Classic Powerleveling

There were different methods to powerlevel (PL) throughout EQOA’s lifespan. The most used technique was to take a healer and run them through a group of low mobs while having a ticking-heal on their character.

Eventually the BPoA was introduced, making PLing a breeze.

Other techniques included pet-PLing (fixed), having a higher level kill the mob after its health is at halfway, and outside-the-group healing.

The unfortunate part of PLing? Tanks and healers trying to level became almost useless. Meanwhile, petters, casters, and alchemists became incredibly popular.

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3 Responses to Classic Powerleveling

  1. Tidal says:

    The other unfortunate part of PLing. Players getting levels without learning how to play, and then joining your group and getting you killed. Especially prevalent in tanks.

    • Stoney says:

      Completely agree with this statement. I remember getting grouped up with people who had pet-PLed all the way to 55ish and it being a near disaster. Casters using AOEs every 2-3 minutes.

  2. Northax says:

    Being PLed to mid or high level is very bad if one doesn’t know how to play their class already. I could understand if they got their char deleted or screwed up somehow and didn’t feel like leveling it to high or cap level all over again because they wanted to rush to 50 (pre-fronts) or 60 (fronts) for raiding, but that’s the only time I’d understand someone wanting PL’s when they could get them.

    I never liked being PLed really, unless there was just NO way to xp, since no healers and/or tanks were available; I still preferred regular groups to xp, even if the leveling was slower. I love grouping and using my class the way it was meant to be be played. Most of the fun is in playing your character, not just being 50 or 60 and raiding all the time. Well, that’s just me, I guess.

    It’s not just the destiny, but te journey on the way there that also matters! 🙂

    Almost all of my memories of absolute nostalgia were from my lower level years, xping with groups in dungeons and lands unknown prior and the adventurous feel to it all. How anyone would want to willingly skip over that is beyond my comprehension I guess. I love the adventure!

    Then again, they do not know of the adventure if they’ve never tasted it to begin with, so that’s what it is. All they’ve known is being PLed. Ignorance is bliss, eh? 😉

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