Magic level 45

45 is the magic number in EQOA. Find every way you can to get there and group invitations will flow right in. Why? You’re finally light blue to a level 60… and level 60’s are usually desperate to make full groups with what ever they can find.

Some groups will just invite you to get the group xp bonus. When you get there, they might ask that you don’t even bother attacking. Others will just ask you to loot for them.

Your best class choices to get into these groups are casting dd’s, batteries, and healers. Essentially this is just a grouped powerlevel where the powerleveler gets xp too. Odd game, really.

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6 Responses to Magic level 45

  1. Theron says:

    Congrats on 45! I logged on earlier today for the first time all week and saw nobody on. I’m not sure when I’ll be on next, but I’ll probably focus on DMing/questing/HnG to get caught up to you.

  2. Lostangyl says:

    Congrats on 45! Lostangyl is currently alone in FP on Hodstock browsing auctions 😀

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