How good is your memory?

Look at this screenshot and see if you can name every character’s class just by looking at their race and armor.

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5 Responses to How good is your memory?

  1. Victor says:

    Are you currently logged on Stoney? And me thinks you should add a general discussion tab up top if possible.

    • Stoney says:

      Yeah, we were on until midnight or so. I like the general discussion idea… added it.

      • Victor says:

        What level you all up to now?

      • Stoney says:

        Stonee is 27, Kersed is 25?, Thrazor is 26?, we’ll be doing the 27 quest either today or tomorrow if you want to join. Boomstick’s character is a 32-33 necro. We also made a guild, so when you’re on, we can shoot which ever characters you want an invite.

        We started to plot out our grinding schedule. After we do the 27 quests, we’ll probably start at Sunnyvale or gnolls, then move to DFC. To be honest, there’s been little format to our leveling. Just trying to help everyone out in getting through quests.

  2. Victor says:

    I gotcha. Yeah I’m trying to wait for you all to catch up to my SK. I really want to level him, love him to death. I’ll help tonight. Maybe get on my monk and speed kill to help you all catch up? At least until you all hit 35 so we can group. Because my SK is 37 with 1p to go I’ll cm until you all can reach 35-37. Hopefully we all can agree on one were-form or take a week to two to help each other. Either of which is okay with me.

    I kinda want gator lol. But to go down the list

    Rat/Gator= week or 2
    Wolf=A few days
    Bear=A few days
    Lion=A few hours
    WH=A day?

    Oh and what’d you name the guild?

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