Still things that I never knew existed (Stags Rest C)


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2 Responses to Still things that I never knew existed (Stags Rest C)

  1. Pretty sure Stags rest was where the Griffons were

    • Sidius MF says:

      yep. I passed through part of the zone, on the road to highpass each coach run. I remember a tower or two with skellies guarding them and some little town along the way that had an empty stable and maybe just one or two npcs that I recall. And literally, almost just the stable as if it had at one time been intended to have a coach but the idea was scrapped during development. The point in the photograph was up in the mountains, and I’m not sure how close to D’Shinn’s redoubt (or however it was spelled) but for some reason in my mind I do remember exploring each zone and the mountainous areas in them at some prefronts point, before I was level 50 or even in the 40s yet on my main maybe. There were griffons around the mountain top areas in the photo, I think even in that spot. And while mentioning redoubt, I also recall there being an area where we used to kill delfs at some point. I think the undead in the village area were added through some later update. Some stuff flooding back to me now. On coach runs I always passed through strag’s rest as part of my trip, but I only stuck to the roads otw to hp so my stay in the zone was usually brief.

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