Pain in the ass starting city quests

Thraz posted a comment regarding a monk quest and that made me start to think about all of those quests that I dreaded when starting a new character. It even got to the point where I would purposely not make certain classes because their starting quests were so frustrating.

Up first is the Human Ranger quest line from 10-20. Everything from the woman in the woods near SFG to the impossible solo experience at Crethley Manor (twice), this quest line was near impossible to go at alone. In fact, I think the 15 quest couldn’t be solo’d until at least level 17 or 18 because of the linked mobs that would attack you like ants on a sugar cube. I used to combat this problem by using my main to kill everything and then logging in on my alt to collect the loot.

Next is the Halfling quests… any of them. Every mob you had to fight was yellow or red and unless you were a rogue, you didn’t stand a chance. Rogue’s only had a leg up thanks to more than 1 or 2 attacks. Goblins has unbelievable aggro ranges that made for difficult pulling and unless you had SOW, you were beat to death by the green midgets. The worst quest of all was the level 7 one that involved going to the top of a tower and waiting for a spawn that would come once a lifetime. You kill all of the casters, get to the top, and… wait?  WTF? Most of the halfling quests were just about the waiting.

A quest line that had a ton of running was the monk line. I distinctly remember the level 7 quest forcing you to run to Highbourne. It’s an easy run… except you’re level 7 and everything around you is levels 10-15. Watch out for poison things and more goblins at the dark portal island outside of the prison. On top of all that, everything in that quest line was near impossible to find. Specifically, as Thraz reminded me in his comment, Nuubja.

Now, who remembers the hive outside of Klick that involved the level 5 quest for gnomes? Those little flying bastards were yellow-red, poisoned, and hit like a tank. At level 5, your options for defending yourself are pretty limited and this was a quest out of reach until at least 6 or 7.

The last quest I remember as being overly difficult for a starting quest was the Erudite SK quests 10-15. Most of them involved running back and forth through the SW part of Tunaria but almost everything you had to do was both time consuming and difficult to kill. If you forget your tunar, you’ll find yourself coaching back forth to find a bank… which sounds great until you remember that you’re an SK and you have to be careful where you coach to.

What quests do you remember absolutely sucking?

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5 Responses to Pain in the ass starting city quests

  1. Elementalkin says:

    Farming the two crab legs on the coastline of Grobb for the level …7? Dark Elf quest. I think only certain classes got it, too. The legs only dropped off of a particular kind of crab, and the drop rate wasn’t so great. Then you had those poisonous snakes in your way, and a bunch of yellow to red conning ‘star crabs’ which did NOT drop what you needed.

    It didn’t help of course that that area of the world was so very isolated from everything that the chances of finding help from another player was slim.

    As I recall, the insipid troll we were sent to in the first place wants to try our ‘sissy elf food’ instead of the froglok legs we brought. In the end, he eats the crab raw like an idiot, and compares it to eating rocks!

    • na53 says:

      Wow. I remember most of these quests. Especially the nuubja, the gnome, and troll quests that were mentioned. Brings back so many memories. If I remember correctly there was a very early monk quest that involved killing firebeetles for an eye or carapace or something. It wasn’t the hardest of quests but given how early it was assigned it was relatively time-consuming.

      I also remember a dwarf quest where you had to infiltrate some kind of camp/fort alongside a river; that was pretty challenging too.

  2. Thrazor says:

    I always laughed at the ridiculousness of some quests. The Barbarians by far had some of the easiest quests out there in terms of location. The furthest they had to travel was Diren’s Hold (to kill salmon for the 20 quest). I remember the level 4 quest where you had to kill a raven, magpie, or crow and obtain one chipped raven’s beak but for some reason it never seemed to want to drop!

    I remember the Dark Elf SK quests all too well, they were pain. Actually, all of the monk quests 7+ were pretty tedious. In addition to running to Highbourne you had to run out to Seark’s Tower a couple times if I remember correctly.

    I think the worst quest line was the Ogre. They were out in the middle of nowhere and at times had to travel far. Not to mention the area looked depressing. I never minded doing the Human Western quests. Although at times you had to travel pretty far it was always fun because the areas you went to were rather serene.

  3. Magrat says:

    Going back to EQOA (2 months before the end) I kind of loved how it all wasn’t easy. Traveling through dangerous territory, praying not to hear the “whap whap” sound of being attacked..:)

    • misticalmonk says:

      As stated above:
      Darkelf Shadowknight (maybe Nec too) level 7?

      OK get this, you get ported to Grobb and i remember having to go back-and-fourth a few times bringing items to a troll at the Grobb eating area… i think it was a chef and you bring him recipies. ANYWAY. you have to find these crabs, which ofcourse are very few spawn of, and collect their legs. Problem is they are level 10ish and con red/yellow to a level 7. I believe you only get one port to grobb, so if you die. Good luck doing your level 7 quest if not bound to Grobb.

      and once you finally kill one – good luck looting one.

      Monk Quests. Being an avid fan of monks, getting that damn badgers eye and running to seraks tower sucked.

      Human SK level 10
      Waiting until night time to kill nearlik novandear (and family) and hoping someone didnt beat you to it.

      -that are the annoying ones i can remember offhand that particular made me mad.

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