Single Player EQOA

This post is out of left field and I’m not going to make this into an organized post:

I was driving last weekend when I began to daydream about a single player version of EQOA. Then I started to think about realistically how that would look. There’d be no way you could do your 60 Epic. Some were-form quests would be out of the question. Only certain classes would be playable.

The next thought I had was if it could be on a LAN connection. So you could dual box but still be “single-player.” I think the combination I would choose would either be alc/alc, alc/wizard, or alc/druid. I think alc would have to be there for the md’s and damage. Now the bonus could either be something to take help you port around (wizard or druid) or something to slow down the kiting mob (druid).


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3 Responses to Single Player EQOA

  1. honestly i left EQOA around 2005 or so because there were so few people that the classes i wanted to play were out of the question(typically support/DD) without wanting to bang your head against the wall. i would love to see Norrath Reborn, but honestly a single player version just wouldn’t be very fun in my opinion. I enjoyed the end game probably more so than just setting out exploring, and that just is not possible without a large amount of people(nor would it be fun without others).

  2. BoomstickSaint says:

    I think if I’m dual boxing i would go bard with a Mage or Nec. Mostly because i love my bard, but i think the combo with a Mage allows for ease of use, good buffs, decent damage, sow and invis, decent heal, and after level 51 i could simply run the Mage everywhere and coth the bard. With bard ability to charm pets you potentially have a “4 man” group. Necromancer could also be useful for pacts and rez.

    Alcs are already a good choice, but if i went Alc i think i would go with an enchanter on the second box. One, for the pretty for extra damage. Second, enc gets an awesome AR debuff that makes Kinetic potions hit for over 3k a throw.

    Tons of potentially cool combinations depending on your play style.

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