Level 4 Quest: Let’s Play EQOA

Thanks to boon, I jumped from level 3 to level 5. My level 4 quest is the first weapon quest. I have to talk to Crow Darkstride again. I need the following items so that he can make me an Ivory Dirk:

  • Iron Ore
  • Ivory
  • Poison Sac

The Iron Ore comes from Smithy Wella. This woman is back by the Warrior guild. She sells it for 138 tunar.

Ivory is bought from Merchant Haster.

A posion sac comes from the green snakes outside. They are all under level 3.

After a few kills, I was able to get get the item.

I returned all 3 items to Crow Darkstride and he rewarded me with the ivory dirk. I also dinged to level 6! Up next is the level 5 gnoll quest!


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