Ding! 60. (and some news)

Yesterday afternoon, I dinged the alc to level 60. Wreck hit the mark in the morning with his necro. What I found is that most of my leveling was done during weekends. Here’s the breakdown:

Jan 1 (New Years weekend): Levels 1-23.

January 7-9: Levels 26-35.

January 14-16: Levels 36-45.

January 21-23: Levels 48-53.

January 28-30: Levels 54-60.

In other words, only 10 levels were accomplished Monday-Thursday.

Overall, the experience was a lot of fun. Being an alc was a huge help — pretty much any dd would have a good chance of getting a group that grinds at a much faster pace. The last 7 levels were done at frost giants, most without a tank or healer.

Up next is grinding out the cm’s for my MC and MC abilities. I think I’ll then consider forms, raiding, and other parts of new endgame content such as the Khal… whatever those are.

Now for the news — A friend is helping me get some of the resources together to make a “let’s play EQOA” series on YouTube. I’m still working out the details, but I think it’s going to be a documentary-commentary of a dd from level 1 to 60. If you want to help me out with that, shoot me an email!

Lastly, we’ll be getting back to the basics on this blog… videos and other media content!

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