Tree Spirits near Darvar Manor

If the bandits camps were full, you could always run up the hill to the tree spirits. There are about 5-6 that spawned and were relatively easy to kill for an early-20’s group.

As I was looking for a photo of the trees, I pulled up the allakazam site. Here. I love going through the comments on these things and reading the excitement we used to have after the game released.

I fought a lot of Tree Spirits ( behind Darvor ) and the rares a pretty hard to get…but VERY nice ones!


Lastly, I wonder if Airfoxx ever got some “wweeeee…eedd.”

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5 Responses to Tree Spirits near Darvar Manor

  1. Tidal says:

    I used to LOVE the tree spirits, and you knew exactly when you outleveled them. Once you had to start waiting around for them to spawn, you were too high for trees. There was a bandit camp not too far from there too that was less popular than the one right across the bridge.

  2. Stimulant says:

    i found a cv here once while tanking on my sk mighyelf from hodstock and i gave it away cause i didnt realize it was all/all or even what a all/all robe was

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