Serious problem with quest difficulties

I just completed the 49 epic quest thanks to help from Wreck and Coolhandluk. Out of the 6 mobs I had to kill, 4 were easily soloable. In total, the quest took probably 2 hours and there was limited running. The only deaths were from pure stupidity rather than difficulty.

What I noticed is that this is completely opposite to armor quests. I never did the 50’s quests and rarely did the 40’s. A friend and I started the level 47 quest chain, got past the mino’s part and it had already been 3.5 hours! We weren’t even on the hardest part of Part 1 on the chain. To make it worse, Part 2 is the one that gives your new spell or ability. Oh, and there’s a Part 3 if you’re really in a masochistic mood.

While I think that quests should be challenging, it seems that most of the 40’s and 50’s quests are near impossible without a full group or a decked out 60 backing you up. What’s even more frustrating is the respawn times on most of these mobs is ridiculous. Some are around 30 minutes.

The path quest mobs, such as Para or the Unnamed King, drop 8-10 of the needed item. This is the same in WoW. If we had to wait around and kill Frostborn III 4x for a full group to move on in the quest, I would consider a lunch break in between each kill.

PS. I chose the alc gloves and continued on the AOE path. The quest reward xp, with the boon, was 180+ million, enough to give 5 full yellows.

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2 Responses to Serious problem with quest difficulties

  1. Moory says:

    When you say you had to wait around 30m for a spawn, that’s what I miss most about doing quests in EQOA. Competing for a quest spawn with 2 other random players was exciting because it felt good to be the one to tag the mob and move on.

    Playing WoW with how easy-mode they made it is less exciting. Obviously, we all know how WoW is and having to wait for a quest spawn is no where near to what you have to wait for in EQOA.

    I hate that the most about WoW. I feel like if people who start up WoW and being their first MMO won’t have a clue what a real quest is like. People have it made playing WoW.

    • Stoney says:

      Agreed. WoW is a very easy game… but that’s been part of their success. I think there can be a happy middle ground where a mob respawn time is long but they drop multiple items. This would encourage group participation rather than individual greed.

      By the way, how you been Moory? Been a while since I’ve seen you around!

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