How I made money off of EQOA

Towards the end of my EQOA playing days, I began to look at the game as an opportunity to make a little bit of money. After all, I had already spent so much on monthly subscriptions and not to mention the other things that are needed to play this game.

Something to note, I started with $300.00.

Glyde from The Unnamed (Hodstock) wearing the Spectre robe.

How I made money:

  1. Buy the ALL/ALL CV robe (which I believe is now not tradeable) for $300.00 online off of
  2. Sell the robe in-game for 150 million tunar.
  3. Sell the tunar on in 10 million tunar increments. 10m tunar went for $30.00.
  4. Total revenue of $450.00 with a net gain of $150.00.

Because of the constant demand for the limited CV robe, this was a process I could pull off for a few months straight. It wasn’t exactly part of the user agreement but that’s a risk I was willing to take.

Obviously the market on this has greatly declined given that some of these robes, if not all, are no-trade. However, it was crazy to think I might have been the only one pulling this. In the end, I ended up with $1,500 in profits.

When I got into WoW, I looked for similar cases where you could do this. Unfortunately the vast amount of servers, items, and bind-on-equip/bind-on-pickup completely eliminated the ability to replicate the process. Thus, the method I used was pretty much unique to EQOA.

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2 Responses to How I made money off of EQOA

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  2. Feena says:

    You were a lil bitch, Glyde 👏

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