The ultimate event: AoD

Remember the orc raid? Well that’s weak compared to what I want to see. How about a knight. With wings and silver armor. He also has minions that are essentially full-size dragons that have to be defeated before he’s even taken down.

Let’s call him the Angel of Death, or simply AoD. Now AoD spawns outside of Highpass, near the middle of the original continent. In order to take him down, it will take 50+ people. But you first have to knock off his minions.

On the four corners of the original continent, there are four new dragons. I call them dragons when in reality they are four horsemen. Like apocalyptic, Revelations kind of stuff. These horsemen specialize in four magical categories: fire, ice, arcane, and poison. Each drops a stone that can be used to triger AoD. 

AoD is kind of like the sleeper dragon in original EQ. It’s just there and though it can be spoken to, it cannot be attacked. Not until the 4 stones are turned in, can the group start taking swings. Unlike most mobs like this, AoD doesn’t become KOS, meaning he remains neutral to you. He also doesn’t spawn down, so once someone turns in the 4 stones, he remains attackable by anyone until he is killed.

There are 3 lines of defense when attacking AoD. First, he uses his shield. He will not attack you, it’s almost just a grind of beating the tar out of him until this line of defense falls. The unfortunate part is that he has a damage shield on him that AOE procs all near by attackers for 1k. If 2 quad hitters come in and each take swings, that’s 1k x 8 swings. So everyone in the area receives 8k damage. The shield is lightening based and can be resisted down to the 600’s. He keeps agro just as any other mob would but he hides behind his shield the entire time. He has higher than normal resists and taunting heals him for 500 per taunt. Finally, he also will randomly teleport the highest damage dealer every 90 seconds. Where at they teleported? Just up the hill in the HP castle. A quick 60 second run away.

 After the shield is broken away, the next line of defense is melee. He looks somewhat similar to the Assassin’s Creed character.  The damage shield goes away and AoD becomes melee only. He quads for 8k a swing and the best tanks and the game, with the best AC, can only get the damage down to between 3-4k. The biggest consequence here is that every AoD swing heals himself for 600-800 health. Since this line of defense has no damage shield or DoT to control the crowd, as many people as possible can take shots at him.

The final line of defense is the caster form. He goes from the white robes to a black hooded cape. Without any metal armor, he has relatively low AC… at the cost of a ton of damage. First, there is a damage shield on AoD but it only does 200-300 damage. Second, he consistently casts a disease and then poison that stack for 400 and 500, respectively. These DoT’s are AOE and they debuff a player’s charisma, intelligence, and wisdom. Third, he casts root buffs on everyone in the area. It’s an AOE root that lasts 60 seconds. Lastly, AoD casts a resists debuff that lowers everyone in the areas fire, lightening, and arcane down by 350. The caster form also does damage from lightening, fire, and arcane. These alternate during casting as any normal wizard would. The damage ranges between 4 and 6k. 

If the group wipes during a stage, AoD does not reset. It would most likely take a multi-guild collaboration… if not the entire server. Also, there are no trees or rocks in that area that would allow for any sort of glitching. Zoning is possible and will not reset the mob. His resists are maxed and speed reducing abilities such as the druid DoT do not affect AoD.

So that’s my final boss of EQOA. The mob that brings people back for a month or two for one last hurrah. Obviously the PS2 platform would limit any mass-crowding and this is clearly a fantasy. Much like the fabled SOE customer support department.

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1 Response to The ultimate event: AoD

  1. Ayrica says:

    Get someone to hack together a private server and I think it’s possible. SOE Isn’t going to do shit now, expecially after their networks recently went down. R.I.P. EQOA

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