Hunters of the Fallen (guild, Hodstock)

Stumbled onto this list of one of the original guilds from the Hodstock server. I only remember a few from my time in Brethren and Daybreakers. If you’re one of these guys or you knew one of these, leave a comment!

Roenick, Allanae, Renelen, Arlore, Tracey, Raethen, Riven, Dresden, Tristin, Zammy, and Sabroso.

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8 Responses to Hunters of the Fallen (guild, Hodstock)

  1. Sab says:



  2. Roenick says:

    Of course you are Sab!

  3. ellestil says:

    Late as usual!

  4. Victor says:

    Auronn here lol

  5. Buban says:

    i was buban apart of daybreakers… i remember incognitoguy

  6. Slandar says:

    Hail, and well met!

  7. Mike field says:

    Hey hey! Barnabas here, with brother Dalowin from Daybreakers. Loved the eqoa days and our friendship with HotF!

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