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This isn't a metaphor.

Every so often, I’ll post some reader comments from recent posts. There’s a trend in these…


I had been playing WoW for awhile, but I was getting bored with it around when WotLK came out. As my desire to play dwindled, so did my free time, and before I knew it, I both didn’t want to play and didn’t have time to even if I did want to.

Over a year later, I started missing MMOs. I decided to make a return to EQOA last May because I was feeling nostalgic. DH was mostly dead so I rerolled on CLW. I dual-boxed an ALC and CL to the mid 30′s before I got bored, mainly from missing many of the great people I had played with back in the day. In the end, I lasted less than a month.


I started up my account again (about a 3-4 year break) a few months ago and leveled a necro on CLW up to 39 or 40 and ended up canceling my account because finding a group was insanely hard


I watched a friend play beta got interested, started playing second week after the original EQOA came out. Played until about 2005, took a six month break, picked it back up and played until 06. Quit playing because, even though the community migrated to CLW, the population was small, with the majority of players dual or quadboxing, AFKing, grouping at the camps that took absolutely no skill to grind, the game lost ALL of its major draws to me.

I have tried many MMOs, (currently have active toons in EQ2 and WoW) but EQOA was the best in its prime. It made you have to use your community to actually level instead of all the HnG boredom that is now plaguing ALL MMOS).

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  1. Ayrica says:

    Very true. The H&G are the worst, which is one of the reasons I have grown bored. Instances in WoW are a bit more fun of a way to grind, something I wish EQOA did. I can’t tell you how many times I have fallen asleep at monotonous grinding camps! 😛

    • Stoney says:

      Yeah… I started a new toon last night and I realized 2 things. 1. I wasn’t motivated to get my alc’s tag, and 2. in just 2.5 hours, my new toon was level 16 and had yet to do the level 10, 13, 15 quests.

    • Victor says:

      That’s actually one of the reasons I have no desire to play WoW at all after less than a month. People talk about the how easy EQOA is while they are right on the XPing part, hell even in the raiding part. It doesn’t change the fact that in less than one monthly payment playing about 2 hours a day I had a level 80 druid plus all the sanctified frost emblem gear and raided ICC-10(hard) went 12-12 and ICC-25(normal) also 12-12. Main tanked both and it got especially easier consider the short time I played they added the 25% HP buff in ICC.

      Instances and the way tanking worked are what drove me from WoW.

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