Can anyone tell me what Tonygwynn is wearing/wielding?

I vaguely remember the armor but not the weapon. Anyone have any ideas?

no idea

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8 Responses to Can anyone tell me what Tonygwynn is wearing/wielding?

  1. Rezikai says:

    I think that’s either the Rubicite lvl 45ish armor Pre-fronts, was equipable by scouts as well, or the raided Thexian Armor from the Lord Val-something raid on the island in Envar. The Lance is the Paladin Unused/3rd epic (later 60 epic) weapon iirc. Considering the person in the background is weilding the evil fighter Epic w/a blue robe I’m leaning on that Tony is weing the Thexian armor that was post Fronts.

  2. Orlox says:

    The armor could possibly be Ankexfen as well. It dropped around the Sphinx Pyramids I think? I remember Ankexfen having a really unique color / style for being low level plate gear.

    • Stonee says:

      I had that same thought but I think that armor was more of a sandy tan than the gold/green yellow. I’m waiting for Wreck to give us the official answer as he seems to be familiar with all things armor.

  3. misticalmonk says:

    ankexfen set was around level 26ish was more yellow/sandy color. the weapon was the 60 paladin epic lance

  4. BoomstickSaint says:

    Definitely not Rubicite, because Rubicite was red. Could be Ankexfen, which most people I knew considered to be “gold”.There was a higher level gold armor, I never knew the name of it, could have been thexian. And yes, 60 epic pally lance.

  5. binarygamer says:

    It almost looks like the armor my ranger wore around the time we were farming Lord Nagafen initially. It gave fire resistance iirc?

  6. Deadmist says:

    That was Banderas..he knew about a lot of styles of gear (fashionista) it was mainly show but it looked great. The armor is Ankexfen and the Lance is the level 60epic weapon. The other weapon was the frost sword. He brought me to that place for that armor, personally, which is how I know.

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