The Dragoneye

If robes were the economic status symbol of a player, the dragoneye represented a player’s skill. This tank/melee weapon was a huge sword that resembled Cloud’s weapon from FFVII. It had massive damage, decent stats, but contrary to popular belief, no proc. I’m actually not 100% sure where it dropped but for some reason I want to say it wasn’t off a dragon at all. Snowgrin and Vox are the 2 leading candidates in my memory. I could easily Google search it, but I’ll let one of the readers find that…

When I went through my purchasing of a CV, I was also given a dragoneye. I then bought a Carnage and a Twilight off of auctions to complete badass look. All of this went onto a bard that had wolfwere… So while I could stand around FP looking cool, in groups I was in form; meaning I couldn’t even see of the gear being used.

Besides their look, swords like the Dragoneye were an awesome addition to the game. The problem was that there were so few of these unique looking items. The twilight, known for its high proc, was just a rapier. The Carnage definitely looked cool, but it lacked stats or a proc anywhere comparable to higher level items. Thankfully, SOE added epic weapons and khal gear to improve the appearance of higher-level items. Unfortunately, all of this stuff was introduced long after I left the game.

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2 Responses to The Dragoneye

  1. Boneduke says:

    I’m almost positive that Dragoneye did have a DD proc – I think it was 138/139 dmg. As you mention, Carnage was the sword that looked awesome but had no stats or any proc at all. The interesting stat on Dragoneye to me, was the 1 AC 🙂

    Personally I never looted one 😦 but from what I recall – it was a frequent drop off of Snowgrin, and supposedly was a much rarer drop off of Vox.

  2. Jim says:

    Boneduke is correct.

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