Seisen Robe

As I have said in previous posts, robes ruled EQOA before crafting. The Seisen Robe was a monk specific item that dropped from a rare spawn in a temple East of Moradhim.

I spent a ton of time camping this guy in the bottom room where about 6 initiates and voidfists spawn beside him. The Grandmaster rarely dropped the red robe, but when he did, you were automatically a noticed character on your server.

In its prime, this robe was probably the second most expensive item in the game, outside of the CV. That’s pretty nuts given that the item was just level 17 and for monks only. No matter how long I stayed in the temple, I saw the Grandmaster only one time.

The temple and the Moradhim area remain one of the coolest memories of the EQOA world. The next post will deal with the oh-so crowded orc tunnel nearby.

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1 Response to Seisen Robe

  1. Northax says:

    Ahhh! Yes! I do remember going to camp this guy a loooooong time ago on my Monk. Wow, you talking about it just gave me a jolt of major nostalgia. It was pretty much the only time I really camped a rare spawn all on my own for an item I wanted. I remember someone else being there as well, and we were talking about who would kill him first. lol! He did spawn and I got him, but no robe. I was ticked, since it took a while. But it was a nice memory to have now that I do not play anymore. I remember trying to get the CV as well. I was desperate for a robe on my Monk!

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