EG and Overlord Xrag (video)

One of the classic Frontiers leveling spots (and petter havens) Elephant Graveyard was always a fun place to level. Especially when you got a chance to take on the Overlord.

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2 Responses to EG and Overlord Xrag (video)

  1. Northax says:

    Xrags were pretty fun! I especially liked Pariah’s for some reason. I think because they were up top and it felt more risky to fight them. When your AR resists slipped up, you FELT it, especially being a caster with lower hp (like on my Wizard). I hit 60 and got both MCA’s with my Wizard and Necromancer there.

  2. Northax says:

    Oh, and Overlord Xrag was always annoying, yet fun to fight. I loved how he ported me out at certain times. 🙂

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