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Apologies for being AFK for years.

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I’ve been building an EQOA based board game…

Over the past few weeks, I have been building out an EQOA board game. I have tons of spreadsheets with various data that I’ll share some screencaps of. The game is based on the map of Tunaria and includes elements of DnD, League of Legends, WoW, Pokemon, Hearthstone, and FFVII. Though with all of those said, EQOA is by far the biggest influence. Here are some photos of the concepts for boards and cards. A friend and I have been play testing, adjusting numbers and editing the gameplay. I’ll keep you all posted on how this is going and eventually I’ll share out the instructions and spreadsheets so that you can play to. It’s worth noting that after 4 hours of play, we made it to level 9 and were on our way to Forkwatch before getting our asses handed to us by a werelion.


Some of the spreadsheet examples:


Lastly, I’m slowly writing both a relational and noSQL database to make updating the game easier. I will eventually provide API’s if someone wants to write a front end for this. I don’t expect it to be anytime soon but these spreadsheets are getting massive and I would prefer to move forward in SQL.

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Looking for EQOA content source

If you have a blog, YouTube channel, podcast, or whatever that is related to EQOA, please email me at rickstonebrook@yahoo.com!

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Life of a Banker


fay banker


fp banker


qey banker


riv banker


teth banker


mord banker


hp banker

Surefall Glade:

sf banker


hallas banker

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EQOA Podcast: LFG

A couple of guys have created a podcast series. Here’s the first episode:

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5 year anniversary

5 years ago, I started this blog. I rarely post now but I still keep an eye out for new visitors and comments. Appreciate the support over the years. As always, head over to the Facebook groups to keep an eye on the Revival’s status.

Take care,


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Simplicity is lost in modern MMORPGs

I have started a new MMORPG. It’s called ArcheAge and it’s beautiful. I won’t spend too much time on it other than to say it’s so intricate that after about 30 hours of game time, I still have no idea what’s going on. I’m not even sure how crafting really works and it’s one of the main aspects of the game.

Before I chose ArcheAge, I looked through multiple sites and forums to find what other people were playing. I was given a cool site where you can input what you like in a game and it will filter through all titles, leaving only those that fit your criteria. After watching several YouTube gameplay videos, I settled on ArcheAge.

What went into that criteria is why I wanted to post this. Reading through comment after comment, article after article, what I find consistent in most gamers opinions out there is this: the older MMO’s got it right. I’m not sure if this is nostalgia, like saying “EQOA was my first love.” But after several weeks of playing ArcheAge, what I miss most was the simplicity.

If you go back through the posts I have written over the years, I have brought this up before. The art, the quests, the items, the outside elements of EQOA were all simple. Same can be argued about vanilla WoW, Lineage II, and Diablo III. It’s so counter-intuitive to traditional marketing of games that it doesn’t even sit right as I write this. Developers strive for complexity and depth in their games but as the readers of this blog know, quality over quantity is the winning strategy.

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