Glitches Part 2. (video)

Enchanters are near impossible to level up but once 60, they dominate. In fact, 1 enchanter can run a group at almost any XP camp. This may or may not be a glitch… but I’d like to think SOE didn’t intend to have squid hovering 5 feet off the ground.

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2 Responses to Glitches Part 2. (video)

  1. Ayrica says:

    Rampaging rhinoceros FTW! I used to “tank” kobold camps in The Hunt on my bard with at least one enchanter and a few other AFKers. Aside from having alchemist AoE parties, I think it is some of the fastest experience I have ever gotten. Those RRs crit a solid 4.5-5k every 30-45 seconds if memory serves.

    The nicest part was once I had my RR, the mob’s original distance from the kobold camp was far enough that it would respawn at it’s original charm location and run back to me, preventing a nasty crit and possible death! 🙂

    No bard should be without Entrancing Song unless low on CMs and doing a boss raid. Makes farming pickclaws at HP easy too; pickclaw mystics are pretty nice pets to have.

  2. Boneduke says:

    Grandma Merryglade – that was an interesting mob. Quad hitting caster I think 🙂

    Anyone ever determine what the proc on her cane was – she didn’t drop it every time as I recall, but it seemed to proc some sort of visual effect, never figured out to what purpose.

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