EQOA Class Warfare: Round 1, Left Side Only

The seeds are finalized and we’re ready to begin EQOA Class Warfare. Locking up a first round bye, Bards walked away with over 15% of the “top favorite” vote. On the bottom of the list were druids and shamans. The poor healers with extra utility, this actually surprised me. I loved druids, their damage, ports, buffs, and heals. Not to mention, the SOW. Captureb

Interestingly with the way the seeding has worked out, Warriors and Paladins will be squaring off in the first round. Same for Necros and SK’s, two of the evil classes. But speaking of seedings, let’s take a look at how they turned out.

Here are the initial rankings (% of vote):

  1. Bard (15.2%) Capturea
  2. Alchemist (10.8%)
  3. Magician (10.8%)
  4. Monk (10.8%)
  5. Warrior (10.8%)
  6. Necromancer (8.7%)
  7. Ranger (8.7%)
  8. Cleric (6.5%)
  9. Enchanter (4.3%)
  10. Rogue (4.3%)
  11. Shadowknight (4.3%)
  12. Paladin (2.1%)
  13. Wizard (2.1%)
  14. Druid (0%)
  15. Shaman (0%)

And here is our Bracket:



And now for the voting for the left side of our bracket only!


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