Update: New job, wedding, Matt Stone??

I was rocking this site with about a post a day for maybe 3 weeks… then I got a job at a company that’s motto is essentially, “work your ass off.” Thus, I’ve had less time to post or even think about posting. I’ll be heading to a destination wedding this weekend as well and hopefully will be able to start posting again next week.

I do want to bring something up that I’ve been noticing recently regarding one of my favorite shows of all time, South Park. If you’re not a fan, fine. If you love the show, great. But what you should know is that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are the best comedy duo of the past 50 years. Few in the industry can dispute that. Yet, if you do a little research, you’ll notice that Trey Parker is the one “doing all the work.” Now, I don’t think he’s actually doing all the work, but it’s been since season 7ish since Matt Stone was involved in a directing or writing gig with an episode. They’re currently on season 15. More interestingly is the disappearance of Matt Stone from voice acting in recent episodes. In fact, in the last 2 episodes (“Broadway Bro Down” and “1%”), Matt Stone’s main voice, Kyle Broflovski, has had a combined 3 lines of dialogue. The story for most of the episodes this season focus on Parker’s characters Stan, Cartman, and Stan’s Dad, Randy.

Now, I am most likely totally off. Or Matt Stone could be on vacation for a bit since their recent year was busy with “Book of Mormon.” Then again, that too was mainly accredited to Parker.

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