MAGES WIN (31-21)

In a surprisingly outcome, the top seeded Bards were handed a sizable defeat by the Magicians. I didn’t come across many Mages in EQOA and I didn’t have much success leveling them but they did have a ton of flexibility. When CM’s could be freely refunded, I would imagine having a 60 Mage with 800-900 CMs was incredibly fun. Here are the final rankings!

  1. Magician (94)
  2. Bard (69+bye)
  3. Wizard (56)
  4. Alchemist (47)
  5. Warrior (29)
  6. Shadowknight (29)
  7. Cleric (27)
  8. Ranger (24)
  9. Monk (13)
  10. Paladin (11)
  11. Enchanter (11)
  12. Necromancer (9)
  13. Rogue (9)
  14. Shaman (9)
  15. Druid (5)

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One Response to MAGES WIN (31-21)

  1. Magician was always my favorite

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