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This wouldn’t have affected me.

The strange thing about EQOA is that a lot of its players didn’t play PC games. So if this news had happened back during the EQOA days, it wouldn’t really have impacted a lot of us. But just in case you don’t … Continue reading

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Spring is my EQOA season… so are these movies

There are certain things that make me think of video games, specifically EQOA, SOCOM, and WoW. Spring time is on top of that list and for that reason, it is my favorite season of the year. There are also a … Continue reading

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And the winner is….

DARK ELVES! Congratulations to the people of Neriak for becoming the EQOA Race War! Champions!! I was never a fan of the race and wouldn’t even have them in my top five. I didn’t like the darkness of the starting … Continue reading

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EQOA Race War! Championship

In a record turnout performance by the voters, the Final 4 was a great success. Thank you to everyone who participated. The top seeded, Dark Elves managed another strong showing, beating out the Dwarves 28 to 20. The other Final … Continue reading

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Race War! Round 3: The Final 4

In an impressive swing, the combination of the Eastern and Western Humans wasn’t enough to defeat the underdog, underestimated, and undersized Dwarves. It was the only upset of the first round. The top 3 seeds each had strong showings, each gathering … Continue reading

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Race War! Round 2

There are 10 races in EQOA and we are trying to find the most dominant of them all. After Round 1, I am looking to eliminate 2 Races, seed the final 8, then build the bracket. Here are the votes … Continue reading

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Zombie(less) village near BSI – Level 25ish XP spot)

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One of the best EQOA albums I have ever seen.

This was posted on the Project99 forums. In the 3.5 years I have been blogging about EQOA, this is the largest collection of EQOA player photos I have come across. If you were playing in the final days of EQOA, … Continue reading

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