Happy Anniversary to the Blog! 4 years!

Thank you guys for stopping by and even though the posting rate has slowed considerably, people are still coming and commenting. Specifically, I want to give a shout out to Corsten for the save state that has allowed for the map of Tunaria to live on.

Here’s to another year.


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5 Responses to Happy Anniversary to the Blog! 4 years!

  1. Clayton says:

    I search Eqoa related news on google everyday and haven’t heard anything about the small group that has been trying to get a private server going, any new?


    • Stonee says:

      There no news at the moment. You can run round the map alone but as for a server, no one has been able to successfully figure out how the game was talking to the server and database(s). The current push is looking at the packets to figure this out.

  2. John says:

    How do you get on the map alone now?

    • Stonee says:

      Hi John, do a quick google search for the EQOA forums, they’re hosted on forumup. I believe I have link somewhere in this blog. Follow their instructions and you should be able to create the emulator.

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