Major breakthrough for the guys resurrecting EQOA

I am not a part of this nor can I take any credit for the work being done, however I am a channel for news and information. So, take a look at the following video and the below link.

Explanation LINK

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2 Responses to Major breakthrough for the guys resurrecting EQOA

  1. david says:

    This has been ongoing since eqoas last sunrise. There are quite a few that have recreated the start screens, heck i can still log in on the game an get up to before character screen. What we want an need to see is inside game, once someone gets to that point then ill be excited. Its sad that one of the best games ive ever played was closed the way it was . Surely theres a master hacker out there that can work some magic and get this accomplished.

  2. Abdullah says:

    If EverQuest online adventures ever gets resurrected I would come back . Its’s a shame that it ended the way it did ,I held onto the very end on the castle light with server . My first character was a mage Phaurun . The last one was a druid Aminahotep and my favorite was my wizard Adbalhazrad and his twin Abdalhazrad.

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