Guest Email: Aanadil from CLW

As always, if you put time and thought into something EQOA related, I’ll gladly lean towards posting it… with your approval of course. Thought this one was pretty good:

I played on CLW and bought the game maybe 3 days after release date. I only played one character throughout my entire EQOA run, a Western Human Magician (Aanadil) who later specialized in being a Geomancer. I chose geomancer for the hybrid class (and to this date, I still have the same playstyle). I would use my pet as a tank while I unloaded my spells onto a mob. It was great for soloing especially since magicians had the ability to heal their pets. I even won duels against warriors with Badi Elder. I was also one of the few who chose the stone ability (which has now changed to a summon drink ability I believe) and the epic 50 wand. The stone ability was pretty useless for me, but in a group they added extra firepower. It was just time consuming to cast. Tanks where able to pull mobs with it through walls and also had the perk of being able to cast a spell while invisible.

I started playing around sophmore year of college and eventually had to quit around 2005 because of outside commitments and also that many of my in-game friends started to leave the game. I belonged to a guild called Mere Mortals on CLW, a guild that started in beta and was known for being a community guild. It wasn’t a guild for high end game content, but it was great for playing with actual mature players across all age ranges. Mere Mortals was definitely respected throughout CLW because almost all the great old school players on that server once belonged to that guild.

The guildmaster Ruskan went MIA for a long time which led to another guild being created by former members of Mere Mortals. This guild would be spearheaded by Thorngage and Mordia (husband and wife) and a throwback to an earlier guild called Incarnation of Immortality. I only stayed for about 3 months before quitting for good. I ended up giving my account to Thorngage (along with my Two Horned Ripper caster sword). They also ran an EQOA fansite called (domain has expired)

I haven’t really touched any other MMORPG as much as EQOA. I tried Guild Wars and World of Warcraft but neither came to the satisfaction that I had with EQOA. I really lucked out with the group of players I played with because they do not match any of the type of players I can come across in any new online games that I play. I literally came home straight from class to play the game and would play for hours. I remember staying up until 5am for an Isle of Dread key and helping others get one (kiting method). What is even surprising is that I played this game on a dial-up speed of 14.4kbps. Not even 28.8 or 56k.

One of the greatest memories from CLW server has to be the Permafrost server raid. Someone named Nemi on the official EQOA forums had an idea of a server wide raid for Vox. This may be an exaggeration but literally the whole server showed up for this raid. Every zone had a line of players on their way to Permafrost. We made it to the castle but Lady Vox was not there. I racked up max debt during that run.

Another infamous CLW moment would be NeverSleep guild. They were the first players across all servers to hit max level. They did it before Naggy even became a dragon. The guild disbanded and quit the game due to lack of content (WAY BEFORE there was content added).

Not sure if you remember this but there was also an Orc raid on Freeport across all servers (only one server didn’t get the raid). There was scorpions and giant orcs raiding Freeport. A rare item dropped and only one existed on CLW, I forgot what it was called but it was a wand that had a proc to turn mobs into a rat. The raid was a quest with a trigger. A GM acting as a god of Tunaria would send a PM to a player. That player would have to follow the directions in order to trigger the event for the server. There was a thread of this account by that person in the official EQOA forums but it has since been deleted or purged from viewing.

I’ve certainly wasted enough of your time with my old EQOA memories but there’s just so much to be told. Hope you enjoy your nostalgia run with EQOA, I doubt i’ll be able to do the same but it would be nice to play again.

60 Geomancer
Mere Mortals / Incarnations of Immortality

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7 Responses to Guest Email: Aanadil from CLW

  1. Sarodare says:

    Polymorph Wand 😮 I remember hearing about that and it was supposedly able to drop off any mob in the desert after they removed orc raid from the game.

  2. Northax says:

    I think I do remember the server-wide raid on Vox. I was somewhat lower level though, think in my 40s. Those were the days. I was Western Human so I could coach to ZK and just run to Vox’s lair easily. I made a Wizard on Hodstock and I only leveled him to 26, but he also had the Two Horned Ripper when no one else even heard of it, waaaaaaaaayyy back near the beginning of EQOA starting, or roughly a month or two later. I remember having the plate helmet on my Wizard too. People always whispered me asking me WTF I had on, and how could it be since I was a Wizard. lol! Always funny. I remember the Two Horned Ripper dropping off a bore or wisp right near DM coach. I was just killing for the heck of it and there it popped. I was shocked, to say the least. No stats on it though, so that sucked. 😛

  3. Matt Botelho says:

    wicked funny, im evilweevil from mere mortals and im sure you remeber me, dwf warrior, got kicked from MM cause i glitched a mob in IoD then i joined rites…and then chosen few for a little bit until i quit.

    best mmo iv played, i played wow for 5-6 years on and off, but it just wasnt the same. The community in eqoa made it special….when i was playing wow i didnt care about anyone, i justed wanted loot ha

    we used to call the stones you made crack ahah…..i was like 15-16 at the time i played and im 23 now kind of obsurd

  4. matt botelho says:

    evilweevil <—-

    • Northax says:

      I remember the name evilweevil. I don’t know if you remember these names, but these were some of my characters in Rites of The Four Horsemen:

      Arithomisius (Wizard, 60 Channeler)

      Zanitar (Necromancer, 60 Lich)

      Northalius (Ranger, level 50, never leveled him much after Frontiers)

      Northax was my Bard, 60 I believe I left him.

      I also played WoW for a couple years. I started in 2006.

      My highest char and main in WoW was a 57 Rogue (Gnome) named Wumple on Warsong PvP server. I think I stopped before the first expansion came out, so I missed a lot. I might go back to WoW one day, but not now, not yet. lol

  5. Randy says:

    Man this brings back memories. I was Miroku on CLW, and was part of Black Dragon which was founded by Nemi back in the Frequency demo. I also remember that raid, and being lost in the castle.

  6. Rob says:

    I was just talking to a friend about the Neversleep Guild on CLW today when I googled this post. Those were some good times on the server, I wish they had Plane of Fear and end game content when we were around 😉 Gibbs – co-guild leader of Neversleep

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