be on Skype, but if everything pans out right, I should have one by tomorrow or Thursday.

  62. MrPhive1914 says:

    Yall see that EQ Next press event?!?!??! ish was pretty nice lol
    I plan on getting FF XIV ARR when it comes out. What servers are my eq oldies are all going to be on? I don’t want any new friends just my day one ninjas lmao. Im so whack lol. But forreal I want to be on the server where I have least some ppl I can clique up with. Being I was a mage on EQ I probably going to stick with caster classes on here even thou you can change classes on there.
    Side note yall can find me on book of face and twitter @Long_LiveBuddha FWM

  63. Qindian/Mrphive1914 says:

    How is everybody enjoying FF XIV ARR? I just hit 50 about three days ago and did my first hard mode boss. I am on Faerie server.

  64. Nekram/Karnem says:

    Loving it (FF14).

  65. Axiom says:

    Whoa. This is nuts. Can’t believe a random Google search got me here. So many old names! I used to be Axiom, Rogue, in TU. I still think about EQOA every so often and all the good times a lot of us had, especially in TU. I remember one of the first Siliskor raids with TU and maybe even members of AoK. I think I fell asleep during the second or third attempt, d/c’d, then woke up a few hours later, respawned on top of Sili, aggro’d it and accidentally trained the entire raid (who were still at it after several hours).

    Shit, there was also the time TU/AoK explored IoD for the first time. Malt, I definitely remember you being there and it being a total shit show. We got mauled..

    Good times. I miss this game, the community and

  66. Nekram/Karnem says:

    Not I Sedaryn.
    I’ve been too busy having fun in FF14. Excalibur Server/Alexis Quinn
    They just released the 2.1 patch and added in a lot of content/fixes/tweeks/PvP/Dungeons/Raid/Beastman Quests ect…
    I miss the open feel of Eqoa but huge open world mmo’s are being trimed down to accomidate better graphics/effects in smaller zoned areas.

    FF14 is like that its absolutely gorgeous and fun to play but it does have zoned areas, most people claim that its a result of making it for PS3 but the high graphics of this game would have required it anyhow.

  67. Bearzywearzy says:

    I leveled an arcanist to 50 in FFXIV, but as with most mmos, the high end becomes about doing the same stuff over and over again. I won’t pretend that I hated the game. As a matter of fact, I loved the leveling process. Tons of quests (at least the first time around) and the job system switch thingy that allowed me to be healer or dps (only with arcanist, mind you) made the game super fun at first. The graphics were great, if not as good as GW2, etc. etc. but none of these games had the community of Hodstock and

    I definitely feel like I would have lost interest in EQOA much earlier if I hadn’t met Kono in my first week and joined his site. Certainly being a moderator helped hold my interest.

    Back then I had a job where I sat in front of a pc all day with very little oversight, so naturally I was thinking about the game all day, and I couldn’t wait to get home, where my regular xp group (Pinchy, me, Jasmyne, and some crazy dorf pally whose name escapes me) already were at our xp spot waiting for me.

    I remember it took me forever to get to 50, and by the time I was ready to do my epic, I was pretty well known on the server from, and TONS of people showed up to help, including a lot of folks I had never even met in-game. THIS is why made this game for me, and when I randomly meet people irl who played that game on other servers, I truly pity them. That’s not a slight, it’s just that was that damn good.

    Lately, i have been playing mostly heavily modded minecraft. I run a server if anyone is interested. (Tekkit Lite) My email is . Steam id is buttneck69.

    I also played a little bit of the Elder Scrolls Online beta the other day, and it looks sort of promising, but I am skeptical that it will hold my interest like Skyrim or Oblivion did, let alone something like EQOA.

    It’s sad that that time in my life is over. I remember it fondly. ::wipes tear::

    • Stonee says:

      Hey Bearzy… you were indeed pretty well known. I personally remember you as the “nicer” of the mods. Glad to see some of the bigger names still showing up to this thread.

    • Spittfyre says:

      Wow Bearzy, long time. I recently started FF, have been enjoying it so far. Lvl 21 archer on Siren server. A ways to go, but a good story line. But I must agree, nothing will ever compare to the community of EQOA and Hodstock.

    • Vokal says:

      I’m looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online, it’ll be my first console MMO since EQOA. Well, besides a short stint on DC Universe. I have high hopes. Nothing will ever compare to EQOA as it was most peoples first MMO, so we were all noobs starting out together. I distinctly remember 2 thoughts I had when first starting out on EQOA, one being “I’m going to make a Warrior so I can do crazy damage”, and when I made Vokal, I thought the power regeneration abilities were to help while resting, so people could save drinks, never thought of it during combat. We’d run out of power and I’d come to the rescue “Save your drinks! I have this ability!” Good times.

      • Budwid/widtho/budini says:

        Holy shit man! Jp and I were just talking about you and threeinputs. I’m on eso psn widtho hit me up!

  68. Bearzywearzy says:

    Regarding EQ Next, (or whatever they end up calling it,) I was intrigued by the prospect of player-created content. (Mining for materials and building a house/fort/whatever. The video I saw mentioned that it was “like Minecraft, but more complex.” This could really go either way. I simply adore Minecraft, but in my opinion, it has just the right amount of complexity. The “simplicity” of that game is a large part of it’s charm. If by “more complex” the reviewer meant that you could create stuff that was graphically more complex, or more complex-shaped, I’m not sure that’s a good thing. The thing about MC is by it’s very nature it encourages creativity. The blocks are all the same size, with a few exceptions, so it’s easy to visualize a finished product.

    If the EQ game has that, I’m sold, but if it’s gonna be a thing where you build, say, a gate and it snaps into place in a pre-ordained way, I am not that into it. I want control over the particulars. I guess we just have to wait and see.

    …and Stonee…thanks for your kind words. I may not be the nicest guy irl, (It’s probably a good thing there was no voice chat in EQOA lol,) but I took modding that site pretty seriously. So many people were involved in that site that there was always something interesting going on. really took off and fueled itself, and it was a wonder to behold when it was in its prime. I do miss it.

    • Spittfyre says:

      When I watched the eq next release video, they stated the “minecraft” aspect of it is similar to minecraft. Except you can shape the pieces more, to make your creation more realistic. I signed up fir the beta, waiting to check it out myself.

  69. Croc says:

    Hey folks; great to see so many familiar names after all these years. I was Crococelt / Spartakroc on Hodstock, one of the GMs for AoK back in the day. I started doing a little research on EQOA to see if any of the old crew planned on getting in touch for EQN and found this site and a few others. Pretty cool site Stoney. I managed to link up with Roenick, Jonn, Merma and a few others in preparation for Next down the line; would be great to see others as we get closer.

    Perusing this site reminding me of one of my fondest gaming experiences, which was making the coach run from Qeynos to Freeport. We advertised in shout and assembled a large group, most of us never having set foot outside the zones adjacent to Qeynos City at the time, and made our way to each coach with the aide of the little world map that came in the PS2 box. I think we set out with about 20 folks and ended up in Freeport many hours later with maybe 5-7 of our original team; losing others to falling behind, disappearing or dying, or choosing to remain behind at hubs like High Pass. I vividly recall a cleric named Wookie on the journey who at some point along the way noticed a cool cave a little off the path and was subsequently devoured by lions after checking it out. Good times.

    Anyway, I’m still on EQ2 killing time until the release of TESO then of course EQN. Hope everyone is well; please keep in touch.


  70. Needlez says:

    Anyone there,teso ftw

  71. Nekram/Karnem says:

    FF14 ftw. I don’t have beta for TESO so ill have to try launch day.

  72. @Bearzy And everybody here, really: Sony just confirmed that EverQuest Next and it’s companion app will be launching on the PS4. So we’ll be getting the full experience (ability to build) and not anything watered down. This isn’t being covered very much, so I thought I’d share it here. I saw it on an episode of EP Daily earlier this week, so it’s a very trustworthy source.

    I’m all over that and that’ll give me a reason to keep my PS4 that’s been collecting dust for a month D:.

    Also, good to see you Needlez. I’m still the most pimp Ranger on Hodstock D: lol. Also, I’m getting TESO for Xbox One, most likely. I just don’t have it in me to play PC games anymore. Everyone’s free to hit me up on Xbox Live – GT: Launcher

    • ellestil says:

      Well well well. Look at all these people! My name is/was Ellestil. A Ranger and member of Hunters of the Fallen. Many good memories of equal hodstock! I was the tanking ranger lol. Actually I was quite good at it and still could hold aggro like a boss! Those were some good days of adventure!

      I took a break from MMO’s after Vanguard (another great game), and looking forward to Pathfinder Online. I have been playing table top rpg’s again like Pathfinder and D&D. Also I am on PS4 as Ellestil as well. BF4 mostly. Pretty much a gamer at heart! 43 and still having hella fun!

  73. Skorge says:

    Hey Axion and Nekram. What’s up guys, Skorge here. I’m still around! My Xbox gamertag is Skorge. My buddy who I started the Kings of Grobb with, way back then, is still around too. Remember Conqueror? We stay in touch. He just sent me a pm on Xbox saying he’s getting into EQ Next’s beta and was wanting to know if I wanted a pass.

    EQOA was the last good mmorpg i’ve played, and let’s be honest, EQ Next won’t be the same. If you guys have been wondering what I’ve been playing, it’s been Project 1999. A free emulation server of classic Everquest. It has a healthy population (here’s the link:

    I personally have not logged in, in a few months due to being busy IRL. If any of you start up on Project 1999, let me know. I have 500,000 platinum on a level 1 mule in East Commons. I also have a 60 firepot bound epic’d shaman, and a 60 epic’d troll shadowknight there too.

    As far as new/upcoming games. This is the one and only MMORPG you want to keep your eyes on, that is, unless some unexpected mmorpg hits the consoles (this is what EQOA did). Here is the link:

    • Stonee says:

      Hey Skorge,

      We never spoke in game, but I always saw you around. Welcome to the blog. As for Pantheon, has there been much progress past the Kickstarter that did not meet its goal? I had heard they were setting up their own, self-run Kickstarter from their website.


      • Skorge says:

        Hey bro, good to hear from ya. Met a lot of awesome people playing EQOA. Even though I was the first level 50 on the server, I only ever received one “hate, you have no life” message in-game. That’s what made EQOA so epic — it’s community. BTW, there was a cleric who was in his late 30’s when I was in my late 20’s…that guy would have made 50 before me, but he quit for some unknown reason. He was on my friend’s list, I never grouped with him because I was also a healer, but he never gave me a reason why he quit…lol, and also Levion (rogue), the guy who hit 50 second on the server (2-3 days after I did), was one of my best friends in-game. He just up and disappeared! Never heard from him since to this day, don’t think anyone has….this was a time when cell phones weren’t big, which is probably what made the game so differently than anything today, haha.

  74. Nekram/Karnem says:

    Hey Skorge,

    Yea I tried setting up an account on that Project 1999 had some kind of problem tho. I came across that Pantheon website/kickstarter a day or so ago and it sounds pretty good in theory. When they can show actual gameplay I will pay more attention to it. I don’t have an Xbox live account anymore i’m sure that I will get one when Halo 5 drops and possibly when Destiny hits before that. I’m Currently playing Final Fantasy 14 on PC server Excalibur character Alexis Quinn and I am going to be in the Elder Scrolls beta this weekend if anyone will be on the TESO or FF14 games just give me a shout in game or on this site. I check back here almost every day now to see who else has found their way here. Has anyone ever heard from Kono or Youu/Your ?

    • Skorge says:

      You should def try P99 again, it’s the best thing out there next to EQOA, which is actually sad when you think about it. Sure, there are other decent mmo’s out there and coming soon but I promise you this, none will have the community that old school EQ and EQOA.

      You can blame that on the “grind.” None of the newer games have the grind. You can max out in almost every game now in 1-3 months

      Email me at if you need instructions on how to get P99 up and running (if you are still having problems). Like I said, I haven’t played in awhile, but will eventually start back. The last expansion (EQ’s 3rd one) Velious is about to launch there. It’s playable in beta now. Project 1999 is only going to go up to EQ’s 3rd expansion, Scars of Velious, released in late 2001.

      BTW, I’ve been a member of P99’s community since 2010 (just a few posts under 1,000 on their forums, lol).

  75. Heather says:

    Mimosa from Hodstock. I google Eqoa ever so often for information on new releases. I haven’t played anything except WOW and that was some time ago. I will definitely get a copy when this comes out!

  76. Sonadin says:

    Sonadin (and all of the variations) from Hodstock here. I remember the majority of y’all. Such great memories! I hope to see many of y’all running around in EQoA Revival once it is up and running.

  77. Zooms says:

    Wow lots of old eqoa name here I played on hodstock server Zoomlyw now play ArcheAge the game remindes me of eqoa alot

  78. morganblood1 says:

    You’re welcome for the good times lol Watch out for us on Next

  79. morganblood1 says:

    OH YEAH! More kicking ass ahead lol

  80. morganblood1 says:

    OH YEAH! More kicking ass ahead haha

  81. Hey guys! It’s been over a year since I’ve posted here. Sorry for the late reply Nemesis! Good to see you’re alive and well. It’s hard to believe it’s now been over 12 years since the game came out. I was only 17 when I saw the game on X-Play and was like “omg, I gotta get this game!”. I remember logging in, making my Elf Ranger and I took it slow. It must’ve taken me 3-4 days just to get outside of Tethelin lol.

    I remember meeting Wisp and Silvermoon and doing all the Tethelin/Fayspire quests with them, running to Highpass with Wisp and Kuruptelf for the first time, joining my first guild at the behest of Kurupt, Nature’s Defenders (80% elf guild lmao), all of us raping the gnoll fortress, running to Freeport with Kurupt and Noik for the first time and then getting “lost” and running an accidental train of sand giants for what seemed like 20 minutes, meeting Valefor and him convincing me to join CoV. He left and then Rusha (love you) had the bright idea to do a joint raid with Silvermoon/Jera, who led Nature’s Defenders. Jera held a grudge and got me kicked. I then joined Malt and Yanadar’s guild and had a blast with those guys. I was then messing around at crocs in Freeport where I met Dean and joined Winds of Fate, where I stayed until my 40s, but I had outleveled everyone but Dean and Brombadain, so I found myself soloing a lot. Yoou found me at the Hex igloos near CLW and invited my to The Unnamed. I had a great year or so run there, but egos clashed and a joint raid with the cunt Riven and her mongoloid husband and imbred son’s guild resulted in me getting kicked from there, because she told Killugood (fuck you) and Namble that I had trained them. I’m not too big to admit that that was true, but Trendy, Tiervalor (RIP) and myself were camping the giant gate opposite of the Urglunt side and they kept taking our spawns. So no, I never felt bad/sorry. That took a lot out of me mentally from the game because I had so many friends there and the only ones that seemed to stick up for me were Yoou, Suamian, Cinork, Nekram, Axiom, Brombadain Trendy and Koror. I needed some time in exile, so I created my Mage Majestra and did a legit solo run to 50. I then joined/help start Claudius/Micaha’s guild, met good peeps like Nemesis, but I wasn’t feeling it, joined DC, wasn’t feeling it, though I did meet Mimic, Amievil, Sethriel and Smeegle there, whom I miss. I then spent my last in Black Pearl with some of the finest people I had the privilege of meeting. March, Dodes, Batosai, Frost, Bob, Punch and even the one day Boof joined xD. I then got Halo 2 and that was it for me.

    Anyways, that’s my adventure on EQOA. Lots of good times. Some bad times too, but not enough to make me think less of the game or community. I miss the game and the grind. I could’ve written a novel just based on my exploits in the game (I kind of did, sorry for that :X)

    I also want to give a shout-out to my old friend/rival, Renelan. Not many of you will remember him, but he was the first Ranger on Hodstock to reach level 50. I was very saddened to learn that he had passed away from cancer while EQOA was still relevant and never knew he was sick. We had a very competitive streak going on the race to be the first level 50 and he beat me by a day, as did Oryan. 2 great people and I take no shame in losing to them.

    Annnnnnnnnyways, now that I got all of that out of the way, just thought I’d update my info, incase anyone wanted to get ahold of me.

    Xbox Live: Spiritual

    I also play Neverwinter as Stephen.

    I sold my PS4, as my heart’s just not with that brand anymore. I did get into the first wave of the EQN alpha and I detested everything about it, unfortunately, so that’s no longer on my radar.

  82. Sanelwen/Majestra says:

    Oh! I almost forgot! Sony recently sold Sony Online Entertainment and the new owners might release EverQuest Next on Xbox One. I thought that was newsworthy, incase anyone missed it. That would probably reinvigorate me. I hated the alpha, as I said, but I’m open-minded to giving the full game a try.

  83. Janice Connor says:

    We had a piece of crap tank named Hadder and his friend whose name I forget lie after Axe of Decapitation dropped on PoD. I remember being really disappointed in the both of them because they’d seemed like such good people–I had some good times with them, or so I thought. I guess Hadder really wanted that axe. Can’t trust folks even in a virtual world, eh?


  84. Budwid/widtho/budini says:

    Whoa lots of names on here! Jp just sent me this link thought I’d pop in and say waddup. Tons of memories with TU and TGNV. Paizan, Aldrine, Sessu, Cinork(knuckles), vokal, threeinputs, smitty, lieb, yoou, ah hell I’ll be here all day naming names.
    Anyways PSN Widtho
    Currently playing Elder Scrolls Online PS north America sever. ALDERMIE DOMINION

    love to shoot the shit with anyone from that era!
    These nooks on eso are geek in out about an mmorpg on Playstation…. started using rubberbands.. think they’re inventing something new lmfao

  85. Nekram/Karnem says:

    Just saw today where Everquest Next was cancelled. I am not really surprised the way the MMO market is now. Few titles bring anything new to the table and most fall back on free to play pay to win models. Still going strong on Final Fantasy 14 though. If anyone drops by the Excalibur server drop a line to Alexis Quinn, or anyone in the Gridania Squatters Free Company.

  86. Sanelwen/Majestra says:

    I found Smallstepping randomly on Neverwinter on X1 yesterday. This marks the 4th random person I’ve found on X1. Nekram on Halo, Batosai and Bearzy on CoD and now this.

    I think it just goes to show that EQOA, specifically Hodstock, was such a tight-knit community that virtually everyone knew of everyone. Either that, or most of us have ridiculously accurate memorization of small details.

    • Budwid/widtho/budini says:

      Lol indeed

      • Koror says:

        This is such an amazing post. Was just randomly searching the internet and such nostalgia from the names and my memories playing with so many of you all… this is koror from TU, and will never forget the times that eqoa brought me. The community, ppl, guilds, and long sleepless nights. Would love to get back in touch with some old guildys and friends, get a hold of me at would love to hear from you guys.

      • Sanelwen/Majestra says:

        Holy shit! My favorite cleric (Bud) and my favorite warrior (Kor) responded :D.

  87. Sparhawk says:

    While trying to post the old “Time to kill the dragons” advertisement, came across this site. Doesn’t look like anyone really checks anymore, but figured I’d check in. May or may not remember my Paladin Sparhawk or Druid Caladain from CoV and later Brethren. Amazingly enough started playing WoW back in Vanilla and formed a guild with Zwitterion, Quietbow, Prophecy and a few other Brethren people over the years.

    Funny enough when our original WoW guild got railroaded back in Wotlk, we created a new guild under The Unnamed for some reason. Guild is still going strong almost a decade later.

    • morganblood1 says:

      Like a dumbass I honestly thought they were going to add Everquest to PS4.Β 

      Sent from AT&T Mail on Android

      From:”Everquest Online Adventures” Date:Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 11:10 PM Subject:[New comment] The “Elite” Guilds on Hodstock

      Sparhawk commented: “While trying to post the old “Time to kill the dragons” advertisement, came across this site. Doesn’t look like anyone really checks anymore, but figured I’d check in. May or may not remember my Paladin Sparhawk or Druid Caladain from CoV and later Bret”

  88. Tibalt says:

    TGNV also absorbed a big chunk of Dark Crusaders also, myself included. Dark Crusaders had done quite a bit of high end raid content including all of PoS, SE including Daran and Nagafen, and most of PoD. DC split and about 15 to 20 of us went to TGNV including Lostpilgrim, Lostangyl, Stigtofting and myself. When I joined TGNV, Pollux and Cryptopsy were running the show and Johnpetrucci wasn’t in the guild at the time. I’m not sure what the problem was, but it spawned a pretty funny YouTube video called Passion of the Petrucci. Eventually, Pollux and JP reconciled and we had a golden age of about 6 months or so when we killed everything as soon as it spawned. Every day I logged in to a call to run out and kill something and then run to the next spawn. It was a ton of fun. I can’t imagine any other guild killing as much as we did during that time. Pollux and Cryptopsy moved on because of rl things, I think Cryptopsy joined the Navy and Pollux changed jobs. JP did a good job running the guild for a while, but eventually lost interest about the time I went back to school and lost touch myself. When i came back about a year later, the guild and server were dead. I joined up with Black Pearl for a couple of months before making an Alchemist on CLW. In my mind, TGNV was the most hardcore raiding guild on the server, run by a bunch of type A personalities who could only get along whIle dishing out “leet pwnage” during a raid. I was never a leader, just a subordinate following orders and doing what was needed, but it was still the experience I most long for in a mmorpg. Success conceals a multitude of faults. That’s not to say that there weren’t a bunch of super cool people, everyone treated me really well. Suza, Kae, Amandda, and many others became some of my favorite group mates. The overall skill level was fantastic, but the guild was even greater than the sum of its parts, just like any guild should strive to be.

  89. Peder says:

    Ninja from hodstock. Rath & I play eso on PS4… Ninjii is my id

  90. Ellestil says:

    Anyone considering Pantheon, Rise of the Fallen? Seems to be very reminiscent of old school mmo’s. I miss my late night grind chatathons. I think most of the people here I played with at one point or another doing late night camping. An activity that I sorely miss for the community it brought about.

  91. Nekram/Karnem says:

    I have been paying attention to it actually. Especially how the classes are going to be distinct from each other.

  92. Juan paco says:

    I was in TU, and TGNV. In fact JP is a really close friend of mine. TU was all sessu until he left and yoou and cinork/knuckles took over. Who both single handedly ruined the economy on hodstock. Kudos to those two. JP unfortunately was handed TGNV after the game hit it’s peak. He did surprisingly well with what ZoP had done to the player pool. Also… hands down the best tank on hodstock.

  93. Slraid says:

    Just ran across this…. SLRaid here. Creator of the Alliance of Kings guild. Crazy shit to see alot of these names. Crazy memories of when all I did was play EQOA, workout and go to raves on weekends, hahaha.

  94. Jasmyne says:

    I was Jasmyne on Hodstock. What a trip down memory lane!

  95. Kirk says:

    Hodstock Unique Bar War Berserker. Was a member of Dark Crusaders. Special plave in my heart glad to see some old faces on here. Sad day when went down

  96. Harry Miley says:

    Koror here again and wow this is nuts..been a few years and see so many familiar names! The Unnamed forever….Classic wow is coming out and soon and I feel the need to recreate The Unnamed….if anyone is interested you know what to do πŸ˜‰

  97. Desslox says:

    Deadly Viper Assassin Squad !!!
    β€œ till the wheels fall off !!”

  98. Dave says:

    Char used most Buckwild monk Desslox shadownight Sodium ogre war.
    Fist guild something something bloody knuckles then DVAS and finally Black Pearl.
    Met a host of awesome people on Hodstock cumulous who had to change his name after reaching 50 because it had β€œcum” lol. Tiggobitties who got the name changed to Jibbberish. Lol. God even to this day, I still reflect back and miss the hell out of the game. Parked all my toons in a cave someplace just to the could have a view in the end. There was a ranger rogue husband and wife that helped me a lot in the game. I miss them. There was a professor who played a wizard. Actually so many names… quit flashing the light and the band better stop…. copperpunkin and all the great β€œrandom” groups that were so much fun.

    Just reflecting. Peace out my friends. Maybe one day we can all /s looking for group again.

  99. Mike field says:

    Very cool to see this. I was Barnabas, of Daybreakers Guild. So loved eqoa and miss it! Hope all is well!

  100. Maltaethir/Bamsama/Whatever says:

    Thought I’d revisit this site to read the comments, and it’s pretty dope seeing all these familiar names. I hope all of you are well and corona-free. πŸ™‚

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