EQOA is currently being played offline.

If you have been keeping up with the various YouTube channels that post EQOA related videos (like the one below) it is clear that several people have figured out how to run around Tunaria using a PS2 emulator.

Personally, I have not tried it, but from what I can tell from the footage, it appears like the map is accessible but there are no NPC’s. I don’t have much other information at this time. Will keep you posted as I learn more.

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18 Responses to EQOA is currently being played offline.

  1. Rezikai says:

    Hmmm, interesting it would be EQOANostalgia that found lol. To be honest as much as I love EQ2 and hope EQNext won’t suck i’d quit them both in a hot second to return to Tunaria if it was even the plain Vanilla EQoA w/out Odus/Posky/Were-lines.

  2. Clayto says:

    omg omg omg, make it happen!

  3. A glorious time to be an EQOA fan to be sure! Thanks for posting this Stonee!

  4. matt says:

    Please send me a email if you find out or have found out if a private server has been made! I want to play again!

  5. This isn’t real its old video. Say it was real for a minute. There are no mobs and no npc’s which makes since because they have no database……. Being as they have no database they would NOT have an Loaded Ability bar. They would NOT have a level 60 bard running around with Khal Robe and Epics either.

    It is really sad how some you geeks are that starved for attention that you would mislead others..

  6. matt says:

    This is cool information either way! To be honest with you guys I had no idea the severs were even shutdown until a week ago. I had this strange urge to play EQOA again now that I have stable internet. Then I find out I can’t connect. Sad I know. But hey someone try to let me whatever happens please! Thank you.

  7. Healeroflife says:

    Best game ive ever played what an experience that will live on as long as i am here breathing my last breath on earth. Anyway i really hope you very smart people out there could restart a world of magic and adventure. Take me away from this world of reality just for a bit, please make this happen once again.

  8. NineOneOne says:

    Yeah I miss you all. Hopefully we can all get together again. xoxo ~NineOneOne (cleric)

  9. Eddie Ward says:

    Xsanmanx, I would start back today if it was available.

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