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Class Warfare

As you remember, Dark Elves won the Race War! in April after defeating their Fayspires enemies by a narrow margin. Finding out who was the most favored race drew interest from readers to expand on this idea. So I present to you: EQOA … Continue reading

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Get to a know a zone! Rogue Clockworks.

To the East of Klick was the home of a foggy, dark place known as Rogue Clockworks. It is the farthest Northeastern point on the main continent. There are two primary spots of interest within the zone.  First was the … Continue reading

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EQOA Subreddit Activity

If you haven’t joined the EQOA Subreddit, please do. It takes less than 20 seconds to make a reddit account and it does not require inputting an email address. Here’s the link:  Thank you!

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