Fastest Way to 60

If I remember correctly, this is how I did it with my 2nd toon on CLW.

This is assuming that you always have Boon of Hagley, don’t mind hunt and gather quests, and don’t have a powerlevel.

1. Levels 1-18 at your starting city. With boon, your quests 1-5,7,10,13,15 will progress you forward without external XPing.

2. Levels 19-30 can be done at the goblins outside of HP. Hunt and gather. This can be done up till 32ish.

3. Levels 25-35 can be done with roots and herbs that can be farmed outside of FP or bought off auctions at around 3-4k a pop. This is the best way to go if you want to get to 40 ASAP.

4. Levels 35-45 can be done at the Dawn Maiden. You might need a group until 43ish.

5. Levels 40-60 can be done with roots and herbs, the better roots and herbs will get you to the 50’s the fastest.

6. Or…. for 50+… Become a looter for a level 60 group looking for an xp boost! It’s just that easy! You simply stand in a group and loot for a bunch of higher levels and you get great XP while they get more XP thanks to your low level-ness.

To Recap:

  1. 1-17: Basic Quests
  2. 18-25: Goblins
  3. 25-35: Herbs/Roots/Goblins
  4. 35-45: Herbs/Roots/Dawn Maiden
  5. 45-60: Groups/Herbs/Roots/Goblins


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4 Responses to Fastest Way to 60

  1. Tidal/Cutcreator says:

    All that stuff takes time. Find a good group and you can hit 60 in two days. 14 to 15 hours if you hit the right camps and bring most of your equipment with you.

  2. Omniac says:

    brain fart remind me about roots and herbs?

    • Stonee says:

      Go outside of the FP North gate and look west. There are some orcs up there. They drop weak roots and herbs. You collect them and go to Lake Rathe. In the middle there’s an Agent of War. On that island there’s a portal and group of people you talk to. For every 3 roots/herbs you gain 2m XP. Starts at level 20.

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