Restarting EQOA

I’ve written and rewritten this post several times. It’s not exactly coming naturally so I’ll be as candid as possible. I still have the desire to play EQOA. In fact, I tell Wreck (posts under Boomsticksaint) monthly that I plan on coming back soon. I even have laid out how I’ll network my shoddy PS2 from my room to the router with 30 feet of Ethernet and a 1997 HP Hub I bought a few years ago from a local IT company. When everything is laid out, my upstairs looks like a network admin came in and vomited on the floor. There are wires everywhere.

Yet even with this much effort being put in to just get internet to my Ps2, I get to the login screen in EQOA and, without fail, bail on restarting. I sometimes stare at the screen for 5 minutes wondering if it’s a good idea. As fun as the game is and as great of an escape it can be, I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I weigh the pros and cons in where I spend my time. If I restart EQOA and spend (optimistically) 10 hours a week playing, then that’s 10 hours a week I might be doing something else… or so I think. What I also have realized is that I’m already wasting those 10 hours a week watching TV or sitting around doing nothing in the first place.

It’s an odd dilemma given that what’s holding me back from returning isn’t the monthly fee, the lack of updates, or the networking challenges my house presents… it’s that maybe, just maybe at 25 years old I shouldn’t be sitting at a TV playing a video game. Strangely, it’s only after I’ve wasted hundreds of hours on these types of games do I realize how much  an MMO and video games in general really cost. Thoughts?

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13 Responses to Restarting EQOA

  1. Ayrica says:

    Waste of time imo. You are best to move on to other games. After a while, MMORPGs ruin gaming experience. Take it from someone who has had their fair share of them. You might want to try your hand at a Minecraft server, specifically Bukkit servers. You would be surprised what you can do.

    • Stonee says:

      They’re both time-sinks. But that isn’t the point of the post, the point is that video games offer an illusion of accomplishment. It’s all enjoyably meaningless. Which is the conflict for coming back versus not coming back. Do I need that enjoyment and feeling of meaningless accomplishment? Or do I face the reality that it is, after all, meaningless and my time would best be spent elsewhere?

      • Ayrica says:

        I wouldn’t think too much about it. What I mean is that the community is getting smaller and smaller. The only reason people came back was the free 45 days, and I don’t know how many people would stay, even if it went F2P. Without new content, it is just boring. Getting into something new might not hurt. I just feel that getting nostalgic for EQOA is one thing. To try and play it again with only a handful of people left (most of who are quad-boxers) is another.

  2. Aldarion says:

    I believe you should go through with playing. For one reason, you were the one who helped me to make a decision and begin playing EQOA again. I went through 5 gamestop stores today until I found a copy of the game. I remember I bought the game the day it came out in 2003 and I was following it even before release. I enjoyed it a lot but found myself a little lost since it was my first mmo and didnt understand much. Also I didnt go too much out of my way because of fear of death. I got some heavy debt back then. I started in FP and went down to the desert of ro I believe it was. But after some 3 or 4 months playing casually I quit. Now I know I missed so much of this great game. And I’d like to make up for lost time regardless of how everything may have changed.

    But going back to the subject. I don’t find it bad to go back and spend time in a game you love. If the immersion is there and you’re having fun that’s all that matters, regardless of the time sink. I also play LOTRO and the factor that makes me want to spend hours in that game is being drawn to that world of adventure and exploration. There was no greater sense of wonder and excitement for me in any mmo I’ve played that compares to EQOA. There’s something imposible to describe about reaching north ro or neriak. No map and just the world before you. Go and explore. Thats my reason for coming back. Btw stonee, I’d like to join up with you in-game so you can help me level. I need to check if my old magician named Grobles is still there. Regardless, I’d also like to roll a paladin with the name of Aldarion. I dont know about the tricks to level faster but I would appreciate the guidance and help you could offer. Just a question, is the game really as empty as you mentioned in a post I read? My decision to play is not changed regardless. I’m just curious. See you in-game.

    • Stonee says:

      CLW is still very active server and worth your time if you’re interested in leveling to 60 and having others to interact with. If you have the time and interest, definitely go back but go back to CLW!

      • kevin says:

        Hey guys! I recently came to the decision of getting rid of all of my other video games and just sticking to one…my favorite game of all time! EQOA has always been my favorite game and I played it for many years before putting it down but now I am planning on coming back and came across this blog. I’m glad to see that Stoney says that CLW is still an active server. I would love to just stick to playing EQOA from now on and coming back with my 60 Hunter or possibly starting a tank. Email me at if anyone is interested in getting a leveling group started!

  3. BoomstickSaint says:

    My account is still active, but I’m not playing much recently. I find its good to take a little time off or it gets stale.

    I actually have been playing some DCUO, which is a pretty solid game, especially for free. I have basically been using it a a one player game though, haven’t grouped or talked to anyone in game lol

    But yeah, all games are time sinks. But what they really are is entertainment. As with any entertainment,whether its TV, movies, books, video games,etc., if you are spending time playing that should be spent on something else, it can be a bad thing. If game time is detrimental to your real life, then in my opinion, stop playing. But if you have time to spare, why not play? Video games, to me, are a better option than television. I would rather at least be mentally active playing a game, than a totally passive coach potato.

    • Whistlethis says:

      Stoney, first I say thank you for your blog about eqoa. I get to relive my former days of time waste management thru you and your friends who post here.

      Secondly, here’s the truth. If you are in college @ 25 then play…it will allow you to escape from those pressures in a productive manor. If you aren’t and have started your career or are looking to start it then don’t touch any game…

      This might sound harsh to some but in this day and age you must be able to adapt and expand yourself beyond measure to find and maintain employement.

      Thirdly, if you are happy in your life with work and need to find something to past the time, I say embrace your community, do something artistic, or otherwise learn something completely new!

      At the age of 29 I realize gaming, despite my enjoyment, is completely selfish and otherwise contributes little to my world. With that said doesn’t mean I don’t hop on and get a few hours in a week, usually while working or waiting on something for work but after its said and done I never really feel refreshed…

      As I say this it saddens me that you might listen because I will no longer be able to live vicariously thru your adventures!

      P.S. Nostalgia is something to be used only for seconds. At 29 or 25 reliving the good old days has yet to be earned…

  4. Of all my gaming experiences: This was the greatest I ever had. I started playing around 2004 – tried multiple classes but the druid just ‘fit’ for me and I have to say, I was well liked (loved) because it was ‘natural’ to me in a weird way. I would play for 14-18 hours straight, sleep – dream about it – get up and play again and I was always told I had the best ‘life expectancy’ of any healer. It was rare anyone ever died when I was the healer – I even took DOT before it was ‘popular’ and got up to 49th level – then real life kicked in and this took too much time.

    I’m actually doing research about the druid and so many things have changed – and now it’s well liked – I can’t do the paper because too many things changed. If I wasn’t in college full time (Senior) and having 2 children still at home, I would give it a ‘go’ just to check it out.

    Made some nice friends – always had a great time – I still laugh about an incident at an island and the great crocodile suddenly appeared. Funny times.

    I still have 3 PS2’s and have kept them just because I have told my wife, “If I ever start to play again, I’ll need them for EQOA.” She thinks I’m nuts – I’m 46 years old – I probably am.

  5. Thrazor says:

    I’m the same way bro, except that I activate my account when the urge becomes overwhelming but within a week I become bored.

    The problem is finding people to group with on a regular basis. Sure, I can find groups here and there, but the real fun lies in leveling up and doing quests with friends.

    It would be fun to get a group together with new alts and level to 60, completing all of the quests together on the way.

    • Stonee says:

      Problem with that is people have a hard time A. keeping regular schedules and B. staying interested in the game. If you get 4 committed players and 1 drops out, the group hits a snag.

      • Thrazor says:

        Yeah that’s true. Maintaining regular schedules was definitely the most difficult of the two. I didn’t have a problem remaining interested so long as my group was active.

        Wish I had time to hop online, but I’ve been so busy.

  6. Woolfmoon says:

    Aldarion i totally agree with your post about going back for the adventure of it! NOTHING, NOT ONE SINGLE MMO OR GAME, has ever made me feel that sense of exploration,danger,and excitement like EQOA! I too did not visit many areas and started in march of 2003! I played until 2007. YES these games waste time, and they can consume you, i can tell you first hand that my life at the moment exists of EQ2 and not much else lol. But the point is(and i speak now to everyone not just Aldarion) that life is short, Most of us will feel that sense of WTF have i done with my time here, SHT im getting old OMG! but it’s natural and yes it SUCKS! but you have to make the best of this life guys! If this makes you happy then forget the rest, so long as it isnt a health,or relationship issue, go nuts!

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