Popular Class Populations

As with most mmorpg’s, the class that’s the most overpowered generally has the highest population. Currently, alchemists seem to be in great abundance. They’re the easiest to powerlevel and are still capable of soloing. Also, SK’s and Pally’s are much more prevalent than I remember… but still no where near the level  of alcs. 

When the game first came out, monks were the least made while everyone and their brother rolled at least one warrior. This changed when everyone learned the rogues could steal money. Before any sort of changes were made to petters, rogues were found in every city shouting their boredom, lfg.

When changes were made to the attacking ability of pets, magician and enchanter populations jumped. Yet anyone who played in 2004 and 2005 remembers the biggest population bulge in the history of the game: necros.

Necromancers are probably still the most abundant class available. The ability to AFK-xp and also heal in raids made them a staple class. I know some raids bypassed using a cleric or other healer classes because necros could simply out-pace them with their pacts. One video I saw had 20 necros, a few dd’s, and a 2 tanks.

Something else that I have noticed in the 3 days I have been back, wizards seem to be popular. No idea why but I’m guessing it stems from their ability to port?

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1 Response to Popular Class Populations

  1. BoomstickSaint says:

    Wizards have super high damage and aoe that make them good for quick leveling.

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