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Although I haven’t played EQOA in a long long time it does sadden me to see it coming to an end.

I still recall the day I was browsing around gamestop for some games to pick up for my fairly new ps2 (I had just gotten the ability to play online) and in the bargain bin I saw an intriguing title: EverQuest Online Adventures: Frontiers.  I picked it up and read the case, seeing things like creating a hero, embarking on an epic adventure, exploring dangerous frontiers, teaming up with others, and of course it was online so it sounded like a cool game.  I had no idea what EverQuest was all about, nor what a MMORPG was – MMO’s were still a fairly unpopular genre at this point in time, it wouldn’t be until years later that games like WoW would make the genre much more mainstream.  Little did I know the huge impact this seemingly simple $10 bargain bin game was going to have on my life.
The first thing that stands out to me about this game is the intro music that plays.  The EverQuest theme just completely excited me, it got me so pumped to start playing, the musical score just went so perfectly with the fantasy theme of the game.  It filled me with a sense of adventure and made me really wanna get into the world and start playing time and time again.  Even today when I go on youtube to listen to the theme it fills me with intense feelings of nostalgia, for a game, an era long gone to me.  It brings back memories of all the fun times I had on EQOA and even makes me want to go and start playing again (even though that almost never turns out to be good idea heh).
I was an elf druid in EQOA, on Castle Lightwolf, I never reached max level (grinding was something I did but never to the point where I felt like I had to do it so much to reach the level cap) and I never cared.  That’s an attitude that I’d never have on any of the current MMO’s I play where the level cap is really where the game begins.  I can still remember stepping into the world for the very first time, it was vast.. it was huge.. it was completely unexplored.. it was amazing.  Freeport seemed like it was an impossibly long distance away and danger was around every turn.  Norrath was a magical wonderful place and I was so happy to be there.  Teaming up with other people to take on those wasp nests near Tethelin for the first time (and collectively dying to the queen more than once), to running all over the world to do my level 17 armor quests and then helping many many others do theirs too, to exploring seemingly endless terrains and environments to find new camps and areas to poke around, I truly never expected to have so many awesome experiences from this $10 game.
But the best part of the game was the people, I eventually started a guild and started meeting other players, these players would go on to become good friends, amazingly good friends.  Friendships I’d build for years, I’d get to know them and grow alongside them (I was 15 or 16 when I first started this game).  I knew some of these players better than I knew my real life friends cause I’d spend so much time on this game.  And when we all started growing alittle tired of the game and wanted a change, we made the collectively decision to move to FFXI.  The ps2 harddrive had just come out, with FFXI already on it so we all made the move.  The move wasn’t really successful as many of us (myself included) decided we didn’t like FFXI and came right back to EQOA.  We underestimated the hold that this game truly had on us!  A long while after that we did end up giving FFXI another chance and played that for years to come after but EQOA was where we got our start.  Although many have moved on with their lives from gaming, I still know and keep in touch with the friends I’ve made on EQOA to this day.  The friendships I’ve made on the game have truly been lifelong, I don’t think anything could break the bond I’ve formed with these people.
I’ve now played several MMORPGs and continue to play and enjoy them to this day, and it’s all thanks to me coming across this simple $10 game in a bargain bin.  Now I was never particularly interested in RPGs or anything like that before this game, I was more into first person shooters acutally lol.  But EQOA got me addicted and never let go, I even decided I wanted to go to college for Computer Science just because I wanted to work in the gaming industry where I could work with MMO’s in some way (and I’ve since achieved this goal!).  My life, my future has been shaped by this game.  Everything from what I enjoy now, to the friends I’ve made, to what my career is – spawned from EverQuest Online Adventures.  I can’t imagine what I’d be doing right now had I not decided to pick up the game.
I’d like to thank the developers for bringing EQ to consoles so many years ago, a brilliant idea that I’m so thankful they brought to life.  And also thank them for keeping the game alive all these years so people could continue to experience the epic world of Norrath.  While MMORPGs aren’t exactly hard to find these days, I do hope others were able to experience EQOA as their first MMO after I’ve gone and have fun with it as I have.  I’d also like to thank you for upkeeping such an awesome blog!  EQOA related talk, especially recent and updated talk, isn’t something you come by often so it was very refreshing when I found your blog a few months back.  I continue to check in from time to time to see what you’ve got to say.
And of course I’d like to thank the players, everyone who created a character on EQOA and contributed to making the game world the amazing place it was for me.
I’ll miss you EQOA.
SoW plz.
– Justin
I woke up feeling sick today and heard the news that Davy Jones from The Monkees died. That was very unsettling for me as i love their music. But, the worst was to come…The second news i heard was that EQOA is getting shut down. Now i was officially heartbroken. It might seem silly in the big picture to have such an attachment to a “video game”. Can you really fault me though considering i played this game since the classic EQOA beta?
There are many memories with this game that i will never forget. All the people i’ve met, all my characters, even all the out-of-game memories with friends that remind me of this game. Sure, i’ve played other online games, but in the end none ever compared to EQOA. I’m still shocked.
I can only hope that the shutting down of this game paves the way for EQOA 2 or at least something great in the future. Who knows? In the meantime, i’ll be playing as much as i can while this games clock ticks down.

Good Bye.

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  1. Steve says:

    This post pretty much hit the nail on the head for me. EQOA was my first MMORPG as well, and I still sometimes listen to the opening music to give myself a shot of nostalgia. I loved this game and poured 4 years of my life into it. When I quit I almost immediately regretted it and for the years up until now I kept thinking about going back and experiencing it one more time. I honestly felt a little piece of me die when I heard it was being shut down. I’ll always have the memories, though.

    Also: I felt a tear coming on reading that last message. Lawd those were the days.

    • Sutherland says:

      I remember camping for a year checking in three times a day to get my Pali his epic, took us three raid guilds to pull it off but there were six pallys that night we dropped Snyder or whatever his name was. I must admit, I had a tear of joy roll down my cheek that day. Dam that was the most gruelling raid I have ever encountered lol there must have been well over 100 of us there lol 🙂

  2. Kyle, Slaith, Slaithin says:

    Slaithin / Slaith Here from Castle Lightwolf, 60 Dwarf Faithful Cosa Nostra

    I’m shocked to hear the game is shutting down.
    I’m 22 years old now, and when I was playing this game I was 14 or so. It might seem funny and everything but this game was a safe haven for me, I’ll always love it. I’ll always remember and cherish names of people I met like Anedia, Crimson Legion, Ndien, Fission, Aneii.. butterflies, Ramaden/Dramacydal my fave canadian gnome, Bless elf enchanter who ended up being my RL friend after we discovered we go to the same school in game, Keepers of The Blue Flame.. my newb guild, Venris (who I saw posted on here), there were two people I girl and a guy I played with from like my first week playing and I can’t remember their names but I’ll always remember being guilded with them and having fun at croc camp near BBW. I hope they are all healthy and happy and doing well. I’ll never forget my first coach run with Anedia, little gnome cleric who I was amazed by took me to many of the coaches one morning and I was in awe at the game, it being my first mmo. Moradhim and Fayspire will always be fond memories where so many of my newb days took place, running through the orc tunnel with my friends, making it over the mountain just to go say hi to our other friends in Fayspire on the other side was such an accomplishment. It was a different accomplishment than anything in WoW, you got no quest for it, you got no armor piece for it, it wasnt instanced, u just did it because u wanted to meet up with your friends in another city. Chakra Village near moradhim where I’d have little newb guild meetings with everyone… so nice to look back at. I’ll never forget one of my first raids, Siliskor with Crimson Legion. Aeyinar with Rights was amazing fun too, Noroxus with Decimation, and most notably taking part in the first main tank server wide of CT with my guild Cosa Nostra. What a game. I’ll never forget the place.. that’s for sure. Love every one of you guys who I played with back then.

    I’ll be in game as much as I can be until the servers close down.. Hope to see many familiar faces on my dwarf in these last days on castle lightwolf. /salute. Anyone want to stay in touch email me as I mostly play games under that name now (still play as Slaith/Slaithin someitmes though). Any old EQOA players feel free to add my PSN too, sevvro

    will miss it all

    • Sutherland says:

      Did u play a dwarf cleric or Pali on Mars Fist way bk in the frontiers erra?

      • Sutherland says:

        Oops forgot to click on notifye me lol!

      • Kyle, Slaith, Slaithin says:

        wow! never went back and checked this, don’t know if you’ll see this or not but yeah i did for a little bit, dwarf cleric, mainly played on clw though! did we meet?

    • Psychokillaz/Kyogre says:

      Nice post but there is one thing you said that was off… CN wasn’t the 1st guild server wide to kill Cazic Thule. It was a guild also on CLW RoT aka Raiders of Tunaria. I’ll never forget the drop because I won it. The 1st Crimson Robe aka 2nd best Caster robe in the game. Your post was awesome and you never said killed CT server wide you said Main Tanking him so maybe y’all whipe’d a few times because I was talking to Murphy among others from CN right after the RoT server wide 1st kill of CN & he congratulated us.

  3. I’m not ready to goodbye, So let’s try to get many more people to join Anything that may help save EQOA. Moyssis, Maryana, Mryan, Anothercl, Ladiem and many more toons ttys good luck

  4. Enasni says:

    Hey all – its me, Enasni of Castle Lightwolf. I’m so sad, like the others, I’m heartbroken over this news announcement. I’ve played this game since I was eleven and in middle school, I’m now 21 and in college. I’ve met a few great people through this game whom I’ve kept in contact with. Spent many nights in the dark raiding with the Council of Eternal Shadows and the one and only RAAM – who is the bomb, by the way!!! My point is, Sony, you seem to be careleslly tossing the dedicated members aside, without even considering alternantive routes of action such as releasing a single-player no internet required game, closing every server except Castle Lightwolf, or coming out with a ps3 based Everquest – which the masses have been asking for, for years! Please come to your senses, Sony!!! Don’t disrespect your dedicated fan base so harshly. That’s ten years of my life you’re throwing away that I’ll never get back.

    • Raam says:

      Hey Raam here. I just saw this site. I like it. Yes, it is a shame. It’s better that some things end instead of struggle and limp on. I thank everyone who played and made the community, I thank CoES. and I thank my friends. This game and rose and fell with the sands of time, and we will be known as champions in the sands of time.

      • Maxwell says:

        MMO’s today are all missing that one thing that made EQOA the best. That is community, i’ve read so many stories on the impact this game had on so many people and even my own. Never had there been a game that had such an emotional connection to the players involved. I was not a very well known player but, I remember the day that I forced my best friend to play. He was very hesitant at first but, again I made him play. That one thing changed the face of Castle Lightwolf. I forced the great “RAAM” to play the game and in turn he created CoES. I believe that he single handedly created the best community to ever exist on any game and any game that will ever be. I wish everyone the best in their lives and never forget all the memories created in this perfect game.

        Kazragorre. Caste Lightwolf

      • Raam says:

        Yes, Kazragorre. How have you been?! It is true. What he says is exactly right. I never wanted to touch EQ and he finally got me to…And the chain of events that followed from his decision to get his friend to play… Affected many people above like Maryann and Enasni… And many others. Thank you Kaz for your vote of confidence. I hope your new life is going well for you 🙂 Keep in touch old friend. Family.

      • Maxwell says:

        Hey Raam sorry i haven’t kept up with this forum i miss ya bud. I assume you have my old phone number but at the risk of being prank called i’ll just give you my email “”. I hope you read this again it has been to long and you will always be the best friend i have ever had.

    • Raz says:

      Enasni, we need to get in touch. It’s Raam. I got rid of my old email account haha.

  5. bob says:

    EQOA Will always be the greatest game ever created in my mind. The memories shared with this game will live on for the rest of my life.

  6. Shane says:

    Hi. I’ve left a message in your “Whose your character?” thread that I found while cruising the net one day after all of a sudden being hit with nostalgia for EQOA, a game I hadn’t played since early 2005. I was glad to see it wasn’t just me who thought this game was unique. It makes me sad to think that there will be no more Halas, Freeport, Neriak, Klik Anon, etc. existing somewhere out there in cyberspace. I don’t really play video games much. They never became a lifestyle for me as they do for some (no judgements). It was only EQOA that for about 3 years could make me neglect the pub and my guitar, which was kind of a nice, sedentary break. Recently, based on this website, I considered getting back into it, but I realized I couldn’t find a Frontiers disk, and that once I did it would cost me quite abit considering I’d have to get a ps2 and a TV (as opposed to a monitor) as well. So what I did to satiate my need for a special MMO that contained an open world of atmosphere, varied class and race choices, and a good community that needs to work together to survive in said world was try out Vanguard, a game designed by one of the creators of EQ. It wasn’t successful when it came out five years ago because it was apparently ridiculously buggy, but alot of those bugs have been addressed, as well as classes balanced quite well. I’ve been playing for a couple of months now, and it’s great. The Isle of Dawn, which is the suggested tutorial area that gets you rolling (you can start in your home town as well but the Isle is the better choice) seems like its just another MMO that puts you on a mindless train track that you can’t veer off of, but once you get out into the world it all opens up. You can quest to your heart’s content, but it is just as viable to find some people out there and grind away on a dungeon (much like Gnoll Cave, or Lady Vox’s Castle) that also has a few quests to pick up, but is very EQOA style group dependent, and feels just like grinding at a camp. Be warned, it is still a bit buggy in that it will disconnect you from all chat channels, and you’ll have to log off and log back on to get them back, but the inconveniences are worth it. The community is small but very helpful and friendly. I’m sorry to hear that EQOA is done, but I figured I’d put that out there for any people that don’t want to give up that kind of experience, even if it isn’t quite the same. Unfortunately, you can only play on a PC. Take care folks.

  7. Dlain says:

    My reaction to EQOA shutting down is extremely mixed. It’s kinda like getting dumped by some bitch that you wanted to end it with already, but couldn’t get around to doing it. It’s bitter sweet, definately some kind of closure. It might be a bit easier for me considering I’ve gotten my 4 main accounts banned over the course of the past 9 years(one twice actually) and I know what it feels like not to be able to log on this sob. Especialy considering my last good one was banned in ’09 when the whole new dupe thing came to be.(thanks crimsonelf GFYS)
    The bottom line is though, the game had to go. It had to go since they BUTCHERED plane of war zp w/e the hell it is with this unfinished bat fucking story they had going on. Made a mob that you can kite to kill drop a gem that gave tanks a better sword then their epics(sk/pal, yet wars still got their uber epic bp’s so it didnt affect them negatively…class balancing my ass), since all/all robes dropped with uber stats to keep some newbs playing the game a little longer, etc. That wasn’t real EQ. Eq in my mind ended once sapph quit, and im not saying sapph was a leet dev, but she didnt deploy an unfinished saga about some fucking bats ona brand new raid zone and completely remove all the high end raid mobs that on less active servers had barely been raided. Honestly just a small example of how they started gimping the game just to keep subscriptions consistant. All/all robes that drop? thats BS. Ask anyone who worked their asses off for SMR’s, I’ve had 2 of them over the years and my god did i value them. Now you log on(logged) and 5,000 newbs are in fp with a blue robe and an sk epic running around. GG originality.
    Like I said though, game needed to go years ago, they finally found a decent time to can it cuz their make shift dev they had check in every once ina while was a retard in training mode w/o his leash. I’m glad it’s gone, the game I once loved became sickening.
    I’ve gotten, I kid you not and anyone familiar with my name knows im not BS’ing, 12+ accounts BANNED, not suspended, banned. Yes that pissed me off to no end, but that didnt actually make the game bad, I enjoyed the game so much even as the population of PPO shrank, i still liked the game itself. But they tinkered w/ it too much, SOE had an original plan for this game and expansions and new raid zones(zp) and it just all got off track, they didnt give one FUCK. Why should we?
    I could type some leet stories here about my conquests on the game, but you bro’s dont wanna hear about how I glitched everything, griefed people, KS’d, owned the mail system, ran sucessful raid guilds(non glitch, least before 3 am anyway) convinced a GM to give me a free smr(Kenpachii) and leveled FOUR great tanks, all of which at the minnimum had some high end raid experience, all the way up to server bests on my 2nd pally. Im gonna shout out my bro’s instead if any of them ever see this post one day:
    Grobic, Lonewulf, Crimsonelf, Yayyayyayyay, Kumdaen, Izeil, Solorn, Kenny, Freebase, Bakaj, Frankman, Vither, Tristam, Triscut, Rag/Turlis, Torca, Chron, Johnnyb, Kaiser, Eldorn, TOMP, Johnnycliche, and im now kicking myself for starting this list cuz im leaving out atleast 20 people. Definately not starting a list of people who i hate that’d be worse.

    PS, dont get your hopes up about EQ Next, keep your fond memories of this game stored in the back of your head and just move on knowing it was a fun thing to do for a few years.

    • Jugasweettea says:

      you ran ppo lol
      im one of the 20 your kicking yourself for forgetin. its ok though… i happened to make it out with a frew friends on facebook from the ol days… since hes in one of your tippy tops.. and in caps for a reason! tomp! papowww! you aughta hit me up on fb or something ill shoot ya a link to him for a hello… ALSO not to darken the mood. but i also noticed you listed triscut… :/ well he was one of my best friends in real life.. i had no idea you guys were even friends… he passed away couple years back in a really rough car accident. bananas the memories… bananas…

      • Dlain says:

        holy shit he died? thats such a shame. the guy was so hilarious…hes the reason renaisance or w/e broke up for the first time over that nox wep lol
        i dont do the whole facebook thing but yea i miss tomp too, known him for many years as well. nice hearing from you, sucks to hear tris passed though 😦

      • Dlain says:

        my email is…hit me up whenever

  8. Mcwolf says:

    I was on last spet for the 45 days of free play, Had planned to renew my account but when i got back from vacation i found my CD wasnt working. Looked online to find a replacement but didnt want to pay over 100 for a new CD.

    Anyway sad to hear they shut it down. Right now I am generally disatisfied with wow and other MMOs ive tried. Checking out Rift now, but not sure I will find anything like EQOA again.

    Wish they could release a eqoa version of champions of norrath like game with same eqoa game area and classes, but that is unlikely.

  9. Omegasteel says:

    Well i quit Eqoa since 2007 it got really old i been playing it since the day it launched.For me it was limited to the Ps2 hardware.If this game was on Ps3 it would had gotten a lot of content updates and the game could had stayed fresh longer.I been bouncing from Eq2/rift/WoW none of those games holds a candle to Eqoa.I just love being able to chill out on my couch and play EQoa .I loved my ranger he was a beast..Omegasteel was his name.I also remember you Dlain never really had a issue with you just at the end you had a bad rep.I wasn’t hardcore as a lot of you were but i did enjoy the time i spent in Norrath.I wish everyone that played Eqoa the best of luck even those of you who i didn’t care for too much.

    • Mcwolf says:

      It would play on the earlier PS3s, dont know about the new slimlines. It was pretty nice too as you could go through loading screens about 2.5 to 3 times faster then someone playing on a PS2. everyonce in a while you would get a blue screen though.

      Ive played and playing all 3 and your right, there is no comparison. I consider wow the worst though. Blizz has created a new generation of Spoiled MMO Gamers.
      Right now though Im just trying to find a game to hold me for EQNext and that is if it comes out on Console.

      • Mike says:

        Been over a year since I said anything but i doubt we will ever run into a MMO quite like EQOA.I am buying a Ps4 for the reason their will be MMO’s for it.I don’t like playing on Pc’s ,but I deal with it.

    • Sutherland says:

      Try FF14 I’m loving it on ps3 😉

  10. thomas sanford says:

    i was the oringal tankzilla on hodstock i miss my toons and i miss that game everytime i see johns name the only thing i can think of is i hope his company goes under

  11. david aka sinfinity the necro says:

    ok this is gonna sound really dumb but…i played eqoa for years questing/griniding i know the maps/camps ther better than my own town runing to coaches check! avoiding all yellow and red mobs on the way check dieing at a higher level to earn 1million xp debt double check lol but after i sold my ps2 for a ps3 and a nice laptop ive been on a nonstop hunt for an rpg like eqoa nothing NOTING even close…i had several toons all basic stuff you can find in other mmos a necro SK rouge and monk but one thing ive noticed is in all the new mmos ivre played none have even come close graphics are mind blowing these days you bet but nothing will beat memories of my werelion necro in an all necro grp petting a ice giant to deathor my monk chaining all his skills and attacks into a almost unending chain of fury =P the new games are nicebut none will ever compare to eqoa…ps.
    SoW invis plz?

  12. Mcwolf says:

    I was in the same boat, and truth there is nothing out there that give you what you liked best about EQOA. That said the closest to it( and i have tried most) is VANGUARD. Of all MMOs ive played it comes the closest in spirit to EQOA. BTW it goes F2P this summer with a free expansion and unlimited AAs(CMs).

    Myself I am playing Rift but will pick up Vanguard when it is F2P.

    Other thing I am looking forward too , is EQ Next which will according to SOE will be playable on console. I am crossing my fingers though as I will have to see if they ever release the game and two if they totally hose it up.

  13. Mothgur says:

    This is so unfair. This past January I spent good money on re-buying the disc, PS2, internet adapter–the works. I went through hours and hours of effort to track down my old account, reset my password, etc. My newly bought ps2 was broke right after i started playing again at the beginning of February. I did all this because even after years later of not playing, I couldn’t stop thinking about EQOA from time to time and still felt compelled to play. I used to play it in 9th-11th grade. I have so many memories connected with the game. Even the physical geography of Tunaria. This isn’t fair for them to take this away after all the time and money people have invested into it. We don’t ask for much: maintenance of the server is minimal. Is there anyway we can convince SOE to bring back EQOA….it just seems to tragic to just cease forever. I was so excited to spend my summer catching up with EQOA and the past. I know multiple people who were also starting to get back into it. There must be something we can do as loyal fans to bring it back.

  14. FRANKMAN says:

    DLAIN you damn nigger wtf is up 3am raiders for life bro i was going through old things and found eq disc decided to check up on ole game see it got shut down damn lol been min since i played that game lol anyways sucks to see it gone oh well adios amigos

  15. KAHZAHM says:

    i guess we can only hope that soe sells the rights and someone either restarts or recreates the game. OMG i miss playing , even when i was standing around doing nothing i still even miss that.

  16. Sean says:

    This is Geedden, level 51 Halfling Rogue of Castle Lightwolf,

    Holy Crap!!!! EQOA is finally over?! This sucks, considering I’ve been contemplating coming back to it for the past couple years, but never got around to it. This character was my main character after getting rid of my previous account with a full list of characters on the Diren Hold server such as: Jumin (lvl 24 Barb Shaman), Aanlain (lvl 23 Elf Druid), Ranthan (lvl 24 Human Monk), Caladine (lvl 38 Gnome Enchanter), Geedden (1st version lvl 25 Hlf Rge), Bakanin (lvl 26 Dwarf Warrior), Teltin (lvl 24 D.Elf Nec). This game was my all-time favorite game, mainly because of the awesome people that played and great landscapes and cool-looking enemies. I loved the addition of being able to become a were-beast. I choose wolfwere for my main guy Geedden and loved the Class Mastery system. Sadly I wasn’t able to get any of my many characters to lvl 60 nor high enough to get a master class. Now I won’t ever be able to now 😦 I’ve played religiously from 2003-2007 and it has been a very fun experience. I wished that this game would have a sequel for the PS3, but it did not. It would’ve been MY main reason to get a PS3 in the first place. Well it’s been loads of fun and to any of you that remembers grouping with me at some point: “Hi!!!!!!” I will really miss this game.

  17. Turc says:

    I am sad… that is all.

    PPO Lollipop Guild Original

  18. Solcius says:

    I’ve played WoW, Rift, EQ, EQII, PW, FW, FFXI and a few other MMORPGs and I can honestly say EQOA was the best of them all. As sad as I am to see it go, the greater tragedy to me is that Sony spends millions upon millions developing and implementing games like Vanguard and FFXIV only to have them turn out to be “meh” at best when the formula for a truly great MMORPG is right here and will likely be forgotten by developers.. but that’s just me venting. It’s sad to think all of those cool zones and adventures are just gone. I remember starting my Elf Wizard for the first time and how much fun it was zapping bats and mice outside Feyspire.. grinding for hours at crocs, dfc, trees, gobs, tfgs, etc. I even miss running Dawn Maiden! And even when there was nothing to do, it was fun just hanging out doing nothing or spending hours playing with different CM builds. They did such a perfect job translating an MMORPGs User Interface to the PS2s controller, it was so smooth even somebodies grandmother could just pick it up and play lol You could even play this game on dial-up! I remember reading how much fun the developers had making this game too. With the sunsetting of EQOA it is truly the end of something great and the death of the last true spirited MMORPG, making way for games ruled by cash shops and overdone graphics. Thanks for that, I’m never buying another Sony product again.

    • ecald82 says:

      I’m going to start a petition… I fully believe if we get a strong push towards SOE we can make it happen. What I’m proposing is the devs remake the game. Make it suitable for use on a Ps3 upgraded graphics etc… Give old account holders a bonus or free trial/month. I don’t see any reason they would turn away 50, 000 players or more they had at any given time on the limited amount of servers.

      Diren Hold!

  19. Dreamera says:

    Gee, some old PPO names I haven’t thought about in a long, long time. Heck, I even still played for a bit while I was a truck driver back 2005. Had what at the time was considered to be a wild set up with a 3G card and wires running back and forth to make the laptop a TV to plug in the PS2 and second laptop to use as server for the connection.

    Me, I was never a raider, so the name doesn’t stick out. But there wasn’t too many that didn’t see the guild tag pop up in the oddest of places and wonder just what these goofy people were up to way out in the boonies.

    As a game, even the lower level stuff was fun the first go around as we were learning. Like the gnolls at Blackburrow Cave or orcs at Deathfist Citadel. Hundreds of hours. Come to think of it some of the “raids” were stopping Dizzy from griefing people with his crazy trains.

    But just getting out and exploring and killing whatever got in our way. 2 bards and monk was all we ever needed to have a blast. Sure it wasn’t the expedient way to grind, but we had a ball.

    Dreamera, Guildmaster of Last Days Gunslingers.

  20. DonJohnson says:

    I want EQOA back so bad that it hurts!

  21. Jodi says:

    Today I heard a song on the radio that reminded me of EQ, I met a man who played a female Bard named Altaddiction. We were toghter 4 years until he passed away in 2009 I tried cpr to no avial. (he was only 34 😦 I have recently gotten married and moved on to DCU but its just doesnt even come close to as much fun was had on EQOA! The OG Pixiesticks CLW

  22. david says:

    im over it. i moved on to wizard101 and WoW

  23. Oldrif says:

    I was shocked and saddened at the same time when i heard they were shutting it down. Mainly because i was just considering going out and buying an old ps2 to get back into the game, i still have the discs and everything.
    I remember so much from EQOA, and i wish there was another game out there that was as good to me as it was. I played on CLW for about four years, started in 2003 and was on and off till about late 2008. I would sometime go and play Final Fantasy 11 but i never got really into it as i did Eqoa.
    I remember all the people i played with and the guilds, the Legion of Heroes in my low lv days, then the guild The when i was higher level. Everybody i played with i lost contact with after leaving but if anyone remembers me i was Oldrif, lv60 gno mage. Brandontyr lv42 elf rang, and Kremp lv 35 troll sk.

  24. Stelar says:

    Great times, it was definitely a beautiful escape. Took away a lot of years but it also helped me grow a relationship with my best friends, met a lit of people that I still talk to vie Facebook. If EverQuest Next comes out for PS3 I will most definitely give it a shot.
    Castle Lightwolf:
    Stelar- 60 Forester One of the Top Ranger Duelers on the Server.
    Steler- 60 Hunter
    Sandien- 60 Sorcerer
    Raddz- 60 Death Knight
    Low levels: Scruffs, Chaoticlife, Steliost to name a few.

    Clashingfists, Punkerjer, Herlosthope, Breathe, Xzillian, Btown, Coldies.. I’m sure I’m forgetting more than 10 of you haha I can barely remember my characters but I hope you see this & remember my name!

    Long live the memories.

  25. ProximoFromFH says:

    EQOA is coming back on privately owned servers. Join in to help. Facebook link listed above with information and people to contact. Join in so we can have this server up and running faster.

  26. Greg Badillo says:

    greatest game ever…. CLW server Maylung 60 ninja shoutout to Cosa nostra

  27. Amnesia says:

    I quit in 2004. Went to FF11..then had to stop playing online games because of home issues. Got back online about 2009 and was gone…
    I had a ps2 but could not find a copy of EQOA Frontiers. Forgot about it for a while..then heard the news the game was shut down for good. For some reason even though i had not played for 10 years at that point..i was really really sad. This game meant alot to me…the friends i made..and awesome community.
    I would play on a private server if some one could set this up.
    No MMO has ever come close to EQOA in my eyes. I am praying FF14 will be heavy on the community and have alot of cool people..but idk.
    Until then i am in Vanguard and posting on the eqoa fansite forums
    Love you guys!!!

  28. Tried Wizard101 and it is a pretty good game. Its like mixing magic the gathering and EQOA together. No where near as great as EQOA was but it fills the void a bit.
    Take care all. And check out wizard101 on PC.

  29. Kimosabie says:

    I agree..I miss EQOA as well. I am actually texting a former player that played on there with me alot too lol. Anyone that played on Diren Hold remember Kimosabie or Kimotherapy? That’s me 🙂 Also I was HungWaelo and ShamKinison as well. Where’s all my homies? Miss ya guys

    • Jim says:

      Hey Kimo I hope you are doing well my friend. I was Thealamo barb war, thegost mage thedarkness mage, Remember nec, Thealamogre nec… I don’t know if you remember any of my toons names that I named off but we grouped many times at xrags and stuff. I have bumped around mostly playing WOW, and Wildstar and Dayz of late.

  30. Crosshairs says:

    crosshairs ferrans hope for life, and greatnass Proudpine outpost whats up

  31. Hello i am Japha Enigmaz Nolimits Bizzmark an more toons on CLW i miss EQOA i been playin it for 10 years i was sad when it shut down i really love the game wish they just kept it Free To Play like the other games are WoW has nothen on EQOA you haft to be there to get the kill on a raid boss with your Guild its not like every guild can raid it but i will say my GOODBYE to you EQOA Miss it so much.

  32. Albert says:

    Hi folks, my name is Albert I used to play EQOA since leaving in a package that came along with the modem play PS2 at that time in 2012 I think. I started to play it by that date, before he left Frontier and like many here, that game impact my life both q even what I carry with me. It was my first MMO and will be the best for me because I also play Aion, EQ2 and WoW. But none surpasses my EQOA and right now I’m focused on my scope q EQ2 for WoW and cancel the account. EQ @ to me is the replacement or rather my lack shelter and EQOA. My main server was and was a 3boxing PPO and my players were: Marryjean (Nec), Champloo (Nec), Jloo (Mage), Coolsmoke (Pally) and Threebox (Shammy) All 60. After the server fell PPO CLW I moved to where I had another 3boxing there with Onebox (Nec), Twobox (Nec) and Threebox (Mage) All 60. The truth that if I know how I can return to play on PC EQOA the way it is, I’m going to do. Sure is that we will never see our Toons, but think again hehe. Greetings people and if someone reminds me I can write, now continue with my 3boxing in EQ2 and I can not leave I learned alla costubre hehe.

  33. Josh small says:

    Hey guys this is coolhandluk I miss this game and people on it what do u think it will take to get eq back running or how long to the new one comes out?

  34. A few people on facebook was talking about trying to buy out for private server but it seems it fell through because ive heard nothing from them for a while. I think its RIP for EQOA . I wish it could come back but i highly doubt it will happen.

    • Michael Dymond says:

      This is just a really quick one but … no other games fill the void. i miss eqoa sooo bad (so do my kids). sony will not sell the rights away.. and only hope is that some people band together and recreate it under a different name. anyways.. this is Xantheur / Aradoxis / Moonweaver. i miss you all. take care

  35. David vium says:

    Best game ever made

  36. Enderyn says:

    As I’ve been involved in the beta test of Final Fantasy ARR, old EQOA memories keep popping up. Regardless of what MMORPG I’m playing or testing, nothing holds a candle to EQOA. I find myself constantly comparing and every game falls short in almost every area. EQOA was so ahead of it’s time.. especially considering it was on the PS2, before online console gaming had even taken off.

    If you ask me, companies and their game developers alike should take notes. Keep the UI simple, ditch the instance based quest scenarios..(makes it impossible to get to know anyone), keep the worlds seamless because nobody enjoys constant load screens… and keep it difficult. Time-sink or not there is a much higher sense of accomplishment grinding something out and failing multiple times, then there is when everything is basically handed to the player, compensating for the lack of determined players and catering to the casual player.

    Sony, just release the rights to EQOA if you don’t plan on doing anything with it, we will make good use of the code. There are more than enough loyal EQOA’rs that will do the title justice on a private server.. I think we’ve proven that….

    • Aquinos says:

      All but your first sentence, I could’ve written myself. Absolutely my exact sentiments, awesome take, man. -Aquinos 60 DK Marr’s Fist RIP

  37. Yoshine says:

    I remember being 13 when I saw an advertisement for EQOA on television and running to my step dad all but demanding the game. From the moment I signed on, to the moment I got kicked back to sever selection screen for the last time: I loved this game. I played, grew, died, raided, screamed, trained, xp’d, cm’d, and everything else for almos the entire time the game was out. I may have taken brief hiatuses here and there but EQOA always crept back into my mind and the need to play would become overwhelming. I must have bought 6-7 copies of the game having lost or scratching the others. The final copies I had never left my PS2 and the ports on my side-by-side TV’s were always filled PS2 chords.

    EQOA was my first, and so far only MMO that I’ve played for more than a month. It is by far the best game I’ve ever played for a plethora of reasons.

    I miss this game.

    Hoping EQ Next comes out on PS4 and can help fill some of the void SOE has left in me,

    Yoshine/Yoshinec/Hunn, 60 Bravo (monk), 60 Lich, 60 Faithful- CLW

  38. Albert says:

    Hey All I understand completely I’am currently 14 almost 15 And I played the game since i was 4 It was a huge blow. This may sound stupid but it helped me through times when i was about to give up. I would get up at 8 Am and play all day and sometimes all night. Eqoa doesn’t have a equal and in my opinion never will. I was quite the little nerd lol. Some of you may remember me. Danandorab level 60 Alchemist/ Nciss Level 60 Bard/Ncisss Level 52 Paladin/Shenendoah level 60 Shaman/ Ranaz level 60 Wizard all Castle Lightwolf. I also had a Level 60 druid a level 60 magician and a level 46 warrior But i cannot remember the names. Eqoa was my life, there will never be a equal after 2 years of looking for one I gave up. If anyone wants to hit me up my email is

  39. Mike says:

    Well I remember the day I got EQOA.Well the first time I heard about it was in Gamepro magazine.Well I went to best buy a day after the game launched,they only had quite a few in my guess is no one in my area gave a crap about it.Well i rush home,wanting to join this online world ”was my first MMO”.I pop the disk in and…..I had to fix the network settings since I bought both the game and network adapter at the damn time

    .After what I guess was 30 mins of setting up the network adapter I finally get to see the intro….oh man i was excited to get started.Well I didn’t have broadband at the time so I had dial up.It took another 15-30 mins to download the patch.Well after about 45 mins total I was finally at the create a character screen I Chose a Western human so i could play as a Ranger.I was a huge LOTR fan so Aragorn was my favorite character.Well i joined a server called Hodstock.I watched the cogs on the bottom right side of the screen turn and turn…and turn, as I was waiting to join this world.

    Then it happened I was in!! I couldn’t believe it.I tried to play the first EQ on my Pc with bad results.Now I am here…with some guy in front of me.So i run away not knowing how to play this game,I see about 15-20 people in a area talking.”i bought a keyboard” so I could talk proper.Well I get asked if I wanted to join them for a DM run.I was Lvl 1 and had no clue what was going on,so I accept.Then I see this Lvl 15 barb war,i was like damn….he’s Lvl 15.

    Well short story short we made it to DM, died about 10 times it seemed.It was a blast tho i made a friend that was a fellow ranger.EQOA will always be the best MMO in my eyes no matter how great Everquest Next might be.

  40. Sand / Bagahater (Proudpine Outpost) says:

    I tried to bargain with Mr. Smedley over selling the game, even after I told him countless times I would remove all copyrighted names from the program, he still declined and wouldn’t even budge on the idea. I know he still has the game on that server tower.. The stubborn bastard is gonna take that game with him into the grave. Godspeed my fellow EQOA roamers, I know you are out there seeking something like the game, but to no avail. I been beta testing Elder Scrolls Online. The game kinda feels okay. I hope you all find your peace in another game. I know that empty feeling you are having. Been hopping MMO to MMO, always searching for that next EQOA.. Hopefully we can meet in a game, and have countless hours of grinding.. Maybe in EQ Next? (Or is Smedley holding the game for graphical enhancements) You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.. 🙂


  41. Styles says:

    I to first embarked into the grand magesty of EQOA. Played allot of games since then, wow, ultima univers, dcu, RS, RoM, AO, SWTOR are a few to name. Recently I purchased FF14 and this is the first time since EQOA that I have had this mutch enjoyment from a mmprpg give it a try, if you loved EQOA you will probably enjoy FF14 cheers!

  42. Aquinos / Josh says:

    Still seeking that EQOA experience again, but it seems inevitable that it will never come. Very sad, indeed, that the only real hope of playing that game again is a new head at SoE that would be more willing to bargain that Smedley.

  43. Kahzahm:::::PPO/CLW says:

    Yes………Down with SMED.. Down with SMED. Maybe when hes gone the next might have a bit more understanding an willingness to make an improvise.

  44. Sutherland says:

    You know, Evan to this day I still feel verry fondly about EQOA I was on Mars Fist and loved the in depth relationships that were built, two members of the guild I were in actually met up n got married Theusualsuspect and Dolphina. Redoran, miss ya bro u were a kool GM, I still swear the Dwarf Pali that had the twin mages in Knights Templar was you 😉 darn if I can remember his name atm, my bad but never since has a game had such a tightly knit community you pretty much new almost everyone on your server as the years pass by, the only game I have found thus far fill the whole is FF14, maybe not all the bells n whistles of wow…yet but it’s the closest game I have played that kinna felt like EQOA can’t quite put a finger on it but I’m asumeing there’s a more adult orientated population, almost never run into kids, so maybe that’s why there really doesn’t seem like allot of dramma, spam n trolling, well at least only by gold spammers lol, so glad I tryed ff14. I evan accidentally called it EQ when discussing it with my gf lol! I think I’ll ride the FF14 train as long as she’s a Rollin lol. I am looking forward to EQ Landmark n eventualy EQ Next. I think there gonna smash the cookie cutter big time when it comes to mmp RPGs 🙂 take care n never forget what that grisled dwarf in fork watch or alliance fort would say when spoken to. Tis’ not the Adventures that make one a hero. It’s the people they help! …Along the way. I have only ever remembered one npc dialog for over 10 years but it really clicked with me n I’m actually getting goosebumps as I type this out. If anyone remembers his location, name of that npc or can remember Exactly what he said that would be great as I use as close as I can recall his dialog as my FC “guild” motto. May the light of Brells forge guild yee all on your current adventures, n Ty to sony for an awesome job even EQ n eq2 didn’t quite do it for me, but EQ2 dose have an awesome community, n family oriented 🙂 less we forget RIP EQOA you are n will continue to hold the fondest of memories. N if this should Ever reach anyone who knew Gavnar, Sutherland, or Skybinder my three mains I salut you n wish you well! I could go on indefinently but I better stop now. Cheers n GL y’all’ 😀

  45. Mitsurugi says:

    I miss this game and I miss the people from it. -Shupe and Mitsurugi of Ferrans Hope

  46. Jay says:

    Wow!! So very amazing……
    I stumbled upon this by accident…
    Damn y’all…I feel the same. I played from the 1st week of the beta till only a few months before
    shut down.
    I miss those times so very much.
    I was on the Marr’s Fist server. My toon was Stinko, a level 60 Human Ranger-Gypsy Were-Hunter
    Take care y’all and much love….you were all just great, so great.

  47. aaron majors says:

    eqoa was epic…this is pugilist from ferrans hope server, later days clw. shout out to all in saryn’s echelon. i miss my boys beezal and neodnb and countless others! ORCFUKKERS ;p

  48. Josh says:

    Possibly I had a necromancer named sutherland and a Pali named Gavnar as well as an enchanter Skybinder

  49. Vynkz says:

    This was my very first MMO and got me hooked on MMO’s. I played this for a while and then transferred to Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast. Wondering if anyone here did the same thing?

  50. xbennyx says:

    i miss it alot

  51. Tommy says:

    I agree that EQOA was the best game ever made. I played Ghehenna, first level 50 enchanter on Direns Hold. Changing things up, I played Kalidon, tank on PPO. Played Kalidon in FFXI and EQ2 but it’s hard to beat the EQOA days. Looking forward to EQNEXT!

  52. Caseynamtaey says:

    CLW bloodmantis,shockmantis. I’ve been looking since eqoa shut down for something that could fill that void but nothing. Have been looking forward to eqoa next also nothing. I don’t think I’ll find another game like it ever fml

  53. Omniwar says:

    Hello everyone. I have personally visited uncountable forum sites on various platforms, reading over every one of your intricate stories, heart filled memories relating to the most amazing mmoropg ever created. The one factor that doesn’t waver withing everyone’s tales, is of companionship, community, and gameplay. Is that not what the true meaning of a mmo should represent? I won’t lie that I shed my tear when I learned of EQOA shutting down. I played every free and made free minute I had, from 2003 to 2006, then again in 2010-2011 for a short period with my newly married wife.(sadly got hooked then… it was gone)

    Life itself will always throw you curves, but you knew with eqoa there was some type of social normalcy and social community. The developers even said they designed the game to be based on player to player interaction. Now that is a true game where fun is bound to be abundant.

    I was older when I started playing, 18 I think. Working full time and double time on the game. I had never had any interest in any mmo prior to eqoa. A co-worker I took home one day had put it in as we sat down for a smoke session. I was amazed at the graphics, the abilities, (he played a monk) the concept. And then he told me it was online with other people… I was sold. Next payday I went to buy it.

    Regardless of my slow dial up, and figuring out how to hook it all up and getting the settings correct the next day… when I finally logged into the beautiful world of Norrath It was unbelievably childish feelings and a tensed up YYYAAAHHHHHHH!.

    I made my first warrior in qeynos. I met a guy that had a warrior too a few levels higher then me. He asked if I needed help, he had just started too but did the quest I was on…. it began. His name was Drae, we stuck together even though two tank groups are not traditional all the way to do bandits.

    I met a lot of really cool down to earth people when I played the game and a few I kept contact with for a few years. I had two accounts two PS2s going, I played mainly on the clw server. And hagley at the end. My main was Omniwar 60def, taunt path, Puppetreaver 57hydromancer pet path (or whatever mc lol) Chopstixx 54monk hp/mp buff. Theexorcist 56cl heal path. Longranjed 49ranger bow path, Omnirouge 49rogue backstab, (yes I know not spelled that way lol) kalaboss 49 wizzy pet path and quite a few lower unimportant toons.

    To anyone that I might have had the pleasure of gaming with, thank you. This game had made a large impact in my life and helped in many ways more then you’d believe. I tried every mmorpg even ones outdated trying to find anything close. I bounce between eq2, neverwinter, eso, and ffxiv. I liked ffxiv for the storyline and gameplay, logic and strategy. But when I got to end game before the last update complete comb over it got boring. Having alligan tombstones limited amount per week. Keep you playing for 6 months or greater to even get your full set of armor. And after you grind out your Max in a day you have a week to wait to get more. Kinda sucked not like eqoa. No matter what or when, there was always I mean always something to do in eqoa that would not leave you disappointed. I loved crafting mc gear and twinking out toons, maxing str dex on the mnk, rge, or ranger bc u can craft your own and the tanks hate you for being too good, lol I hated it too when it happened to me though. Haha. It would be a dream come true just to have a offline version to play where you can host a game with friends as like champions of norrath. Everything the same but nerfed down for solo play. They would make enough alone off that to pay for another EQOA version 2.0 to be released. I remember when the talk of it was hot not long after frontiers. After going over the expenses they would incur hosting a single server capable of withstanding monthly maintenance and we’ll over 250k people at one given time. With no updates or added content, All they would need is literally 350-400 people to play a month paying a $15 subscription fee. But hey, up to them to not see it is a matter of quality, community, customer satisfaction, and not quantity and quick profitability. If you understand business logic. You know that the person selling for a dollar cheaper makes less per sale but in time he will sell more and profit greatly as he is not only rich in paper but in heart, for helping others, he helped himself.
    I’ve been through so much in life, yet every time I think of any game eqoa still glimmers from within my heart. The vast, voluptuous, gleaming landscapes of endless adventures longing to be ventured apon.
    Only now those days of our lives are but memories of a past that will forever hold a place in our hearts and minds that will never be filled. A part of me died when eqoa said goodbye.

  54. Mica says:

    This is Rogue Sweety from Clw.Hiii people =)

  55. Mica says:

    Oh, yes I’m Cosa Nostra. =)

  56. Mica says:

    I’m also cl ebonyheal, sk slayermoon, sham tantrumz, lich hotbod

  57. Mica says:

    I was playin neverwinter on ps4 but i think account was stollen

  58. Mica says:

    Played cleric alot more, after her vampire infection. Got lucky. It was from 1 green bolash =)

  59. Mica says:

    Swear to god, seen a person named, Pmurphy. He said never played eqoa. Yes it was on Neverwinter . I was like wtf?

  60. Mica says:

    I found delf Cleric Felicia !! She’s on Neverwinter !!

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