Staff of Faykind

Whenever most players see the following image, their mind is drawn to 3 memories.

First, druids. Druid (I think just Wildings?) got this form. It probably buffed their casting and PoT abilities. Second, the annoying casters that flutter around Murnf. Pixies will blow you up before you have a chance to get off any sort of heal. Lastly, those who were around in 2005-6 remember the pixie form as the dominant transformation resulting from the level 29 ALL/ALL staff.

I honestly don’t remember how a player acquired the item. I actually think I bought mine off auctions but it could have been from a quest. The Staff of Faykind was supposed to be for lower level players. It had a nice proc on it that would help significantly with damage. The proc was modified by dex… at an unusually high rate. Equipped on a level 50ish bard, it could easily do 800 damage per proc, which was the same as adding 2 more swings to a quad hit.

How did the staff work? Well you first had to proc the pixie transformation. This form lasted 45-60 seconds. While in that form, any hit you made gave you a high chance to set off the damage proc. Most would agree that you would get a proc per quad hit.

This weapon was a game changer for my bard. Not only was it awesome being a pixie but the extra damage finally allowed for low-damage melee classes (bards, healers, even casters) to add fire power to the group. Honestly, it was just a fun item to have. Others agree, as seen here in a player’s list of top 10 things from EQOA.

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3 Responses to Staff of Faykind

  1. Sarodare says:

    I remember this staff 😀 I had 2 or 3 I bought off Auction. Old pic to from Marrs Fist 😮 Neon.. brings back memories. You got the staff from doing a quest that was removed from the game.

  2. Lostangyl says:

    Oh my!! I had one on every toon I made on hodstock. It was a lower-level quest that started with a pop-up outside Moss Mouth. I think 34 or 39 was the cutoff, and I kept my little nec at that level for weeks doing quest over and over. I’m not sure how many people realized it was a repeatable quest, but I was really bummed when they took the quest out, lol.

    • Stoney says:

      I think I missed the actual release of this item. I might have taken a few months break in early 2005. I just remember buying one off auction because someone told me it’d be worth every bit. Would you sell the extra staffs?

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