Merry Christmas folks!

Have a great holidays!

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas folks!

  1. blahblahblahbahbahahbhahabo says:

    gaaah … halp! in neriak, there’s a fortune teller or something that says essentially, “u suck newb”. but then changes when u lvl up, etc. what was her name, and what was her dialogue? searched net, couldn’t find it. thought of logging back in, but can’t find my @#$! disc anymore. =( tnx. merry x-mas!

  2. Woolfmoon says:

    LOL this is a bit late but merry christmas and happy new year, greetings from EQ2, i just started. I want back on EQOA but can NOT remember my CC# and need to get a new disc. Shocked at how much EQ2 is like EQOA, in this i mean since EQOA i have tried EVERYTHING! literally hundreds of free to plays, and at least a 10 pay to plays. Upon finally trying EQ2 i find myself right at home, but it is NOT eqoa, even if i were to return, it would not be EQOA. to me it’s not just a game, it was a very specific moment in time,where the best people gathered for the best of times. sadly that time has passed. My former guild Shades of Grey is a memory. as is my Druid Woolfmoon. Until EQ3 i am happy on EQ2 due to the similarities i was told did not exist. i was lied to! However my aim here is not to dislodge any of the EQOA players, i cherish that game! And would return in a instant! I just find it hard to contain the fact that EQ2 has rekindled my love of Norrath. Happy hunting all!

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