First day back

On Saturday night, I loaded up EQOA for the first time since 2005. While my old characters were on Hodstock, I opted to go straight to CLW and roll a human alchemist named Stonee.

For the first 8 levels or so, I did the opening quests and then killed random critters. Alc’s have no problem soloing. What I did find is that in front of each city was an npc you could pay 50 tunar to buff your character. I mainly bought HoT and SoW buffs.

By level 9ish, I decided to check out the boon. After reading a ton of forums just to find the thing, I killed greens to collect the needed 1k tunar. Using the boon throughout the level 10 quest, I managed to ding 3 times to level 13. So I did the level 13 quest… and dinged twice to 15. And again, the level 15 quest to ding to 17.

This is where stuff started to get frustrating. I probably should have just skipped the 17 armor quests, but for the sake of nostalgia, I ran them… on pure memory. This meant a lot of re-running and wasted time.  

I first made my way to Forkwatch, killing the shadowbandits and Uliria (Highbourne) mobs for their lore items. I also ran to DM and Highpass for the sake of saving time. After completing the quests at Qeynos and HB, I ported through Arc to Freeport.

Running south to MTG, I picked up the mummy’s blood along the way, coached back to FP, and completed that quest. I attempted to get to Hazinak via the FP dockmaster but was told I didn’t have the factions for that. Thus, I have yet to complete the Fayspire quest.

From FP, I ran north to BBW, then on to Klick, killing DriedleIV before entering the city. After finishing Klick’s quest, I ran west to Fayspires just to get the coach. Then south to kill the erolesian viper, through the orc tunnel, and to Moradhim to finish that quest.

This is where I realized how much I liked QuestHelper in WoW. I then ran to find Bloodmaw… and ran… and ran… for about 30 minutes. After finally finding him, I made my way to Halas to complete that armor quest.

Rivervale was completely out of the question. I hate that run.

After all of this, I called it quits for the day and logged off in FP just 2 yellows from level 20. I did log onto Hodstock and was astonished to not see a single person in FP, BW, HP, or anywhere else. Finally a cleric named Matoc spawned in the city. I spoke with him for a bit about the server and he said that most people log on around 6pm central. That’s when I realized that the sign of a dead MMO is if there’s an exact time that the entire remaining population logs on.

Altogether, I’d say the game has changed a considerable amount. They made leveling much easier with boon and pickaxes. Though even at level 19, I’m ready to group with people and get away from this soloing mess.

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10 Responses to First day back

  1. Theron says:

    Welcome back! I’m waiting for SOE to transfer my account time to another account but they’ve been closed for the holidays (I think I’ll be able to log on tomorrow). My rogue is level 16 on that account so if I’m able to catch you perhaps we can level together.

    The quest helper on WoW is indeed nice to have, especially for a bastard like Bloodmaw (I remember searching forever on that quest every time I did the 17s).

    Hang in there, hopefully we’ll be able to slay gnolls and bandits together soon.

    One thing I used to love to do with a group is xp the entire gnoll cave. My group and I would start at the very bottom (with the beetles, assuming you survive the fall past the gnolls and the razor fish in the water) and work our way through the caves, fighting the tough insects and the higher level gnolls. It was a fun experience (tough) but you gained good xp.

  2. Victor says:

    How can I get up with you Stoney? I bought another PS2 today and am ready to go.

  3. BoomstickSaint says:

    I personally don’t mind not having a true map in game and for most things I don’t mind not having an in game walkthrough for quests. You are right though, for mobs like Bloodmaw it is a pain sometimes. Even though I know about 3 spots for sure that he spawns, sometimes it takes forever to find him.

    I always do the 17s when I do my coach runs. And because I only use rares that I find as I grind I use that gear forever. In fact, I bet that my 60 alc on CLW is most likely still wearing some lol

  4. Victor says:

    It’s ashame you skipped the Cracktooths, The tame crocs, The undeads, you want real throw back, the wasp hive, the goblins near halas, the place we discussed earlier, castle felstar and all. I do miss the pre-20 game too. But i’ll be on later tonight, how late I don’t know, I’m probably going to fight this guy, no jokes… lol

    Real life does get in the way someone, it’s poppin’ in this city ATM. You fight or your gonna get punked/shot at until you retaliate.

  5. Jon says:

    I’m in Stonee, send a /tell to Kersed.
    Plan on gettin myself to 20 today. Might do a few alts if I’m bored enough, ha.

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