At some point in everyone’s EQOA run, you will come across someone who is either a whiner or just a complete d*ck. This inevitably causes retaliation on your part, making you the d*ck.

The other day I was on an alt and was invited to a tankless group at a white and yellow camp. It was actually really fast xp and in just a few minutes I had gone from 26 to 28. With a bard pulling and healing, and everyone leveling, I decided to pull my character closer to the spawns. We had no problem taking the mobs down at a faster pace. However, the bard had a problem with it.

He eventually lost his cool, told the other group members to not help me, and then booted me from the group with a nice long string of F words to accompany his action.

I had 3 choices for my reaction.

  1. Train them. Those a*holes deserve to die.
  2. Walk away. This is the high road and what I would usually do 99% of the time.
  3. Get out my 60 and make sure this group never gets a kill again. This is probably the least mature option and the one I chose to go with.

I can’t remember how many times this happened in EQOA. You get in a random fight with someone in an XP group and out of no where a few 60s from their guild or their dual box roll up to “flex their muscle.”

The truth about online gaming is that there’s no other standard to measure importance than the level of your character. People do this in real life. It’s called 1-upping and is most common among frat guys, investment bankers, and former high school athletes that are falsely remembering their forgotten-by-0thers accomplishments.

My point is, whiners are d*cks that create bigger d*cks because it always ends in a d*ck measuring contest. Grow some balls and walk away.

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2 Responses to Whiners

  1. Boneduke says:

    I remember tanking in such groups on my bard – especially after class balancing (and even without the PoD ability) the group heal was so good. The tick was enough to keep you topped up, the duration was long enough you didn’t need to cast it constantly, and best, the aggro it generated from healing 4 people at once was amazing for keeping the mobs on you.

    Kind of ironic how back in the day I recall they took away bards’ ability to wear plate armor cuz they didn’t want us tanking. I guess maybe the population difference 3-4 years later made it a welcome & necessary change. Just funny because without a heal like that to generate so much aggro it would have been pointless to try to tank on a bard anyway 🙂

  2. Tidal says:

    They didnt just take away our plate so we couldnt tank. They took the aggro out of our songs. There wasnt a class alive that could take aggro from a bard and keep it if the bard didnt want it to happen. between group heal, damage, anthem, and the AC/Agi buff, it was over. Heck I spent most of my early bard career in tankless groups.

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