17 Armor Quests

I’ve done a few posts mentioning these quests but I still find them worth my time. You get the coaches, you get some decent xp, and you get armor. Sure, you could probably level faster at pickclaws with boon, but for the sake of story line and exploration, I think I’ll always do them. 

While I remembered most of them — where their mobs are at or who was the questgiver — I completely forgot that each one cost 600 tunar. When you’re broke from buying boon (boon potions disappear when you log off, by the way) and/or you lose half your tunar after death, just finding the 600 needed for each quest can become a bit more time consuming.

I have yet to complete the Fayspires quest but I did manage to do the Rivervale one. Thanks to Jon, one of the early commentators on this blog, we ran out there and knocked out the goblin. I then did the 20 alchemist quest and am now at level 22. I’ll hold up here and wait for Victor(Esva), Thrazor, and Jon to catch up. If you want to join us, just leave a comment.

It might best if everyone leaves their character’s name and class in the comments. Once we all get networked, the leveling process will be much more bearable.

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29 Responses to 17 Armor Quests

  1. Victor says:

    You’re an Alchemist. I’m waiting for others to post their class because my class choice is going to depend on their choice.

  2. Victor says:

    Are you currently logged in?

  3. Victor says:

    I’m on, now you aren’t.

  4. Jon says:

    Just leaving my info for anyone that hasn’t added me yet.
    Name: Kersed
    Class: Shaman

  5. BoomstickSaint says:

    I am also now back online. Sounds like you guys are nearly caught up to a couple of my toons – 31 war and nec. Also 60 alc. Are you guys forming a guild?

  6. Victor says:

    We da best

  7. Victor says:

    With the (we takin over) part actually underneath the name.

  8. BoomstickSaint says:

    I was thinking some like “Reconstructive”

    Something that says something about trying to rebuild the game and also its the name of the alc 51 ability. And it sounds tough.

    Alternatively, I had a guild on ppo that was just a couple of my alts called “My Guild Can Beat Up Your Guild” which I always thought was funny lol

    Also, I met and friended a 25 bard last night who just started playing after 4 years off who we should get in on this too. We grouped up and had a good old school time at Sunnyvale last night.

  9. Victor says:

    Oh you wouldn’t believe I played on my 35 SK with a 35 Monk, 34 Bard, 36 Alchemist and was pulling 3-4 minos at a time and had no down time. Not to mention this Bard was newer and the tick only healed for 55 where as my 28 bard ticks for 140. I got 35-38 in less than 2 hours.

  10. Theron says:

    Hey guys, Thrazor here.

    Sorry that I haven’t been on lately. I got my rogue up to 24 just for this reason. The guild idea sounds great! Feel free to level as high as you want and I’ll do my best to catch up with you. I have a 60 Alch that I can farm HnG with so I can quickly catch up to your levels.

    I didn’t do the 17 quests, but I know it’s not too late. I still have to do the 23 quest, too. The side quests (not just abilities) were always fun to do with a group, especially the 27, 33, 35, and 37s.

    I hope to see you all soon!

  11. Victor says:

    But the point of this is to grind people! Not HnG!! We need tank/dd/dd/support or healer.

  12. Theron says:

    Haha you’re right Victor, no HnG!

    I’ll do my best to stay caught up with you guys! I’m at level 25 now and I’ll be running coaches/questing tomorrow when I’m on.

  13. Steinmar says:

    Nice that y’all are taking a story approach to playing again. Might I suggest a couple of things to do that are very fun in groups:
    1) Speak to Madrias Tam at the North dock in HB, and start the Evilution ring quest.
    2) When you are around level 29-35, stay at those levels for awhile, and hunt named mobs in Sunnyvale, Blackburrow, Gnoll Forts (inland and on the river).
    3) Doing steps 1 and 2 will give you faction points for the Storyteller, who is located in Baga Village, which you can then turn in for gear, weapons, helds, and charged items, as well as archtype abilities.

    You could wait until much higher levels to get storyteller faction points, but it’s easier at the lower levels, since the devs created a bunch of mid- and low-level mobs that give ST faction. Aside from the named cyclopses, mobs that give faction at the higher levels are usually raid mobs.

    • Stoney says:

      Never heard of the ring quest. As for the other stuff… we’ve done gnolls a few times and did the 30 quest there. Last night we grinded at bandits with a shammy, rogue, and alc. It went surprisingly fast with boon. I just heard about the ST 2 days ago. I looked up some of the items and it definitely seems interesting. Skarr was actually beside a level 44 ST mob that almost took out a 60 alc. Those things hit like a truck. By killing the gnolls, do we get faction towards the item? Or do you have to kill the named?

  14. Steinmar says:

    aye, they hit hard, and have a high amount of HP. I could solo them on my ranger by the time I hit around lvl 35, but that was when the Freeport potions still stacked in the inventory. That’s why I was thinking that a good group of around that level would be able to take them out. Watch out for the Crab at the bottom, though; he’s nasty.

    For faction, simply kill any named that corresponds to your level–e.g., killing the named gnolls will give you faction before level 35. I think 35 is the cutoff point (can’t remember specifics). Anyway, if your toon is higher than the cutoff point, you won’t get ST fac credit for the kill.

    ST Faction for mobs is based on kill, of course, just like a regular mob. When you kill a ST mob, you won’t get the faction immediately. You have to go to the ST in Baga, and when you speak with him, he will listen to your story, and then award you faction points with him.

    As your faction increases, so too does your access to more and more powerful rewards from the merchants. So, for example, if you have 50 faction points, the merchants who have rewards for 50 fac points or less will talk to you. The merchants whose rewards require higher faction will not talk to you.

    Also, remember that if you kill the same mob multiple times, you will only get faction if you’ve talked to the ST each time you kill the mob. If you kill the mob twice, for example, and you haven’t talked to the ST, then you will only get credit for the first kill, and your toon will not be flagged for faction for the second, or any subsequent, kill.

    So be sure to talk to the ST before heading out to your fac hunting camps.

  15. Steinmar says:

    oops–and yes, only the named ST mobs give ST fac. named quest mobs don’t.

    Here’s a list of quests and some mobs that give ST faction:


    • Steinmar says:

      that should say, “standard named quest mobs”, because some pre-fronts mobs, such as Vox, do give ST fac.

      • BoomstickSaint says:

        I just went and turned in faction on my alc and interestingly got only 25 pts for Vox, which is the same amount I got for Lil Snappa at fp crocs. Seems like there should be a little difference there. Also, if I’m remembering correctly from my ppo days, Skahyir doesn’t give ST faction.

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