Story of Enchanters

For the first 5-6 months of EQOA’s existence, enchanter pets did not attack unless their owner was attacked. This made them almost useless. Sure, they kept your mana up, but you were essentially down a player… and since healers didn’t do damage either, you were down 2 players.

When EQOA got the hint that enchanters were rarely seen, they were reprogrammed to have attacking pets. This was great and all… if the pet did any damage. A level 50’s pet was only in the low 40’s. As we all know after CMs were introduced, level means everything as far as how much damage you do.

Enchanters were eventually upgraded to have casting pets. This was a huge bonus, except that the spell that was cast was a taunt that drew a ton of agro from the tank. Thus, enchanters were never allowed to use the pet.

Yet, the greatest upgrade to the enchanter were the master class options. Either choice is excellent. The spellbinders could tame Raging Rhinos and do more damage than any other class in the game. At the same time, animators had a great pet (Grand Animation?) that could take a lot of damage along with a proc buff that is crucial in any group. With these additions, enchanters moved to the top of the list in classes that people actually wanted to play.

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