Want to join a group re-writing a lot of the quests?

Check out this video and this link.


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Never noticed this banner in Halas


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New header photos incoming!

Now that the emulator is freely available, I’ll be uploading new header photos from the world of Tunaria. Stay tuned for updates!

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A savestate has been posted on EQOA forums

If you follow this link: LINK

You can access a save state of EQOA. What that means is that with the help of a PS2 emulator and a program called Cheat Engine, you can run around Tunaria, today, from your PC.

So yeah… enjoy!

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Commenting Rules

Sadly, the use of the unlimited and easy-access commenting has been abused by some visitors. Here’s the rule: from now on, if you use inappropriate language or abusive language toward any other player, you will be banned. Period. There are no warnings or second tries. I will ban your IP and if you come back from another IP, I’ll ban that too.

If you played this game in its prime, you’re at least 20 years old by now. Act your age.


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MAGES WIN (31-21)

In a surprisingly outcome, the top seeded Bards were handed a sizable defeat by the Magicians. I didn’t come across many Mages in EQOA and I didn’t have much success leveling them but they did have a ton of flexibility. When CM’s could be freely refunded, I would imagine having a 60 Mage with 800-900 CMs was incredibly fun. Here are the final rankings!

  1. Magician (94)
  2. Bard (69+bye)
  3. Wizard (56)
  4. Alchemist (47)
  5. Warrior (29)
  6. Shadowknight (29)
  7. Cleric (27)
  8. Ranger (24)
  9. Monk (13)
  10. Paladin (11)
  11. Enchanter (11)
  12. Necromancer (9)
  13. Rogue (9)
  14. Shaman (9)
  15. Druid (5)
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EQOA Class Warfare Title Matchup is here!

Vote for your favorite class to determine our champion!

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