Class Warfare: Round 2 Results


After 5 days of voting, the results are in for Round 2 of the EQOA Class Warfare. Here’s the breakdown of each match up.

(1)Bard defeats (8)Cleric (29-10):

The top seeded Bard class handily defeated the tanky healers 29 votes to 10. The Bards received a first round bye thanks to earning the highest number of top votes. Their diversity on the battlefield, offering everything from healing, mana, damage, and tankiness opened Bards to a wide range of players. I would imaging this flexibility was an attractive feature for people who wanted to easily find groups or possibly solo, something Clerics could not bring to the table.

(2)Alchemist defeats (11) Shadowknight (21-17):

The second seeded Alchemist class narrowly defeated the life-stealing tanks from the Shadowknight guild. The Alchemist class is known for their high damage output, kiting abilities, and unusual tankiness for a caster thanks to their massive healing pill. They were only matched by SK’s in their ability to solo harder mobs. SK’s combined their tanking abilities with massive siphon and life steals, becoming a favored class among those who enjoyed venturing alone.

(3)Magician defeats (7)Ranger (26-12): 

The second caster class to move on to the Final 4 are the Magicians after their overwhelming defeat of the bowman Rangers. Voters sided with the Magician pets over the bow and melee procing of the Ranger classes. I personally found Mages to be difficult to level and never raised one over level 20. Though Mages were ranked higher, I actually find this margin of victory to be the most surprising.

(13)Wizard defeats (5)Warrior (26-13):

The final match up resulted in the defeat of the second tank class and the advancement of the third caster class. Wizards, known for their huge damage output, appear to be a more favorable class choice to the EQOA alumni than the lead tanking Warriors.


After Round 2, the Final 4 now consists of 3 caster classes and 1 melee. Bards and Wizards will square off on the left side of our bracket, while the right side will see a match up between Alchemists and Mages. Here are the updated rankings:

  1. Bard (29+bye)
  2. Alchemist (34)
  3. Magician (42)
  4. Wizard (41)
  5. Warrior (29)
  6. Shadowknight (29)
  7. Cleric (27)
  8. Ranger (24)
  9. Monk (13)
  10. Paladin (11)
  11. Enchanter (11) 
  12. Necromancer (9)
  13. Rogue (9)
  14. Shaman (9)
  15. Druid (5)

Stay tuned for the Final 4 voting!

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